38Monroe PreFitted Tie Strap

CATALOG NUMBER 38 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ com Before Installation requires that the unit be installed per directions on label. The label indicating “THIS SIDE UP” reflects the proper position. Make sure to look for the bulged area in the base cup at the reserve tube mounting loop as it should always face downward. After CHALLENGE SOLUTION Steering Stabilizer Installation on Self-Steering Drop Axles Spring-Over Stabilizer Design Must Be Compressed Prior to Installation The horizontally mounted stabilizers used on cement truck drop axles and a variety of other severe-duty applications are commonly exposed to heavy loads, extreme vibration, and road shock. Many stabilizers feature a more robust, spring-over configuration that requires the units to be compressed prior to installation. Unfortunately, the strength of the integrated coil spring makes it difficult to compress the stabilizer. Pre-Fitted Tie Strap on Latest Monroe ® Magnum ™ Spring-Over Steering Stabilizer To ensure fast, easy installation in the service bay, the latest Monroe Magnum spring-over steering stabilizer ( #MO 66506) for popular applications like Hendrickson Truck Suspension, Challenge Cook, and Granning Suspension, is retained at its compressed, installation-ready length through a factory installed tie strap. To install the new Magnum stabilizer, simply secure the unit re-using the OE bolts and then cut the tie strap to release the spring and rod. In addition to the ease of installation provided by this feature, Monroe Magnum Spring-Over Steering Stabilizers are built to meet or exceed OE-style performance. Other features include: • Nitrogen gas-charged to prevent aeration and reduce shock fade • Nitrocarburized piston rod • 1-3/8” (35mm) Bore • Larger oil chamber • Thicker tube wall • Plastic dirt shield