00Trailer Body Parts

3 FLOORING Part Number Size VG FLHDW1.38X12X12 1-3/8" x 12" x 12' VG FLHDW1.25X12X12 1 1/4" x 12" x 12' Part Number SIZE LENGTH Box Qty AUTFS14200 1/4" 2.5" 100 AUTFS14212 1/4" 2" 100 AUTFS516200 5/16" 2" 100 AUTFS516200-500 5/16" 2" 500 AUTFS516212 5/16" 2.5" 100 Part Number AF BB74113 1/4" Blitz Bits® AF BB74117 15/16" Blitz Bits® AF HSB15893 T30 1-15/16" Torx® Power Bits AF HSB16072 T30 3" Torx® Power Bits AF HSB15894 T40 1-15/16" Torx® Power Bits AF HSB16073 T40 3" Torx® Power Bits HARDWOOD FLOOR SCREWS - TORX FLAT HEAD VG VAN70-14 4" x 5" VG VAN70-10 3.75" x 5.75" VG FASKIT06 (8) 3/8-16 x 1-1/4 Carriage Bolts (8) 3/8-16 Flange Nuts (8) 3/8 Mylar Washers UNDERCARRIAGE COMPONENTS Part Number Width Height Length Material VG XMB3X102 1.75" 3" 102" Steel No clip VG XMB4X102 2.25" 4" 102" Steel No clip VG XMB6X102 2" 6" 102" Steel No clip VG XMB4X102ALUM 2.75" 4" 102" Aluminum No clip CROSSMEMBER CLIPS CROSSMEMBER BOLT KIT CROSSMEMBER I-BEAMS STOKPFP100A-B One-quart Crack Filler Kit • Restoration of wooden trailer floors often requires filling of deep gouges and cracks. Crack Filler is formulated to handle these tough filling applications. • Applied to trailer flooring with a putty knife. • When badly damaged trailer floors need sectioning, Crack Filler is ideal for filling the gap between new and old sections. Sealing the section perimeter with tough, Kevlar reinforced Crack Filler will form a tough, impenetrable barrier between the new and old flooring. RUBBER KAZOO DRAIN VG UT3-7270-003 Diameter: 1-3/8", Width: 2-11/64", Length: 2-3/16" OEM: Great Dane KEY POLYMER VOC FREE FLOOR RESTORE VG KEPEC53AB - 53' Trailer This is the product of choice for most applications. It is easily applied with a squeegee to assure deep penetration into the wood floor. The end result is a floor surface that is a dense composite of wood and epoxy. It is not applied as a thin surface coating. A single kit contains enough material for a single coat for one trailer. It is easily applied at your facility. KEY POLYMER EPOXY FLOOR PATCH & CRACK FILLER THRESHOLD PLATE NL 1063098 1/8" Diamond Plate 96" L X 22-5/8" W DRILL & SCREWDRIVER BITS