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Battery Chargers.................................................................................... 2-3 Battery & Electrical System Testers. ...........................................................4 Booster Cables & Clamps...........................................................................5 Extension Cords ∙ Lights/Bulbs. ..................................................................5 Electrical Wiring Tools, Hose & PVC Cutters.............................................3, 6 Propane & Butane Torches, Accessories. ....................................................7 Cooling System Tools. ................................................................................7 Grease Guns. .............................................................................................8 Manual & Hydraulic Jacks and Bottle Jacks........................................ 10-11 Floor Crane Accessories, Material Handling. .............................................11 Transmission Jacks & Accessories. .................................................... 11-12 Stands & Ramps. .....................................................................................12 U-Joint Tools / Clutch / Driveline Tools......................................................13 Steering / Suspension / Axles / Wheel End / Brake Tools..................... 13-15 Cordless Tools..........................................................................................18 Air Hose...................................................................................................18 Air Tools & Accessories.............................................................................19 Impact Chisels. ........................................................................................21 Impact Sockets & Attachments ......................................................... 22- 26 Drill Bits, Hole Saws, Cut-off Wheels, Abrasives........................................27 Fastener Service. .....................................................................................28 Parts Washer............................................................................................28 Truck & High Volume Fueling....................................................................29 Refractometers. .......................................................................................29 Oil Transfer Tanks and Waste Oil Drains....................................................30 Funnels, Dispensers & Pans. ....................................................................31 Filter Wrenches & Sockets.................................................................. 31-32 Belt & Hose Installation Tools....................................................................32 Pliers .......................................................................................................32 Engine Service.........................................................................................33 Diagnostic Tools................................................................................. 33-34 Collision Repair, Hydraulic Pumps & Rams, Pick & Pry..............................35 Shop Presses, Creepers, Wheel Steps.......................................................36 July 14, 2021 (37Shop Tools and Equipment Catalog) SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT CATALOG NUMBER 37 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ MIDWESTWHEEL.COM IOWA MISSOURI DES MOINES 1436 E. Ovid Ave. office 515.265.1491 fax 515.265.4120 parts fax 800.314.4329 parts 800.888.0248 CEDAR RAPIDS 200 50th Ave. S.W. main 319.365.4453 fax 319.365.6327 parts fax 877.706.6085 parts 800.332.5435 DAVENPORT 8502 Northwest Blvd. main 563.322.2671 fax 563.322.5940 parts 800.553.1886 SIOUX CITY 1819 4th St. main 712.252.7969 fax 712.252.6149 parts 800.943.3534 CLEAR LAKE 840 Hwy. 18 W. main 641.357.7101 fax 641.357.8190 parts fax 800.548.9674 parts 800.397.5630 TRUCK PARTS SUPER STORETM KANSAS CITY 5801 E. Front St. main 816.471.1552 fax 816.471.0813 parts 800.821.7402 JOPLIN 2424 Stephens Blvd. main 417.717.6022 fax 417.782.7126 parts 866.318.9111 LOOKING FOR SOMETHING NOT LISTED IN THIS CATALOG? Visit TOOLWEB.COM to find the part and Midwest Wheel will order it for you, see your salesman for more details!

2 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT AE 6001A 6/12 Volt Heavy Duty Fleet Charger • 100 Amps/75 Amps Charger • 375 Amp Crank Assist at 12V • Provides 16 rates of charge • Protective gauge cover • “Stop/Go” light for Polarity Indication • Rugged 7" tires NOT for AGM or GEL Cell Batteries AE 6002B 6/12/18/24 Volt Heavy Duty Fleet Charger • 100/80/50/40 Amps Charger • 400 Amp Crank Assist at 12V • Protective gauge cover • “Stop/Go” light for Polarity Indication • Rugged 7" tires NOT for AGM or GEL Cell Batteries AE 6006AGM 6/12/24 Volt Heavy Duty Fleet Charger • 70/65/30 Amps charger • 280 Amp Crank Assist at 12V NEW 12V SAFE FOR AGM Setting AE 6009AGM 6/12 Volt Heavy Duty Fast Charger • 70/60 Amps charger • 265 Amp Crank Assist at 12V • “Stop/Go” light for Polarity Indication NEW 12V SAFE FOR AGM Setting AE 6012AGM 6/12 Volt Professional Charger • 70/60 Amps charger • 250 Amp Crank Assist at 12V NEW 12V SAFE FOR AGM Setting WHEELED BATTERY CHARGERS Associated Wheel Chargers are “Safe in Any Weather” with clamp bars for extra safety. Associated chargers are made with powder-coated steel enclosures, chrome tubular handles, 100% copper cable with flexible insulation (cold weather application), steel foot, and copper jaws on insulated steel clamps. FEATURES: • Fan cooling mechanism prevents overheating and extends product life • Heavy duty vacuum impregnated transformer to seal the unit against external agents • Patented multi-diode rectifiers • 400, 500 or 800 Amp fully insulated clamps (“flexi-spring” for select models) • Patented “Stop/Go” light on some models • Automatic reset AC and DC circuit breakers • Automatic electric timer • “Safe in any Weather” Wheeled Chargers • Two-Year “bumper-to-bumper” Manufacturer’s Warranty and Five-Year Limited for Transformer/ Rectifier • DOE Compliant and Energy Efficient • Made in USA of US and Global Components What you need to know about charging AGM or Gel‐Cell Batteries: • AGM or Gel‐Cell Batteries do not tolerate overcharging. Overcharging dissociates the water in the electrolyte, which is unable to be replaced, leading to premature failure. AGM batteries can easily be damaged if charged with conventional chargers, even automatic type chargers. • One charge with a conventional charger can permanently damage AGM or Gel‐Cell batteries creating the ‘walking wounded’ where a battery has been damaged by being charged improperly. The battery will appear to be working for a period of time after the overcharge and then prematurely fail. AE ESS6011 Intellamatic® 12/24 Volt 70/35 Amp Charger • 270 Amp Crank Assist at 12V • 70 Amp Power Supply Mode • SAFE for Sealed Lead Acid, AGM, and Gel Cell batteries • Polarity-protected and indicated • Built-in PATENTED diagnostics to detect weak or defective batteries • Deep discharge recovery of sulfated batteries • Tests batteries four times during charge cycle • Intellamatic® Smart Chargers with the DEAD BATTERY OVERRIDE (DBO) feature for extremely low voltage batteries. • “Safe in Any Weather” operation • Indicates 80% and 100% state of charge • Overcharge protection • Built-in reflash power supply mode • TWO-year bumper to bumper warranty and THREE-year limited warranty for transformer/rectifier • DOE Compliant and Energy-Efficient • Made in USA of US and Global Components Intellamatic® Smart Chargers provide the most reliable, feature-rich performance of any chargers made in the US today. AGM CHARGER ASSOCIATED INTELLAMATIC® SMART CHARGERS “Side” Battery Lifter EZ EZBK520 Lift batteries from 4-1/2 to 7-1/2" W, including Group 65 batteries

3 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT BATTERY CHARGERS & JUMP STARTERS PK 52-138P Positive Terminal, Red Cap PK 52-139P Negative Terminal, Black Cap • Rubber caps, solid brass studs, brass hex nuts and brass lock washers • Designed to provide remote mounting for battery connections either inside or outside of the vehicle • Grooved contact post: 13/16" dia., 1 1/8" long Battery Jumper Terminals • 3/8" - 16 • Positive & Negative, Lead, Pair Stud-to-Post Charging Post • Used for charging, testing or as an adaptor • 2 arms make it easy to install & remove • Fits the 3/8"-16 threaded stud on a Group 31 battery Group 31 Charging Post/Adapter EZ EZBK605 PH 8-6421 Group 31 Power Post Cleaner EZ 506COSSHQD P/N Type Trim Length Wire Rows Dimensions AF WB67194 Steel Wire 1-1/8" 3 x 19 15/16" x 6" x 13-3/4" AF WB67193 .006 Stainless Wire 7/16" 3 x 7 7/16" x 7-1/2" Scratch Brushes AF WB67194 AF WB67193 ELECTRICAL WIRING TOOLS Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers Introducing the all-new GENIUS1, one of our most powerful, highest-performing, energy-efficient, and compact chargers yet. The GENIUS1 is a 6-volt and 12-volt battery charger, battery maintainer, and battery desulfator rated at 1-amp for lead-acid automotive, marine, and deep-cycle batteries, including flooded, gel, AGM, and maintenance-free, plus lithium-ion batteries. BOOST™ UltraSafe® Lithium Jump Starters HDANOCGB150 12V 3000A 9.0L Gas & 7.0L Diesel HDANOCGB40 12V 1000A 6.0L Gas & 3.0L Diesel • Compact, yet powerful lithium jump starter • An ultra-safe and mistake-proof design with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, connect to any battery • Recharge your personal devices on the go • Ultra-bright LED flashlight - 7 light modes including flashlight and emergency strobe. Safely Jump Start A Dead Battery In Seconds. HDANOCGENIUS1 6V/12V 1-Amp Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, and Battery Desulfator XGC4 Power Adapter - HDANOCXGC4 Recharge Boost five times faster with the 56W XGC4 AC Power Adapter. Compatible with HDANOCGB150. See Midwest Wheel’s Electrical Catalog for more Jump Packs BOOSTMAX Jump Starter™ P/N HDANOCGB251 UP TO 32.0L GAS & DIESEL. It’s commercial in every way. It jump starts almost every type of vehicle and equipment, including semi-trucks (up to class 8), motorhomes, coaches, buses, mining, agricultural, construction, and vocational equipment - 6, 8, 12, and 16 cylinder - and more. 3000A 24V RECHARGE TIME: 8.5hr From 0-100% 4X Faster. Charge directly from the vehicle’s 12-volt auxiliary port or the XGC4 4-Amp Power Adapter to recharge it’s 137 watt-hours lithium-ion battery in 8.5 hours. Commercial-Grade Lithium Jump Starter.™ UP TO 32.0L GAS & DIESEL 600 LUMEN FLASHLIGHT BUILT-IN DIGITAL DISPLAY VOLMETER 12V SUPPLY Power any standard 12V devices, like tire inflators (up to 15A) 56W FAST CHARGE Includes 56W Power Adapter for recharging. 2X USB-A OUTPUT

4 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT PH 15-208 PH 15-200 Continuity Socket Testers PH 15-200 7-way LED circuit checker for J560 system PH 15-208 7-way LED circuit checker for J560 system 130-Amp Heavy-Duty Battery Load Tester OT 3181 • 130 amp load capacity for accurate results • 0-16 volt range • Uniquely-designed clamps for both top and side post batteries • Extra large display with zero adjust • Works on both 6V and 12V batteries • Ergonomic handle design • Side tabs for on-tool clamp storage • Back brackets for tool storage on wall or toolbox Heavy Duty Digital Multimeter OT 3940-HD • Professional grade multimeter kit for heavy duty truck repair • OTC 550 Series Auto Ranging Multimeter • Powerful professional grade test functions: Frequency, Duty Cycle, Diode & Continuity Tests • Mid-Range Amp Probe (2-600 amps) - Covers HD truck components & electric motors • 5’ Test Leads - Extended reach for large trucks 130-Amp Digital Battery Load Tester OT 3182 • Works on both 6V and 12V batteries • Unique clamp design • Side clamp mount • Alternator test lead • Ripple detection light • 0-16 volt range • Dual jaw load clamp design • State of charge • Battery load, starter, charging system, alternator ripple tests • Includes 130 Amp Digital Battery Tester and test leads. Carbon Pile Load Tester 500 amp AE 6034 • Tests batteries up to 2000 CCA • Narrow threaded shaft for fine adjustment • 1000 amp heavy gauge copper jaws in insulated clamps with “Flexi-Spring” cable guards • Voltage sensing leads buried in cable to prevent damage Hand-Held Battery Load Tester AE 6026 • Alternator and starter tester • 135 Amp Fix Load Cables • Recessed meter helps protect tester from damage and ensures more accurate and reliable outputs • Features easy to use clamps with 300 Amp jaws • Lightweight and easy to use BATTERY & ELECTRICAL SYSTEM TESTERS 12/24V Electronic Starter Circuit Tester AE 8540 Low Circuit Tester ET 26250 • Quick check both AC and DC current up to 12 volts with power on • Helps locate shorts or breaks in wiring • Complete with insulated grounding clip Bosch BAT 135 Battery Tester w/ integrated printer OT 1699200244 • Tests 6V, 12V batteries and 12V, 24V charging systems • Test battery capacities from 40-2,000 CCA • Test all automotive, light-duty and commercial batteries including: AGM, Gel Cell, Flooded lead-acid, Start/Stop EFB, Commercial, SLI • Presents State of Health and State of Charge percentage • Integrated printer to capture test results and customer records • Detachable test clamps for service and replacement • Full charging system test with diode/ripple test • Micro-load testing for proven, accurate results • 1-year warranty Heavy-Duty, Coil Cord Circuit Tester OT 3636 • 12-foot, heavy-duty, red coil cord lead • Checks 6- and 12-volt systems • Heavy-duty, stainless steel probe with insulated shaft • Heavy-duty clip with positive soldered connection

5 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Dual Booster Cable Wire DEK01259 • 4 Gauge • 2 Conductor HDAQ500T3/CL 500 Watt Replacement Bulb PWCLT530825 25 ft. PWCLT530830 50 ft. PWCLT530835 100 ft. PWCLT511825 25 ft. PWCLT511830 50 ft. PWCLT630825 25 ft. PWCEC511825 25 ft. Arctic Blue™ All Weather Extension Cords 12/3 SJEOW Blue/Orange w/ Primelok® & Primelight® • Abrasion, water & oil resistant • Flame retardant • Nickel-coated brass blades resist corrosion • Flexible in temperatures from -58°F up to +221°F Bulldog Tough® Oil Resistant Extension Cord 12/3 SJTOW Yellow w/ Primelight® Power Indicator Light • Abrasion, water & oil resistant • Flame retardant • Nickel-coated brass blades resist corrosion • Flexible in temperatures from -58°F up to +221°F Arctic Blue ™ Work Light 16/3 SJEOW Blue/Orange w/ Metal Guard & Convenience Outlet PWCTL020625 25 ft. PWCTL020630 50 ft. • Uses 75 watt type “A” bulb (bulb not included) EXTENSION CORDS ∙ LIGHTS/BULBS Retractable Extension Cord Reel 50', 14/3 AWG SJTOW, Grounded Triple Tap Outlet, Indoor/Dry Locations ISNLEGFZ8140503 Arctic Blue™ All-Weather 3-Outlet Extension Cord 12/3 SJEOW Blue/Orange 3-Outlet w/ Primelight® Power Indicator Light Jobsite® Outdoor Extension Cord 12/3 SJTW Yellow w/ Primelight® Power Indicator Light • Oversized Plugs & Strain Reliefs prevent wire from separating from the plugs • Nickel Coated Brass Blades resist corrosion & arcing • Water Resistant • Flame Retardant • Flexible in Temperatures from -40ºF up to +140ºF BDW20197 2 GA x 20 ft & 7.5 ft truck lead, quick connects • Weather cover for vehicle plug • 2000 Amp rated cast brass clamps with angled jaws for better connections in tight areas • Handy storage case for cables in vehicle Booster Cable Set Copper Clad Aluminum Booster Cables Standard Service Booster Cables Extra Heavy Duty Clamp Parrot-Type for use with 2ga and 4ga cable DEK00184 Red/Black Pair Tough PVC Insulation, Color-Coded Tangle-Free Dual Cable Construction Cables are made of 10 gauge 100% copper conductors Tough PVC insulation with tangle-free dual cable and color-coded clamps DEK04850 16 ft. x 6 ga Red/Black DEK04955 20 ft. x 4 ga Red/Black DEK04848 20 ft. x 2 ga Red/Black DEK00146 10 ft. x 10 ga 50A Clamp Yellow/Yellow BOOSTER CABLES & CLAMPS 800 Amp Replacement Clamps AE 6205 • Professional quality, heavy-duty clamps for all booster cables • Replace or upgrade battery chargers and booster cables • With replaceable copper jaws • PVC Insulated • Black/White

6 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Heavy Duty Heat Shrink Crimping Tool GR183-6524 • Crimps heat shrink and crimp solder and seal terminals and connectors 22-10 Gauge Heavy Duty Crimping Tool HDA83-6511 • Crimps 22-10 gauge PVC, Nylon and non-insulated terminals Heavy Duty Wire Stripper, Cutter and Crimping Tool GR183-6512 • Crimps insulated & non-insulated terminals 22-10 Gauge • Self-adjusting wire stripper for 26-10 Gauge wire • Built in cutter OEM Open Barrel Crimping Tool, Ratchet Style GR184-9449 • Can crimp terminals 24-14 gauge • Ergonomic design 10" • For open barrel Weather Pack terminals – ratchet style Straight-Blade Hose Cutter OT 4509 • Cuts rubber hoses ranging from 1/4" to 1-1/2" Standard Ratcheting Hose & PVC Cutter OT 4411 • Cuts hose and PVC up to 1-3/8" dia. • Will also cut cable and wires Heavy Duty Ratcheting Hose & PVC Cutter OT 4412 • Cuts hose and PVC up to 1-3/4" dia. • Will also cut cable and wires CrimPro™ 4-in-1 Wire Tool OT 5950A - Angled OT 5950S - Straight • Compact 7-inch design used 4 ways • Gripping nose - to pull, twist, bend, and shape • Crimper - crimps 12-20 AWG insulated and non-insulated wire • Stripper - strips 12-20 AWG wire • Cutter - ability to make cuts below pivot Multi-Purpose Hand Tool KS T-R-15-MW • Crimping, cutting, stripping and rethreading tool • Cuts, crimps and strips 26 to 10 gauge wire and crimps ignition terminals • Cuts and rethreads 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24 and 10-32 machine screws Cable Tie Tensioner & Cutter “Twister” Tool GR183-6509 • Compact tensioning tool enables cinching and cutting • For cable ties ranging from 18 lbs - 50 lbs tensile strength Crimper PH 4-150 • Designed for light and medium duty applications • Crimps all major brand of battery connectors 9" Hand Held Cable Cutter HDA84-9088 • Cuts cables up to 2/0 Gauge • 6 month warranty Loom Tools • Saves valuable time and provides protection of wires • Loom tool allows for easy insertion of singular or multiple wires to split loom GR183-6990 Split Loom, Size Range 1/4" to 7/16" GR183-6991 Split Loom, Size Range 1/2" to 5/8" GR183-6992 Split Loom, Size Range 3/4" to 7/8" GR183-6993 Split Loom, Size Range 1" to 1 1/2" Deutsch Terminal & Connector Service Kit GR183-6568 • 6 piece tool kit to for crimping/releasing both solid & open barrel Deutsch terminals • Includes 3 crimping tools for open and closed barrel terminals and 3 terminal release tools • Includes 83-6562, 83-6563 & 83-6564 crimping tools, 83-6567 assortment removal tool kit Heavy-Duty Cable Crimper DEK05409 • 6 gauge - 4/0 ELECTRICAL WIRING TOOLS | HOSE & PVC CUTTERS

7 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT BUTANE TORCHES & REFILLS BUTANE REFILL Butane Super-Blaster Torch w/ Plastic Housing KS T-MTC-51 (Butane not included) • Self-igniting, Piezo Electronic Ignition System • 2500°F / 1300°C • 120 minutes of continuous use, refillable • Windproof flame, hand held or table top ISNMAS51773-24H • For Phillips & NSPA Torches • 5-1/8 oz. Hands Free Butane Heat Torch HDA83-6525 (Butane not included) • Slide lock for continuous use and instant operation • Removable base for table-top or hand-held use • 60 minute continuous run time with a full charge • Maximum Temperature Rating: 1300°C (2500°F) • Instant off safety switch • Adjustable flame: Pin point torch to a heavy duty broad flame Mini-Jet Torch PH 4-054 • Adjustable gas flow with wind-proof flame • Refillable tank, up to 30 minutes of butane capacity • Protective flip-open cap Disposable Fuel Cylinder Propane WG 5UX34 • 14.1 oz Self-Igniting Torch Kit 2-Piece WG 52RM88 • Ergonomically Designed Comfort Grip • Stainless Steel Burn Tube For Durability • Adjustable Flame Control • General Purpose Flame • Propane BTUs per Hour: 225,000 to 375,000 • Soft Solder Tube Cap.: 1/8"-1" • Propane Temp 3450° F • Includes 14.1 oz Propane Fuel Cylinder PROPANE & ACCESSORIES Cooling System and Pressure Cap Tester ISNSTN12270 • Allows you to test today’s cars higher pressure cooling systems and pressure caps up to 30 lbs. • The gauge includes new cap testing pressure ranges of 17-19 lbs., 20 lbs.,and 28-30 lbs. • The larger color coded dial makes it easy to accurately test these higher pressure caps and systems • Also includes a pressure release bar that, when turned clockwise, releases pressure buildup before removing the head from the neck Engine Cooling System Tester Adapters ISNSTN12450 Truck Adapter Kit includes two solid die cast, chrome plated cap and radiator adapters, one 7/8" plug and one large rubber gasket. Fits all popular trucks with the large diameter (2 11/16" O.D. “B” size) filler neck. Required to test cooling systems and caps on many late model GM cars and trucks, also Freightliner and IHC trucks. 48mm ID Required to test cooling systems on some GMs, Ford cars and trucks, Saturn as well as some Navistar, Kenworth, and Sterling’s. Thread specifications M 52 x 2.5 Buttress. ISNSTN12032 Threaded System Adapter ISNSTN12026 Cooling System Adapter ISNSTN12033 Threaded Cap Adapter Airlift™ Cooling System Refiller ISNUVU550000 • Eliminates airlocks and refills entire cooling system in seconds including heater core without the time consuming process of bleeding and purging • OEM approved • Check for leaks while under vacuum • Works on: Cars, Trucks & Off Road Vehicles Airlift™ Heavy Duty ISNUVU550500HD • Eliminates airlocks in vehicle cooling systems • Refills vehicle coolant system in seconds • Equipped with a 90 angled gauge • OEM Approved by International Truck • Checks for coolant system leaks while under vacuum COOLING SYSTEM TOOLS See Midwest Wheel’s A/C Products and Equipment Catalog for a full like of A/C Tools!

8 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT • LCD with real-time information: - Grease meter, Cartridge level, Battery capacity gauge • High and low flow settings • LED flashlight with on/off control • Patented airflow management optimizes motor and transmission life • INCLUDES: (2) 20 V Battery, 20 V Charger, Heavy Duty Carrying Case AJ 500 - Lever Gun • 10,000 psi pressure • Delivery: 1 oz /21 strokes • Cylinder Capacity: 16 oz • Includes rigid extension, coupler, loader fitting AFF8000 - Professional Duty Grease Gun • 10,000 PSI • 14 oz. capacity via cartridge suction or bulk loading • Heavy duty aluminum diecast head • Bulk loader and air bleeder valve • Four-jaw coupler with ball check AJ 555E -Pistol Grip Gun • 7,500 psi pressure • Simple, quick priming • Bleeder valve • Delivery: 1 oz /30 strokes • Cylinder Capacity: 16 oz • Includes 18" flexible hose and coupler P/N Description AJ 340067 36" Hose Replacement (10,000 psi working pressure, equipped with spring guards) AJ 340912 Rechargeable Battery, 14V, 1900 mAh, NiCad (Replacement battery for Alemite Series 585-1 grease guns, not shown) P/N Description Pressure Delivery Cylinder Capacity Included Items AJ F100 Pneumatic (No Count Flow) 6,000 psi 1 oz / 7 cycles 16 oz Rigid Extension and Coupler AJ B6783 Needle Nose Adapter AJ B336770 16 gauge x 1.5" (38 mm) needle BATTERY POWERED GREASE GUNS LEVER & PISTOL GRIP GREASE GUNS GREASE GUN ACCESSORIES PNEUMATIC GUNS Loader Fitting for standard weight lubricants AJ B306740 • For use with light to medium weight lubricants • Fit grease guns with 1/8" PTF(m) port in head – remove plug and install Adapters and Injector Needles The Alemite Pneumatic Grease Gun offers simple, trouble free air operation with a trigger mechanism to dispense grease. • Develops up to 6,000 psi (413 bar) pressure • Delivers 1 ounce (28 grams) per 7 cycles • 3 way loading - cartridge, suction, or fast refill from Alemite Loader Pump • Intermittent/semi-automatic operation (single shot dispensing) Maximum inlet pressure of 100 psi P/N Charger Li-Ion Battery* Pressure Flow Rate (per minute) Cartridges (per charge) High Low High Speed Low Speed AJ 596-B1 120 V/60 Hz (2) 2,500 mAh 10,000 psi 6.0 oz 4.0 oz 23 24 *Maximum initial voltage, 18 V nominal Battery Powered Grease Gun Accessories AJ B317850-1F 18" AJ 317850-3 36" EXTENSION HOSES • 1/8" NPTF(m) ends • 12,000 psi burst pressure • 4,800 psi working pressure • Elastomeric For use with hand-operated manual grease guns only 50:1 AIR OPERATED PORTABLE GREASE UNIT AFF8620A • For use with 16-gallon (120 lbs) containers • 50:1 pump • 70-100 PSI operating pressure • Pumps up to 1.76 lbs. per minute drum not included 13.2 GALLON DRUM BAND DOLLY AFF8625 4-WHEEL CART AFF8622AK-1 • 82 dB noise level • 13’ delivery hose • 15.10" drum cover • 14-1/2" follower plate • Control valve

9 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT INDUSTRIAL LUBRICATION FITTINGS CONTROL VALVES HOSE REEL ACCESSORIES GREASE Multiple Size Fitting Assortments - Standard P/N Description 1610-BL 1688-B 1613-B 1641-B 1637-B1 1911-B1 AJ 2365-1 Fitting Assortment 12 6 6 12 6 6 Relief Fittings P/N Thread Relief Pressure Pressure Based on Using: Min Max 1/8" Pipe Thread AJ 47200 1/8" PTF SAE SPL Short 1 psi 5 psi Oil 30W SAE P/N Type Features AJ B6304-B Standard Metal Seal Blister pack AJ B6509-E Narrow 360° Swivel, 4" Length Rubber Seal Blister pack AJ B308730 Narrow Rubber Seal Blister pack 1/8" NPTF(f) Couplers - Hydraulic P/N Thread Thread (M / F) Type AJ 51942 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT)(m) 1/8" NPTF(f) Straight AJ 51943 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT)(m) 1/8" NPTF(f) 90° Fitting Accessories - Adapters AJ 6320-3 High Pressure Control Valve Material Inlet : 1/4" NPTF(f) 7,500 psi High Pressure Grease Valve High Pressure Control Valve provides continuous flow with the trigger fully depressed, and delivers measured, pre-set amounts with the trigger partially depressed. Multipurpose #2 Lithium Grease (RED) DX 088-012-10 (14 oz.) Shell Gadus S3 V220C 2 Multi-Purpose Grease SH 550027558 (16 oz.) X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease LUC10301-30 (14.5 oz.) Red “N” Tacky Grease LUC10005-30 (14 oz.) P/N Usage Thread Type PSI Rating AJ B52752 Grease 1/4" NPTF x 1/2"-27 Z-Type 10,000 psi AJ B331107 Grease 1/4" NPTF x 1/4" NPTF Z-Type 10,000 psi Swivels Zerk Fittings P/N Type Hex Size Overall Length Shank Length 1/8" PTF Fittings AJ 1607-B Straight 7/16" 1-1/4" 25/32" AJ 1669-B Straight 7/16" 1-3/4" 1-17/64" AJ B1610-BL* Straight 7/16" 11/16" 19/64" AJ B1613-B* 90° 7/16" 27/32" 19/64" AJ B1688-B* 45° 7/16" 57/64" 19/64" AJ 369574 Double 70° 1/2" 27/32" 7/32" *Blister Packs of 10 P/N Type Hex Size Overall Length Shank Length 1/4"-28 Taper Thread Fittings AJ 1680-B Straight 5/16" 31/32" 5/8" AJ 3014-B Straight 5/16" 1-5/8" 1" AJ 3010-B1 65° 3/8" 25/32" 19/64" AJ B1641-B* Straight 5/16" 35/64" 3/16" AJ B1911-B1* 90° 3/8" 3/4" 13/64"

10 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 3-Ton Service Jack OT LDJ3 • Durable steel construction • Dual pump design provides quick lift with load • Reach: 63.9" • Saddle: 4" dia., steel crown • Frame height: 6.3" • Floor space: 13.4" x 24.5" • Lifting range: 5-3/4" to 18-1/2" 10-Ton Service Jack OT HDJ10 • A built-in safety overload prevents using the jack beyond its rated capacity. • Convenient foot pedal speeds the lifting operation • Reach: 51" • Saddle: 6" dia., round • Frame height: 9.8" • Floor space: 18" x 60" • Lifting range: 6.3" to 22" Two Speed 3-1/2 Ton Service Jack OT 1526A • One pump to load, three pumps to full height unloaded • Extra wide lift range – from 4" to 21" P/N Capacity Lift AFF5512B 12 Tons 6-3/4" AFF5520B 20 Tons 6-1/4" P/N Capacity Lift AFF5620SD 20 Tons 6-3/8" Both models equipped with dual ram return springs Fully welded tank and frame for superior strength and durability Air Hydraulic Bottle Jacks Heavy Duty Lifting Super Duty Air Assist Bottle Jacks MANUAL & HYDRAULIC JACKS AND BOTTLE JACKS P/N Capacity Lift AFF3502 2 Tons 4" AFF3504 4 Tons 4-1/4" AFF3506C 6 Tons w/case 5-1/4" AFF3508 8 Tons 5" AFF3512 12 Tons 5-3/4" AFF3514 12 Tons 4" AFF3520 20 Tons 6-3/8" AFF3522 20 Tons 4-1/4" AFF3550 50 Tons 7" P/N Capacity Min. Height Max. Height AFF3606 6 Tons 8.26" 16.38" AFF3612 12 Tons 9.05" 17.32" AFF3620 20 Tons 9.52" 17.81" Heavy Duty Manual Bottle Jacks CAN BE USED IN EITHER VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL POSITIONS Super Duty Manual Hydraulic Bottle Jacks WELDED CYLINDER FOR MAXIMUM STRENGTH 3-1/2 Ton Professional Heavy Duty Double-Pumper Floor Jack VIKING 3-Ton DoublePumper Floor Jack AFF3003 • Universal joint technology for precision release valve control • 2 piece 50-1/4" handle for easy maneuverability & storage • 360° swivel casters Value & Efficiency AFF350SS • Double-pumper advantage for quicker lifting • Lifts between 4" to 19-1/2" • Pinned steel saddle (1-1/8" stud) with rubber pad for added vehicle protection • Rear-mounted 2-3/4" swivel casters • 1 piece 50-1/4" padded handle parks upright AFF3120 • Low Height: 6" • High Height: 22.5" • Chassis Length: 56" • Overall Width (Front): 11.5" • Overall Width (Rear): 15" 5 Ton Capacity Heavy Duty Manual Hydraulic Long Chassis Jack

11 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 4-Ton Capacity Fork Lift Jack OT 1540 • 8,000 lb. capacity with a low starting height of 2-5/8" • Two-position lift pad permits handling of all lift truck configurations with flat or edged surfaces • Minimum low lift: 2-1/4", • Maximum high lift: 16-1/4" • Features include high-quality seals and high-strength steel construction • Handle stop makes for easy maneuverability, 30" long handle 10-Ton Air Lift OT 1590 • Adjustable lifting saddles and an extra wide stance for extra stability • 10 tons of lift at 200 PSI air pressure • Lifting range is 13" to 52" • Automatic mechanical safety catch engages in five height positions 4,000 lb. Capacity Lifting Brackets (pair) OT 7100 • Attach directly to component for easy lifting; will take 1/2" diameter bolts. 22-Ton Capacity Under Axle Jack OT 1788B • Long 49-1/2" T-handle lets you easily position jack under vehicles with long overhangs • One pull of the handle activates the self-retracting 22-ton capacity ram without having to crawl underneath the vehicle • Lifting range: 3/4" saddle Max. height 17-3/4" 1-15/16" saddle Max. height 18-15/16" 3-7/8" saddle Max. height 20-7/8" 22-Ton Under-Axle Hydraulic Service Jack OT UA22 • Includes 3 saddle attachments for height adjustment; 3/4" saddle; 1-15/16" saddle; 3-7/8" saddle • Self-retracting ram activated with handle-end controls • Lifting range: 8.27" to 20-2/3" using longest saddle • Air pressure: 90 - 145 PSI MANUAL & HYDRAULIC JACKS AND BOTTLE JACKS, CONTINUED 10-Ton Air Lift Jack 22-Ton Axle Jack AFF565 E1 • 1 piece handle • Heat treated cylinder wall & chromed piston give added stability & longer jack life • Alloy steel lifting mechanism • Lifts between 8-3/4" to 23" • In-line filter to protect air motor from contaminants AFF3400A • 10-ton capacity achieved at 200-PSI air supply • Heavy duty air valve offers accurate lift control • Removable “T” handle for easy storage • 12" lift travel • Extension tubes offer multiple lifting & locking positions • Large diameter rubber tread wheels Under Axle Jack Air Valve OT 5012-70 FLOOR CRANE ACCESSORIES Low Profile Transmission Jack 3000 Lb AFF3179A • Ideal for light to medium weight truck transmissions • Low profile style provides superior clearance • Low Height: 6.5" • High Height: 31.7" • Front Tilt: 79° • Rear Tilt: 9° • Side Tilt: 10-18° • Head Width: 18.25" • Head Length: 28" TRANSMISSION JACKS MATERIAL HANDLING Chain Hoists AFF4002 • Factory tested to 150% of rated capacity • Rugged triple spur gear • Safety brake to prevent slippage • Hardened steel alloy chain for safe, smooth operation • 2 Forged safety hooks included, 1 Fall • 4,000 lbs. Capacity, 10 ft. Lift, 1/4" Chain 800 lb. Hand Truck HDAAME5419

12 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT STANDS & RAMPS TRANSMISSION JACKS & ACCESSORIES, CONTINUED Transmission Jack OT 5019A • The 8-1/4" low height is perfect for aerodynamic trucks with low ground clearance. • Special mounting adapter (# 540231) fits popular Eaton® Fuller® RoadRanger® transmissions used on nearly all Class 7 & 8 heavy-duty trucks. Mounting plate angle is adjusted with the turn of a wrench. • Degree of tilt: 20° back, 15° forward, 12° side to side. • Swiveling pump handle permits ease of operation in restricted working spaces. Fast-acting pump quickly raises lifting arm. Mack Transmission Mounting Brackets OT 540232 Provides a stable platform for Mack T200 series transmissions. Eaton Fuller RoadRanger Auxiliary Housing Adapter OT 49611 Bolts directly to the countershaft bearing caps to provide a stable platform for removing & installing the auxiliary housing. Eaton Fuller RoadRanger® Transmission Adapter OT 540231 Eaton® “Lightning” Adapter OT 528150 Used with the #5019A transmission jack. RoadRanger® Transmission Adapter OT 543284 RoadRanger® transmission adapter for model series FTO-11210C to FRO-18210C that are equipped with an integrated collar. Used with the #5019A transmission jack. Differential Mounting Adapter OT 553516 • Differential mounting adapter mounts easily using existing bolt patterns. • Fits the most common differentials currently in use on Category 7 and 8 Heavy Duty Trucks. Including: Eaton, Fuller, Rockwell, Meritor, Spicer, International, and Mack. • For use on OTC 5019A / 5078 and Stinger 1522A Transmission Jacks. Differential Rotator OT 205-378 • Applications: Ford 9.75 Inch • Vehicles: F-150, Expedition/ Navigator Differential (Traction Lock) Gauge Sets OT 205-384 • Same as Ford p/n T97T-4205-A • Applications: Ford 9.75 Inch OT 205-386 • Same as Ford p/n T97T-4205-D • Applications: Ford 9.75 Inch Step Plate OT 205-D061 • Used with 205-D057 and 205-D058 • Applications: Dana 60, 70, 80, Ford 9.75 Inch and 10.25 Inch 50-Ton Capacity Trailer Stabilizing Stand AFF3318 • 100,000 lb. static load capacity • 45,000 lb. Lifting Capacity • Adjusts from 39" to 51" • Pivoting, reversible ratchet head levels trailers on uneven ground • Wide 14" diameter base for added stability • Removable pipe handle Truck Stand 10 Ton Pin-Type AFF3310A • Sold individually • Heavy duty, pin-type post adjusts to ten height positions from 28" to 47" • Large 3-1/8" x 5-7/8" support saddle and stable 16" x 16" base *Sold individually Jack Stands Sold per pair AFF6522 P/N Capacity Adjusts From AFF3303 3 Tons 11-1/2" to 17" AFF3306 6 Tons 15-1/2" to 23-3/4" AFF3312B 12 Tons 17-3/4" to 28-1/2" AFF6522* 22 Tons 12" - 20" AFF3303 12-Ton Capacity Low Profile Jack Stand OT 1778B • Spun steel base won’t dig or sink into asphalt or sand • Height range of 19" to 29-1/2" • Sold individually (recommend use in pairs) 6-Ton Steel Jack Stands (pair) OT S06 • Ratcheting design cannot be released under load • Max. height: 23-11/16", Min. height: 15-5/8" • Formed and welded steel base with baked enamel finish for strength, corrosion resistance

13 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT U-Joint Removing/ Installing Tool OT 7248 Uses a forcing-screw press to safely remove and replace automotive universal joints w/ needle bearings, including GM plastic pin CV U-joints U-Joint Tool OT 7490 Easily removes stubborn HD U-joints on Dana and Rockwell® driveshaft assemblies Clutch Handler - Low Clearance OT 5018A Flywheel Handling Attachment for Clutch Handler #5018 516160 Transmission Output Shaft End Yoke Remover OT 7075 Pitman Arm Pullers - Sheppard M100 TO 10385 Easily remove even the most stubborn pitman arms on Sheppard M100 gear boxes • Eliminates dangerous hammering and cutting torch methods • May be used with up to a 3/4" impact wrench • High strength steel casting designed for high capacity pulling • Simple to slip on for instant results Application U-Joints with bearing cups 1.5" to 2.2" O.D. Spicer 1610, 1710, 1760, 1810, 1880 Series Spicer SPL 140, 170, & 250 Life Series Meritor (Rockwell) 16N, 17N, 18N, 1710 Series Meritor RPL 20, 25 Permalube Series Heavy Duty Yoke Puller TO 10803 • Manufactured from high-grade steel • For use with a 1" impact wrench • Generates over 25,000 lbs of pulling power Tie Rod End Remover Set TO 10310 Set includes: • 10301 7/8" Heavy-Duty Trucks • 10302 3/4" Intermediate Size Trucks • 10304 20mm European Trucks Forcing Screw Kit OT 5190-3 • Kit includes forcing screw, washer and bolt • Replacement forcing screw kit for 5190 Heavy-Duty Universal Joint Puller • Puller fits most Class 7 and 8 trucks U-Joint Puller TO 10102 Application Yokes with a bearing diameter between 1 7/8" and 2 3/16" Spicer and Meritor 1610, 1710, 1760, 1810 series Spicer SPL 140, 170, 250 series Meritor (Rockwell) RPL 20 and 25 series TO 10803-11 - Forcing Screw Cross Block OT 42542 Pitman Arm Pullers OT 7310A • For medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Max jaw spread: 2-1/4" • Adjustable and have rugged forged jaws shaped to fit the job • Two clamp bolts lock the jaws on the Pitman arm, ensuring a solid grip • Includes an adapter for added versatility Heavy-Duty Bearing Cup Installer OT 5192 • Quickly and easily installs bearing cups on bolt-retained universal joints • Fits series 1610 to 1880 and nearly all other heavy-duty truck and machine type u-joints with bolt-retained bearing cups • Automatically aligns bearing cups during installation • Eliminates the possibility of damage to the needle bearing U-JOINT TOOLS / CLUTCH / DRIVELINE TOOLS STEERING / SUSPENSION / AXLES TOOLS / WHEEL END Clutch Aligning Shafts MC AT175X1 1 3/4" OD, 1" Pilot MC AT-200-10 2" OD, 1 1/4" Pilot, 10 Splines, 7.3" Long MC AT-200-14 14 Spline MC AT-200-18 18 Spline MC AT-200-24 24 Spline MC AT175 1 3/4" OD, 1 1/4" Pilot, Spline 7.375" Long OT 5044 Clutch Self-Adjusting Rotator Tool – 3/4" MC MAXCAT1 Clutch Adjustment Tool OT 7028 Clutch Adjusting Wrench OT 5035 Clutch Adjustment Gauge Set MC GT1 Bushing Grease Tool - Clutch Clutch Tools OT 5035 OT 7028

14 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT STEERING / SUSPENSION / AXLES / WHEEL END TOOLS, CONTINUED Ball Joint Service Kit OT 7249 • Removes & installs press-fit parts such as ball joints, universal joints, and truck brake anchor pins • Contains: 3 receiver tubes (2-3/4" I.D. x 3" O.D., 2-1/4" I.D. x 2-1/2" O.D., and 1-3/4" I.D. x 2" O.D.) • Installation & removing adapters: 1 installing cup, 1 receiving cup, 1 installing adapter Strut Compressor TO 90102 Safely and efficiently removes and installs the spring-over steering stabilizer found on most self-steering axles. • Eliminates dangerous ratchet strap and pry-bar methods • Built-in measuring device enables accurate installation • 3/4" hex drive engineered for use with up to a 1/2" impact • 15" – 25" center-to-center working range Heavy Duty King Pin Press TO 90150 King pins can now be removed in minutes with relative ease and efficiency. • Generates 46,000 lbs of force yet weighs only 30 lbs! • 75% less weight than our closest competitor • Anti-torque arms prevent twisting of the main body while under extreme force • Engineered for use with up to a 1" impact wrench Application For use on straight and tapered king pins from 7/8" to 2 5/32" Isuzu NPR and GMC/Chevrolet W-series trucks require a custom adaptor (P/N 90150-15) Not compatible with: FL981 axles where the tie rod is cast to the spindle Leaf Spring Pin Socket Set TO 15110 Remove and install even the most stubborn threaded leaf spring and shackle pins on International, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, and Mack suspensions Set includes: • 15100 1.540" x .653" • 15101 1.098" x .647" • 15102 1.125" x .750" • 15103 .945" x .355" • 15104 1.460" x 1.260" Pin & Bushing Service Kit TO 15000 Service both rubber-isolated and threaded pins and bushings while the suspension remains on the vehicle • No need to handle or remove heavy suspension assemblies • 20 tons of pulling power for efficient removal & installation TO 15011 Adapter Kit Front Suspension Kenworth and Peterbilt Pin & Bushing #B65-1013 TO 10731 Pin and Bushing Upgrade Kit TO 15001-60 Adapter Pin TO 15001-40D 26" Threaded Rod Replacement parts for Rear Suspension Bushing Tool (OT 4244) OT 559016 Pushing Head OT 561037 Adapter OT 561036 Adapter 30-Ton King Pin / Brake Anchor Pin Pusher OT 4241 • King- and anchor-pin pusher with anchor pin adapters without hydraulics • Five special collars and two pins allow this unit to work on both straight and tapered kingpins • Accommodates sizes from 7/8" to 2" in diameter and up to 11-1/4" in length • With 30 tons of force, it can push out even the most corroded kingpins • The anchor pin can be removed quickly by using the special adapter installed in the pusher’s base block and the unit positioned over the brake’s spider PULLERS Grip-O-Matic Puller 2/3-Jaw 5-Ton Long Pullers With Reversible Jaws OT 1027 • Remove and install parts for fast, effective repairs • 5-1/2" max reach • 7" max spread • 9/16"-20 x 6-15/16" forcing screw • Jaw thickness: 5/16" upper, 1/4' lower • Jaw width: 3/8" upper, 3/4" lower 2pc Short Jaw Set OT 4536-4 Block Puller (Small) OT 4534-1 (Included in OTC Multipurpose Bearing and Pulley Puller Set)

15 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT • Removes, installs, and transports truck brake drums without physically having to lift them • Works on all 15" and 16-1/2" drums found on most class 7 and 8 tractor and trailer brake systems Truck Dual Wheel Dolly OT 1769A • This 1,500 capacity dolly will remove, transport, and replace dual wheel and tire assemblies • Swivel casters, 3-1/2" front and 3" rear, provide easy maneuverability • Floor space is 43" by 42" • No. 1769 hydraulic jack provides over 6-1/2" of lift and tilts wheel assembly 7° to prevent damage to wheel seal • Includes a 6’ support chain to hold load in place Slack Check OT 5052 • Quickly check the brake adjustment on class 7 and 8 trucks and trailers having S-cam brakes • Works on manual or automatic slack adjusters OT 5055 - Manual • Puller fits many manual types • Can also be used as a Pitman arm puller on select Chevrolet, GMC and RAM vehicles OT 5056 - Automatic • Works on Rockwell, Haldex, Gunite, and Bendix automatic adjusters • 300 lb capacity • Ideal for road service applications • Rugged tubular steel construction • Handles wheels up to 24" diameter • 8" rollers turn and pivot for accurate and efficient alignment of mounted truck tires with hub stubs • 450 lb capacity • Easily handles newer design super wide tires • 26" wide carriage handles tire diameter 36"-48" • Heavy duty tubular steel construction • 14" rollers turn and pivot for accurate and efficient alignment of mounted truck tires with hub stubs Truck Wheel Dolly AFF3590A Large Capacity Truck Wheel Dolly AFF3591 Automatic Slack Adjuster Release Tool and Wrench ISNKA S4651 • Used for adjusting Rockwell Automatic Slack Adjusters • The 5/16" double square offset reversible wrench features an E-Z grip handle 7/16" Automatic Slack Adjuster Wrench ISNKAS7578 • Used for brake adjustment on heavy-duty trucks equipped with Haldex slack adjusters • Wrench with an extra long handle and a 7/16½ SH wheel • 7/16" single hex wheel fits the drive on Haldex slack adjusters • The extra long handle makes the wrench comfortable when doing the job of overcoming the anti-reverse mechanism (22-25 lbs./ft.) Slack Adjuster Pullers • Eliminates dangerous hammering and cutting torch methods • Can be used with a 1/2" impact wrench • High strength steel casting designed for high capacity pulling • Simple to slip on for instant results Slack Adjuster Pullers • This puller will yank even the most corroded slack adjuster off the S-cam and do so in just a fraction of the time needed with “heat and beat” methods • Won’t damage components • Rugged forcing screw and cast steel body TO 10407 - Rockwell Auto • Safely and efficiently removes virtually all Rockwell self-adjusting slack adjusters TO 10409 - Gunite/Brunner/ Bendix • Safely and efficiently removes virtually all Gunite, Brunner and Bendix self-adjusting slack adjusters TO 10410 - Haldex Multi Adjustable • Safely and efficiently removes virtually all Haldex self-adjusting slack adjusters including left offset, right offset and standard elongated arm designs from either side Roller Kit for OTC Wheel Dollies OT 5095A / OT 5096A OT 533874 WHEEL END / BRAKE TOOLS OT 5017A • Heavy-gauge steel construction • 10" pneumatic tires • Adjustable handle • Covered by OTC Lifetime Marathon Warranty®. OT 1543 • 6" height adjustment aids installation • Heavy-gauge steel construction • 8" tires • 36" handle OT 532848 Front Caster for OT 1769A Brake Drum Dollies

16 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Professional Style Seal Puller OT 4508 • Designed to remove oil and grease seals when servicing cars, SUVs and light trucks without damaging the housing or bearing • Hook tips in two sizes and professional handle design allows removal of hardto-get-at seals by getting under them • The hook tip is double-secured versus competitors, for safety and durability Brake Anchor Pin and Bushing Service Set OT 5038 • No need to remove the bearing hub assembly just to replace the pins and bushings on 16-1/2" S-cam trailer and tractor “Q” brake systems • Special tooling and our C-frame press get you past the hub assembly, so you can do the job quickly and professionally without damaging other parts • Includes everything needed for removal and replacement • Set includes C-frame press and tooling in a plastic storage case Hub Oil Seal Puller OT 5085 • Extra long 28" handle provides leverage, unique pulling head design quickly and easily removes the seal in one piece • Built from the highest quality heat-treated steel • Removes hub seals on trailer and truck axles, including truck steering axles S-Cam Air Brake Spring Tool OT 5081 • Safely replace brake shoes on heavy-duty tractors and trailers • Simply hook the retaining spring loop and press down against the axle OT 314548 – Replacement hook kit Bearing Race & Seal Driver Set OT 4507 • Permits installation of tapered bearing races and seals without damage to the component or housing • Includes a driver handle plus popular bearing and seal drivers, ranging from 1.565" to 3.180" • Tapered side of driver is used to install races. Invert the driver to the flat side to install seals. Set is housed in a blow-molded plastic storage case Includes: • 2-3/8" Jaw (3 each) • 3-3/4" Jaw (3 each) • 6-1/2" Jaw (3 each) • 3-Way Puller Head • Adjusting Cone • Hex Jam Nut, 5/16–24 • Hex Head Cap Screw, 5/16–24 x 11/8" • 5 Lb. Hammer • Shank and Tee Bar Assembly • Cross Block • Forcing Screw, 7/16–20 x 6.5" • Puller Head • Hex Jam Nut, 5/8–18 • Forcing Screw, 5/8–18 x 5" • Sleeve • Grip Wrench Adapter • Dent Puller • Retainer • Self-Tapping Screw, 1/4" x 2" Ten-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set OT 7948 Heavy-Duty Truck Brake Spring Plier OT 7069A • Tool’s 26-1/4" length gives the leverage you need • Large jaw opening allows service of widest shoes Universal Bearing Cup Installer OT 7180 • Designed to install wheel-bearing cups in a wide range of heavy-duty axles • Helps eliminate the damage caused by makeshift methods • Works on axles from 11,000 to 50,000 lb. capacity • Adjusts to fit 3-5/8" to 6-1/2" O.D. bearing cups Brake Clevis Pin Press OT 5057 • Screw-operated tool applies the force just where it’s needed • The pin is easily removed from its hole without damaging nearby components Brake Clevis Pin Press TO 10501 • Instantly shears off the cotter pin as the clevis pin is easily removed • Spring-loaded plunger positions itself automatically over the brake clevis pin • Fits virtually all makes and models of truck and trailer slack adjuster brake clevises WHEEL END / BRAKE TOOLS, CONTINUED

17 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Hubcap Installer OT 5059 • Constructed of high-density polyethylene and it guides the cap into place over the axle nuts, protecting it from unwanted and costly dents Expandable Lug Nut Cap Remover Pliers OT 5047 • One step yields 3-1/2" opening for use on up to 1-ton trucks • Second step yields 5" opening for use on class 7–8 trucks • Expansion nut can not fall out and be lost! Lug Nut Cover Puller Pliers AUT562.A4000 • For 7/8" to 1-1/2" Nut Covers Lug Nut Cover Adjustable Puller Pliers AUT562.A4000A • Adjusts from 7/8" to 1-1/2" Dial Indicator Set ST 102-5003 • Dial Indicator: graduations of 0.001 inch for precise measuring • Molded carrying case for protection and convenience • Heavy Duty Magnetic Base: includes on-off switch and V-Base to accommodate round and flat surfaces • 6" adjustable rod and BONUS rod to accommodate all wheel ends P/N Opening Size AUT210.1901 (6-pt.) 2-3/32" AUT210.1902 (6 pt.) 2-3/38" AUT210.1903 (8 pt.) 2-3/8" AUT210.1904 (6 pt.) 2-9/16" AUT210.1905 (8 pt.) 2-9/16" AUT210.1906 (6 pt.) 3" AUT210.1908 (6 pt.) 3-1/4" AUT210.1909 (8 pt.) 3-1/4" AUT210.1910 (6 pt.) 3-1/2" AUT210.1911 (8 pt/) 3-1/2" AUT210.1912 (6 pt.) 3-7/8" AUT210.1913 (8 pt.) 3-7/8" P/N Opening Size AUT210.1914 (6 pt.) 4" AUT210.1915 (6 pt.) 4-1/8" AUT210.1916 (6 pt.) 4-3/8" AUT210.1917 (8 pt.) 4-3/8" AUT210.1919 (8 pt.) 4-7/8" AUT210.1920 (6 pt.) 2-1/4" AUT210.1921 (6 pt.) 2-1/2" AUT210.1922 (6 pt.) 2-5/8" AUT210.1923 (6 pt.) 2-3/4" AUT210.1924 (8 pt.) 3-3/8" AUT210.1925 (8 pt.) 3-3/4" AUT210.1926 (6 pt.) 3-3/4" P/N Opening Size AUT210.1927 (8 pt.) 3-13/16" AUT210.1928 (6 pt.) 2-9/16" AUT210.1932 (6 pt.) 2-7/8" AUT210.1934 (6 pt.) 3-1/8" AUT210.1938 (8 pt.) 4-1/2" AUT210.1940 (8 pt.) 4-1/8" AUT210.1941 (8 pt.) 4-13/16" AUT210.ASB6 Assorted 6 PT axle sockets/board AUT210.ASB8 Assorted 8 PT axle sockets/board Axle Nut Sockets 3/4" Drive Truck Pinion Sockets OT 1975 2" (6 pt.) OT 1976 2-1/8" (6 pt.) OT 1977 2-1/4" (6 pt.) OT 1980 2-3/4" (6 pt.) NOTE: Use sockets with 3/4" square-drive, manually powered handles only. Warranty void if tool is subjected to impact wrench use. WHEEL END / BRAKE TOOLS, CONTINUED Locknut Socket OT 4543A-4 • Sockets have 1/2" square drive, allowing use of a torque wrench, ratchet, or breaker bar. • 6-lug socket for removing and installing 4-slot front axle locknuts on: 1978–84 Ford F-Series 4WD heavy-duty 3/4- and 1-ton trucks; 1973–81 GM 4WD 3/4- and 1-ton trucks. Fraser Drum Gauge FZ 202D • Accurately measure scored, worn, or heatchecked brake drums • Easy reading 4" dial calibrated in ten thousandths from MINUS .040 to PLUS .120 • Measures any brake drum from 12" to 18" diameter in 1/4" increments Brake Drum Gauge Set SR DG100 These rods give you a quick way to measure Go-No-Go dimensions of common 15" and 16.5" brake drums • 15" Rod is 15.120" Long • 16.5" Rod is 16.620" Long • Rods are coated with zinc oxide to limit rusting • Sold as a set