37Hendrickson ADB Wear Indicator Tool

Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems debuts its new air disc brake (ADB) wear indicator tool. This convenient, patent-pending tool allows maintenance personnel to check brake pad and rotor thickness without removing the wheel or the brake pads from the caliper. “Regularly inspecting the thickness of your brake pads and rotors is important for maximizing the performance and life of your air disc brake system,” says Greg Dvorchak, applications engineer for Hendrickson’s wheel-end and braking systems business unit. “Our new tool makes this crucial maintenance practice convenient, easy and quick.” Air disc brake maintenance training is available through Hendrickson’s online education portal at www.Hendrickson-Academy.com. For additional information on maintenance intervals and Hendrickson’s recommended inspection cycles, visit www.maxx22t.com or contact Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems in Canton, Ohio, toll free at 866-RIDEAIR (743-3247). See instructions for measuring air disc brake rotor and pad thickness on back side. ADB WEAR INDICATOR TOOL LAUNCHED Hendrickson proprietary MAXX22T ™ Brake Caliper • Utilizes WABCO single piston technology for higher reliability and reduced weight • Compact and lightweight mono-block design • Sealed and protected guide system Hendrickson Extended-Life Wheel-End System • Available w/ HXL3 ® , HXL5 ® or HXL7 ® extended-life wheel-end systems • Hub cap to hub cap warranty provided by Hendrickson for the entire suspension and wheel-end braking system Lightweight Rotor • Weight optimized cast rotor • Increased valve stem clearance • All surfaces e-coated for longer corrosion protection Torque Plate • Weight optimized design • Additional hole for back-up sensor fitment • Notch feature to prevent improper caliper installation Dust Shield • Bolt-on design for easier installation and maintenance • E-coated to provide longer corrosion protection • Built-in clearance to allow for simplified rotor inspection Trailer Air Disc Brakes P/N TN S-37430 CATALOG NUMBER 37 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™