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TIRE INFLATION SYSTEMS CATALOG NUMBER 39 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ TEE FITTING TN VS-29854 For Dual Tires 90° FITTING TN VS-30002 For Single Tires ROTARY UNION KIT No Spindle Plug TN S-28622 Kit Includes: (1) Rotary Union, (2) Hose Clamps, (4) Machine Screws, (1) Hose Adaptor • TIREMAAX solution available for all Hendrickson integrated air suspension systems and non-integrated axles • Checks tire pressure continuously without pressurizing the axle or wheel-ends • Check valves help prevent tire pressure loss back through system • Ventless hubcap, patented axle filter and axle vent protect the wheel-end from contaminants • Long-life rotary union, designed to last one million miles • Axle hose, for a non-pressurized axle • Patented, mechanical controller maintains desired tire pressures and isolates tires when parked • Serviceable filter at supply port helps keep lines and seals clean HUBCAPS PRO HN Oil - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32055-1 PRO HN Grease - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32055-3 PRO HP Oil - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32056-1 PRO HP Grease - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32056-3 CP HN Oil - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32068-1 CP HN Grease - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32068-3 CP HP Oil - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32070-1 CP HP Grease - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32070-3 HP Oil - Standard TN VS-29566-4 Oil Hub Cap - 6-3/4 Bolt Circle ST 343-4311 TIRE HOSE ASSEMBLY TIREMAAX® EC and CP (With Spindle-Mounted Rotary Union) Stainless Steel 11.5" - 180° Dual tire size 17" - 19.5" TN VS-29004-1 Stainless Steel 15" - 180° Dual tire size greater than 19.5" TN VS-29004-2 Stainless Steel 16.6" - Straight Dual tire size greater than 17"; Super single tire size 22.5" TN VS-29003-1 STANDARD HOSES - TIREMAAX® PRO and CP (With Hubcap-Mounted Rotary Union) Wheel Style Tire Size Wheel Material Position Fittings Thermoplasic Dual 19.5" Aluminum Outer 180° TN VS-33769-1 22.5" Aluminum Inner Straight TN VS-33767-5 Outer 180° TN VS-33769-1 Steel or Combo Inner Straight TN VS-33767-1 Outer 180° TN VS-33769-1 24.5" Aluminum Inner Straight TN VS-33767-1 Outer 180° - Steel or Combo Inner Straight TN VS-33767-1 Outer 180° TN VS-33769-1 Super Single 22.5" Steel Outboard Stem 180° TN VS-33769-1 Extend Tire Life, Increase Fuel Mileage and Maximize Uptime

Performance Advantages: • The market leader for safety, fuel economy, longer tire life, reduced maintenance and increased uptime – with nearly two million tires protected • Maintains full tire pressure to compensate for typical tread punctures and slow leaks until the driver can have repairs made – for hundreds of miles if necessary • Faster payback − usually in less than one year • Now available with Meritor® ThermALERT™ wheel-end heat-sensor technology • Compatible with Meritor WABCO PLC Display for tractor-trailer communications as well as other telematic devices • Easy to install on new and existing trailers MERITOR® TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM (MTIS) BY P.S.I. WITH THERMALERT™ OPTION Qty. Per Tandem Kit Components 1 Control Box Bracket 1 Control Box Assembly 1 Nylon Air Tubing, 25 feet 1 Electrical Cable 1 Nylon Tie Straps, 25 Count 1 Trailer Light With Hardware 4 Thru-Tee Assemblies 4 Stators 4 ThermALERT™ Press Plugs with Alcohol Prep Wipe and Retaining Compound 4 Hose Assemblies - Inside Tires 4 Hose Assemblies - Outside Tires 1 Pressure Protection Valve (PPV) 1 Fitting And Hardware Kit 1 Labels I WARNING TO PREVENT SERIOUS EYE INJURY, ALWAYS WEAR SAFE EYE PROTECTION This Vehicle is Equipped With A Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) t F ig ol h l t o en w t e h d h e i o n s st e ru s c ct a io n l n e s b a e k a lo n w w d m h a e y c n i a n u st s al e t lin he t g M ra T i I le S t r t i i r re e i s to d ti e on s at ys e w te he m h n t o h se e t s ra . N ile ot r i e t s p ha ar t i k m ed p . roperly r Ti O re I r c n al a l ( ti 8 o 00 n S ) 5 y 3 st 5 e -5 m M 560 a a M l 1 A 4 D P L E I at N T es H t R E U ev S is A io Fo M r A E d R di I ti T on O al I R™ nformation See Merito intenance Manu n. Check Port Hose 1. p M r e e a s s s u ur re e u t s ire in conventiona l a g i shown. s MERITOR’S MTIS is covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: see pressure gaug r e a 2 1. . H Us AN e a 7 D-T /1 IG 6 i H n T c E h w N t r h en e h ch t os o t e t ig o t ht h e e t n t ir h e v e h a o lv s e s e a te n a m d . 3. dit e ( io D na O N l HA O L T U F T S U E P RN L . I 4. Apply soapy water at the connections to test for leaks. ERS). 5. If a leak is found, disconnect the hose and reinstall per t 6. If the connection continues to leak, replace the hose. he instructions above and retest. Standard Hose TO MANUALLY CHECK TIRE PRESSURE: 2. 1. c D a isc p e o n n d n . ect tire hose at hub 3. P AIR RE 31284-00 REV. C GAU S G S E URE P U AIR RE RE G SS AUGE Measure tire pressure using conventional air pressure gauge. Re-attach hose at hub cap end and HAND-TIGHTEN knurled nut. MERITOR TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM RETROFIT KITS How to Specify Retrofit Kits: 1. Axle Manufacturer 2. Spindle Series (“N” - Tapered, Or “P” - Straight) 3. Dual Tires or Single Tire (SS) 4. Wheel Size 5. Number of Axles (Single, Tandem, Tridem, Quad) 6. Hub Material - Ductile Iron or Aluminum and if it’s a ConMet PreSet design 7. Appropriate Style of Hubcap 8. Desired Cold Tire Pressure Setting 9. Hubcap Type or Wheel End Lubrication Type Straight Spindle 31955 Series Holland Propar 31975 Series Meritor TP, TB (1998 and later), WP, Hendrickson HP - 2.75" 32405 Series Meritor TB (before 1998) - 2.95" 32595 Series Sudisa 12-R 32815 Series Dana P22, Hendrickson HP - 2.50" 61331 Series Meritor TL MTIS Part Number Designation: 31965 - 22 S - 17 Series - Axle Mfg/Spindle Type Axle Count 11 = Single Axle 22 = Tandem Axle 33 = Tri-Axle 44 = Quad-Axle Tapered Spindle 31924 Series Dana/Eaton D22 Solid Spindle 31935 Series Ingersol F22 31965 Series Meritor TN/TQ, RN/RQ, Hendrickson HN, Dana/Eaton D22 Hollow Spindle 32375 Series Holland Trade 32645 Series Sudisa 11-M MTIS Prepped Axles 32712 Series All Manufacturers (does not include Press Plugs and Stators) H2712 Series ThermALERT for All Manufacturers (does not include ThermALERT Press Plugs and Stators) Retrofit Kit Series: Only used if axle is equipped with Super Single Tire. Designation not needed with Dual Tires. Used only if wheel size is 17.50" or smaller. Designation not needed on larger wheel sizes. For 5 Axle Trailers: Order 1 pc. of a Quad-Axle Kit and 1 pc. of a Single Axle Kit or 1 pc. of a Tri-Axle Kit and 1 pc. of a Tandem Axle Kit.

Length Length THRU-TEE ASSEMBLY, DUAL TIRE APPLICATIONS THRU-TEE ASSEMBLY, SINGLE TIRE APPLICATIONS RI 31025-01 Pressure Protection Valve Assembly RI 3108328 Control Box Lid with Screws, Gaskets, Decals RI 31103-00 Control Box SelfDraining Filter RI 3108302 Control Box Pressure Regulator Valve RI 3111400 Control Box Bulkhead/ Check Valve RI 3108410 Control Box Sensing Switch In-Line RI 3131421 Stator Assembly - 10.5" Length, 1/4" NPT, Threads into spindle plug ST 343-4370 Six vent design, bolt on ST 343-4372 Straight Spindle used with steel hubs only, bolt on ST 340-4371 Screw in hub cap, grease RI 3136300 Short Flex Hose (outside tire)13.5" RI 3137300 Long Flex Hose (inside tire) 17". Also use with Super Single tires. Hub Caps REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR MERITOR® TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM Fill/Pressure Check Port No need to disconnect the hose fitting! STEMCO REPLACEMENT HOSES MERITOR TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM REPLACEMENT HOSES ST 810-0057 Replaces Meritor PSI 31363-00 (19.5+, 180) ST 810-0058 Replaces Meritor PSI 31373-00 (19.5+, Straight) ST 810-0059 Replaces Meritor PSI 31364-00 (17.5-, 180) ST 810-0060 Replaces Meritor PSI 31374-00 (17.5-, Straight) AIRBAT RF REPLACEMENT HOSE BAT810-0051 19.5/22.5 Wheel, Straight BAT810-0053 19.5/22.5 Wheel, 180° AERIS REPLACEMENT HOSE ST 831-0512 19.5” / 22.5” Wheels, 180° Fitting (Outer Wheel); Outer Dual Hose, 9” ST 831-0520 19.5” / 22.5” Wheels, Straight Fitting (Inner Wheel & WB Singles); Inner Dual Hose, 12” ▪ Rugged Design - Made from extremely durable materials, our replacement hoses are DOT approved and are made to last. ▪ Easy to Use - A convenient fill/pressure check port makes it easy to perform a pressure check without disconnecting a hose fitting. ▪ High-temp Performance - Designed to perform exceptionally in high temperatures environments. Hub Mount EI 610-0006 (5/8” Stud) Center Mount EI 610-0028 (4009 Hub Cap) EI 610-0084 (4195 Hub Cap) HUBO BRACKET FOR SENTINEL® AND PSI HUB CAPS HUBODOMETER® BRACKETS RI 3109200 Control Box Complete Assembly (includes Primary In-Line Filter) RI 3131703 3.5" Length RI 3131700 4.0" Length RI 3131704 5.0" Length - For dual tire Propar axle apps. RI 3131703S 3.50" Tube Length RI 3131700S 4.0" Tube Length RI 3131704S 5.0" Tube Length

2 UNIT RETAIL BUBBLE PACK (STOCKING NUMBERS) PSI STAINLESS STEEL HOSE STANDARD 16" STAINLESS STEEL HOSE SUPER SINGLE 12" 90 PSI LI 6090AB00 - 95 PSI - LI 6095AJ00 100 PSI LI 6100AB00 LI 6100AJ00 105 PSI LI 6105AB00 110 PSI LI 6110AB00 LI 6110AJ00 PACKAGE CONTENTS 2 Unit Retail Bubble Pack 2 Cat’s Eye® units with reinforced rubber/ stainless steel hoses, mounting brackets, installation instructions & warranty card. 4 Unit Box Available! 4 Cat’s Eye® units with reinforced rubber/ stainless steel hoses, mounting brackets, “How To Read Cat’s Eye” decal, installation instructions & warranty card. Warranty Each Cat’s Eye® is warranted for a full year from time of purchase with completed warranty card or proof of purchase. REPLACEMENT PARTS Universal Wheel Bracket LI 60003009 Universal Hub Bracket LI 60003010 Hose Protector - 6” length LI 60004312 16" Rubber Hose with Straight Hose End LI 60005032 16" Rubber Hose with 180° Hose End LI 60005832 16" Stainless Steel Hose with Straight Hose End LI 60005082 16" Stainless Steel Hose with 180° Hose End LI 60005882 14" Rubber Hose with Straight Hose End LI 60005028 14" Rubber Hose with 180° Hose End LI 60005828 14" Stainless Steel Hose with Straight End LI 60005078 14" Stainless Steel Hose with 180° Hose End LI 60005878 12" Rubber Hose with Straight Hose End LI 60005024 12" Rubber Hose with 180° Hose End LI 60005824 12" Stainless Steel Hose with Straight Hose End LI 60005074 12" Stainless Steel Hose with 180° Hose End LI 60005874 Air Inlet Fitting LI 60002019 Replacement Seal Pack (24 seals) LI 60004222 With just a glance, the Cat’s Eye TPMS makes it easy to see if your dual tires are underinflated. The bright yellow “eye” opens up slightly if the tire pressure falls below the recommended pressure setting. When the eye is completely open, the pressure has dropped significantly and needs immediate attention. The single airing point fills both tires at once and allows air transfer from one tire to the other, equalizing the pressure in both tires. An internal check valve provides added safety by preventing both tires from going flat in the event of leak or blowout. Available with rubber or stainless-steel hoses. Designed to work within the operating pressure range of your tires. Both hoses are available in lengths of 12’’, 14’’ or 16’’. The packages come with 2 or 4 gauges inside (2 gauges will cover 1 axle). Proper Inflation Under Inflated Severely Under Inflated How to Read Your Cat’s Eye February 27, 2023 (39Tire Inflation Systems) HOW CROSSFIRE WORKS: The Crossfire is a pressure equalizing and monitoring valve that is mounted between dual tires. It bolts easily to the lug or hub bolts and is designed to fit on either disc (including aluminum) or spoke wheels. Properly mounted, air freely flows from one tire to the other, maintaining equal tire pressure and load distribution. With just a glance from as far as 20 feet, the Crossfire pressure equalizing valve indicates an under or over inflation problem helping you extend the life of your tires 20% or more. • Maximizes tire life • Decreases rolling resistance for increased fuel mileage • Cut maintenance time due to single-point inflation and the visual pressure gauge • Improves stability, braking and overall safety • Installs in minutes and requires little maintenance • Pays for itself in less than a year • American-made and guaranteed for two years P/N DESCRIPTION D7 CF-80-ST* 80 P.S.I D7 CF-90-ST* 90 P.S.I D7 CF-95-ST* 95 P.S.I D7 CF-100-ST* 100 P.S.I D7 CF-105-ST* 105 P.S.I D7 CF-110-ST* 110 P.S.I D7 CF-115-ST* 115 P.S.I D7 CF-120-ST* 120 P.S.I D7 CF-125-ST* 125 P.S.I *boxed with one complete crossfire system. one box per wheel MIDWESTWHEEL.COM MEMBER IOWA MISSOURI TRUCK PARTS SUPER STORE™ KANSAS CITY 5801 E. Front St. Main .... (816) 471-1552 Parts.... (800) 821-7402 Fax ...... (816) 471-0813 JOPLIN 2424 Stephens Blvd. Main .... (417) 717-6022 Parts.... (866) 318-9111 Fax ...... (417) 782-7126 SPRINGFIELD 812 Lillian Drive Strafford, MO 65757 Main .... (417) 429-2476 Parts.... (800) 785-3705 SIOUX CITY 1819 4th St. Main .... (712) 252-7969 Parts.... (800) 943-3534 Fax ...... (712) 252-6149 CEDAR RAPIDS 200 50th Ave. S.W. Main .... (319) 365-4453 Parts.... (800) 332-5435 Fax ...... (319) 365-6327 DES MOINES 1436 E. Ovid Ave. Main .... (515) 265-1491 Parts.... (800) 888-0248 Fax ...... (515) 265-4120 CLEAR LAKE 840 Hwy. 18 W. Main .... (641) 357-7101 Parts.... (800) 397-5630 Fax ...... (641) 357-8190 DAVENPORT 8502 Northwest Blvd. Main .... (563) 322-2671 Parts.... (800) 553-1886 Fax ...... (563) 322-5940