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WabcoType Height Control Valve AUT171.H004 / WB 4640070040 Cab, 1 Suspension Port, No Ball Stud, with 200mm 7-7/8" Lever Freightliner 18-28710-000, 1828710000 Peterbilt 08-02772, 0802772, D5000-2200, D50002200 Volvo 20470002 TC 91-8318 Dump Valve Only Kit comes complete with valve & linkage WB 4640027302 Lever Rod used w/ Non Ceramic RI KIT11308 Zero Pressure Dump Valve Kit RI KIT11309 Valve Kit w/ Linkage Leveling Valve Kits Leveling Valves HEIGHT CONTROL VALVES AND ACCESSORIES WB 4640024430 Non Ceramic Style Valve (no lever) CATALOG NUMBER 38 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ Leveling Valve Kit Watson & Chalin AUT171.H1764OE For Cab, CR Type without Delay WB 4640070040 AUT171.H004 Hadley Style Height Control Valve This valve is used in air suspension systems to maintain a constant ride height. Integral supply port check valve to prevent “leak downs”. A universal mounting bracket can be used to mount valve on left or right side. An extra straight lever arm is included to broaden the application range. This valve is interchangeable with all current height control valves. AUT171.H00500COE Valve w/ Integral Dump Valve Hadley # H00500C AUT171.H00500CAOE Valve w/ Integral Dump & Reverse Actuation Valve Hadley # H00500CA For Automatic Dump, For Trailer Only AUT171.H00450CE Valve w/ Reverse Flow Auto Dump Hadley # H00450CE AUT171.H00500DCOE Dual 3/8" PTC Suspension Port Valve, 3/8" PTC Supply Port, N/O Dump means apply pressure to Dump, Dump Port id 1/4" PTC Hadley # H00500DC AUT171.H00600POE For cab all suspensions Hadley # H00600P AUT171.H01501UDOE 3 Different Levers Air Line to Convert Valve to a Non-Dump Valve AUT171.85124912OE Volvo/White VNL 670 Gen 2 AUT171.H00450CA For Cab, CR Type without Delay

MD 90054007 Valve - 1/4” Fittings Provided MD 90554183 Valve - 3/8” Fitting Provided MD 90554334 Valve w/ N.O. Dump Valve - 1/4” & 3/8” Fittings MD 90554945 Valve RI R3013918 Valve w/ Dump Normally Open Dump Valve This precision response height control valve is for any truck, trailer, industrial or recreational vehicle for vehicle air suspension. Eliminates ride height variation & reduces equipment damage. The industry standard Height Control Valve. This valve automatically adds air to, or exhausts air from the air suspension to maintain constant static design height. Type PR Height Control Valve Type CR - Controlled Response Height Control Valve Lift Axle Control AUT171.5431101C NC Soleniod Actuated with Check Valve Barksdale Type Replacement Volvo AUT171.H915 Replacement Type w/ 6-3/4" 2-Piece Arm and Hardware AUT171.H917OE Replacement Type for Hadley or Haldex Valves With 7" Arm Bent Up Barksdale Type Height Control Valve AUT171.H101 AUT171.H105 P/N Application Barksdale # AUT171.H105 Kenworth T660 52341-Q242, 52341Q242, HC9990, KD2422 AUT171.H101 TC 80-1500 Freightliner 16-14530-000 52321-Q113, 52321-Q197, 52321-Q29, KD2204 AUT171.H102 Freightliner 16-14318-000, Volvo 3188710 KD2205 AUT171.H103 Freightliner 18-30630-000 KD2261 AUT171.H104 Freightliner 18-37808-000 KD2262 LOAD SCALES Onboard Load Scales for Air Suspension Tractors & Trailers Why Right Weigh? SAVE TIME No more detours to commercial ground scales. The days of waiting in line to rework and weigh your loads are over. ECONOMIC CHOICE Our scales meet customer needs at a fraction of the cost of other onboard load scale systems. IMPROVE SAFETY Remove the guess work out of driving and maintaining legal weights. KEEP IT SIMPLE Installation of Right Weigh load scales is a simple three-step process and calibration is quick and easy. SEE YOUR SALESMAN FOR MORE OPTIONS FROM RIGHT WEIGH! Interior Mounted Load Scale RTW510-46-C 2” Interior tandem axle - chrome bezel with white back light RTW310-54-PP Tandem axle - single height control valve, push pull valve • Designed for use on a tandem axle air suspension that is managed by one height control valve • Standard 2” gauge with an offset calibration screw on the dial face • Simple installation • Exterior load scale is mounted in an impact resistant all-weather box, and can be installed on either a tractor or trailer • One-touch. To activate you must press & hold the toggle switch in the open position. Once released, the valve will automatically return to the off position & bleed air from the gauge AIR SUSPENSION Exterior Mounted Load Scale

Air Control Kits - Model AC-6100 Function: Maintains Constant Ride Height Application: Truck or Trailer with One Height Control Valve RI R304325 12V - Normally Closed RI R304331 12V - Normally Open 3-Way Pilot Valve Electric Solenoid Valve MD 90554615 Ports A - 1/4” NPT, Port B - 1/8” NPT Durable valve typically used on auxiliary axle applications or to rapidly exhaust air suspensions. MD 90054088 Small, self-relieving manual switch supplies pilot pressure to dump valves, pilot valves, or other basic accessories. Manually Operated Valve Adaptable to all tractor, truck & trailer air-ride suspensions regardless of manufacturer, model, or year. Universal Height Control Valve TN VS-228 With Integral Dump TN VS-227 Without Dump Valve TN VS-33704-3 Without Dump Compression Fitting TN VS-33705-3 With Dump Compression Fitting Standard O.E. on all INTRAAX® & VANTRAAX® Trailer Air Suspension Systems HTK57977-000 With Dump For use with PRIMAAX® PAX 460, 12 1/2", 14 3/8", 15 1/2" Ride Heights & HAS® Truck Suspension Systems Heavy-duty height control valve inflates or exhausts air springs to maintain suspension ride height. A non-time delay valve used under a wide variety of climatic & payload conditions. MD 90554335 Normally Open MD 90554902 Normally Closed MD 90555105 Valve MD 90555106 Valve w/ Dump Valve Dump Valve The valve is typically pilot operated using a switch such as the Haldex 900540088. 1/4” & 3/8” fittings provided. IR Height Control Valve IR Height Control Valve Midland Type AUT171.KN27000 MD KN27000 Immediate Response IR, Standard Flow, 2 Suspension Ports 1/4" NPT with 14" Lever Arm, with 12" Adjustable Vertical Link, Lower Anchor and Mounting Bracket Kit Each Kit Components: (1) Type CR HCV w/std. 7” Control Arm (1) Adj. Linkage Kit w/14.5” Rod (1) Pressure Protection Valve (1) Parts Bag w/ Nuts & Bolts for mounting HCV (1) HCV Mounting Bracket (1) Linkage Mounting Bracket P/N Also Contains MD 42110042 (1) Parts Bag w/ Fittings for 1/4” Tubing MD 42110051 (1) Parts Bag w/ Fittings for 3/8” Tubing Pressure Gauge Pressure Protection Valve RI R304324 Includes internal filter Air Gauge MD 90054700 Gauge 0-100# TC 80L25BM1C 0-100 psi range, bottom mount TC 80L25BM16 0-160 psi range, bottom mount TC 80L25CB1C 0-100 psi range, center back mount Ridewell Height Control Valve Hand Control Valve EU E-4329 RW 6300BFAB13 Comes complete with valve & linkage Replacement DST® Valve (Height Control Differential Dump Valve) TN VS-27116 With differential dump VANTRAAX® 16" Ride Height Fixed Link Assembly TN VS-33702-1 ULTRAA-K® 16" Ride Height Height Control Valve ULTRAA-K® 16" Ride Height

*Part number superseded by number above it. **Will fit replacement - Not OEM exact fit. OEM Height Control Valves OEM Cross Reference Numbers Haldex / Automann Part Number Aftermarket Production Description Volvo Mack Volvo Mack Haldex Kenworth PR Plus HCV MD 90555353 / AUT171.90555353 85112623 85108667 N/A 21126541 20908571* N/A 90555355 G90-1099-095** G90-1099-099 5 port side manifold with dump MD 90555263 85109873 5396- 90555263 21126543 20908582* 99QK55AM 90555356 N/A 3 port side manifold with dump MD 90555318 N/A 5396- 90555318 20839693 99QK55AM 99QK55M* 9055357 3 port same side manifold with dump N/A 20888298 99QK56M 99QK55M* 9055289 N/A 20839691 99QK54AM 99QK54M* 9055360 Suspension OEM Height Control Valves Holland Suspension Model Haldex Part Numbers Description CB-400/4000 MD 90555100 PR plus valve with normally closed low flow dump & 3/8” PTC MD 90555101 PR plus with 3/8” PTC without dump MD 90555116 PR plus with 3/8” PTC & normally closed dump CB-2300 MD 90555306 PR plus with 7.5” arm and 3/8” PTC without dump April 25, 2022 (38Height Control Products) MIDWESTWHEEL.COM IOWA MISSOURI DES MOINES 1436 E. Ovid Ave. office 515.265.1491 fax 515.265.4120 parts fax 800.314.4329 parts 800.888.0248 CEDAR RAPIDS 200 50th Ave. S.W. main 319.365.4453 fax 319.365.6327 parts fax 877.706.6085 parts 800.332.5435 DAVENPORT 8502 Northwest Blvd. main 563.322.2671 fax 563.322.5940 parts 800.553.1886 SIOUX CITY 1819 4th St. main 712.252.7969 fax 712.252.6149 parts 800.943.3534 CLEAR LAKE 840 Hwy. 18 W. main 641.357.7101 fax 641.357.8190 parts fax 800.548.9674 parts 800.397.5630 TRUCK PARTS SUPER STORETM KANSAS CITY 5801 E. Front St. main 816.471.1552 fax 816.471.0813 parts 800.821.7402 JOPLIN 2424 Stephens Blvd. main 417.717.6022 fax 417.782.7126 parts 866.318.9111 AUTMSRK657 HADLEY Linkage Kit SRK205 Linkage Kit AUTMSRK656 SRK168 Linkage Kit AUTMSRK582 AUT171.90555353