00Trailer Body Parts

4 ROOFING Trailmoble Style VG TM9514-3-78B 99.13" Galv Steel Fruehauf Style VG FRURCF4335-4 98.5" Aluminum J-MOLDING VG WBE0821200 - 120" MANUS-BOND POLYSUL-GRIP BUTYL TAPE VG MAN64A .625" x 12" x 65' Wabash Style *Generally used as universal will-fit VG WB07200028 - 99" 16GA Steel Fruehauf Style VG FRURCF3718-1 Trailmobile Style VG TM90-4-1801-0-100 100" Aluminum Cambered Great Dane Style VG GD69102526 99.125" 16 ga Steel Fruehauf Style VG FRURCF4048-1 98.5" Aluminum ROOFING - TRANSLUCENT ETR ROOF COIL Sold per foot. Replace XX with custom length. ROOF BOWS ROOF REPAIR Part Number Length Width Thickness VG KEMETR.075X102.5X29 29' 102.5" 0.075" VG KEMETR.075X102X54 54' 102" 0.075" Part Number Length Width Thickness VG ROF040X103FT-XX Custom 103" .040" VG ROF040X103FT-29 29' 103" .040" VG ROF040X103FT-54 54' 103" .040" SEAL-GAP ROOF SEALANT VG SELAH55 Specifically designed to prevent leaks in roof seams on highway trailers. It is easy to apply to wet or dry surfaces and the non-hardening base remains flexible. Can be painted over with aluminum paint. KEMLITE SUNPATCH KIT VG KEMSUNPKIT Translucent Roof Repair Kit Kit consists of: (1) sun patch (1) squeegee (1) pair of gloves (1) instructions