00Trailer Body Parts

2 SIDE BODY COMPONENTS LANDING GEAR COMPONENTS REPLACEMENT SIDE PANELS MOUNTING BRACKET WING PLATES LANDING GEAR BRACKETS Part Number Thickness Width Length Material Description VG PN050X49X110PVCPW .05" 49" 110" Aluminum White, PVC Coated VG PNL1-16 .315" (8MM) 49" 115" Composite White, Logistic VG SWP00316 .313" (8MM) 46.88" 109" Composite Intermediate, White Part Number NL UTL03-1103-0-077 Roadside NL UTL03-1103-0-078 Curbside Part Number NL UTL03-1103-0-123 Roadside NL UTL03-1103-0-124 Curbside SCUFF LINING Part Number Thickness Height Length Material VG SC.62X12X336PB .625" 12" 28' Black Poly VG SC.62X12X624PB .625" 12" 52' Black Poly VG SC.62X18X336PB .625" 18" 28' Black Poly VG SC.62X18X624PB .625" 18" 52' Black Poly Horizontal ANC48117-25-120.00 Gray Powdercoat 10' length ANC48117-21-120.00 Galvanized 10' length ANC48117-21-60.00 Galvanized 5' length SERIES E LOGISTIC TRACK ▪ Made of high strength 12 gauge steel for Series E end fittings, Beam Sockets, & Decking/Shoring Beams ▪ Strength - 50,000 lbs. Vertical ANC40838-10 Gray Powdercoat 10' length See Midwest Wheel’s Complete Cargo Control Catalog for our full product offering See Midwest Wheel’s Complete Landing Gear Catalog for our full product offering SIDEWALL REPAIR PATCHES Part Number Width Length Material Description VG RTDV1212W 12" 12" Aluminum White VG RTDV1224W 12" 24" Aluminum White VG KEPQP300-QT Permanently repairs cuts and gouges in refrigerated trailer liners and FRP sidewalls KEY POLYMER QUICK PATCH WHITE EPOXY SPRAY FOAM SEALANT SYSTEM TAPES MANUS-BOND FOIL PATCH TAPE VG MAN6INCHAFT Aluminum 6" x 50' MANUS FOIL REPAIR TAPE VG MAN4X50ALUMA Aluminum 4" x 50' NL FP12KIT - INSTAFOAM FROTH Covers 12 square feet at 1 inch thick Two-component, quick-cure polyurethane foam that fills cavities, penetrations, cracks and expansion joints. It can also be used as a sealant and void fill in many roofing applications. Dispenses, expands and becomes tack-free in seconds. The product will skin over in 30-40 seconds and cures in minutes. U.L. classified – Moisture-resistant skin – Fills voids – Interior/exterior use