37Automotive R-1234yf Tool Program

CATALOG NUMBER 37 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ Getting started with R-1234yf R-1234yf is here and it represents a new business opportunity in your shop. Most vehicle manufacturers have already made the switch to this refrigerant, which means you'll need new tools and equipment to service these vehicles. Keep reading to learn how Robinair can best outfit your shop to take advantage of this new opportunity. To get started with 1234yf service, you'll need: » A new recover/recycle/recharge machine meeting SAE J2927 and J2843 standards » A new leak detector meeting SAE J2913 and J2791 standards » A syringe-type oil injector to inject oil back into the system » Optional tracer gas leak detector to reduce cost searching for leaks Recover/Recycle/Recharge Machines 1234yf systems have different couplers than r134a and the service procedure is slightly different. Premier R-1234yf Recover, Recycle and Recharge Machine P/N ISNAC1234-4 Connected R-1234YF ACS Machine P/N ISNROBAC1234-9 Fully automatic ACS machine that meets or exceeds SAE J2927 and J2843 standards for 1234yf recovery. The machine includes an integrated refrigerant identifier that samples the refrigerant in the vehicle’s A/C system prior to recovery. Highly accurate and reliable machine capable of servicing both standard and highvoltage vehicle A/C systems. • Fully automatic operation — program for service, walk away and return when complete • 98.5% recovery efficiency • Charge accuracy within +/- ½ oz • Automatic internal tank refill. No stopping to fill the internal tank during service, or before service • Automatic oil drain shows how much oil was removed from the system during service • Automatic air purge removes the potential of air accumulating in the internal tank • Integrated refrigerant identifier (meets SAE J2927) • Programmable vacuum operation helps get to the necessary vacuum level in any condition quickly • System leak test to identify gross leaks in a system • Liquid refrigerant flushing function can flush A/C systems or individual components using liquid refrigerant instead of harsh chemicals • Meets and exceeds SAE J2843 requirement for R-1234YF Recover, Recycle and Recharge equipment Recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak-tests and recharges R-1234yf with improved 98.5% efficiency – unmatched by any competitor. The new design features a large 10” capacitive touch LCD display, and automated features including automatic internal refrigerant refill, oil drain and refrigerant identification. Also boasts full wireless capabilities for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® communication, which enables automatic machine software updates and optional refrigerant capacities database downloads, database purchased separately. Use Mopria Print Service wireless printing to print A/C service summary reports for customers or insurance companies. The Android operating system can also export service reports to store or share digitally. The Wi-Fi-capable machine also effectively manages and stores machine metrics and data related to services performed with the ACS machine to include in vehicle service reports. Certifications: SAE J2843, J2927, UL 1963

MIDWESTWHEEL.COM IOWA MISSOURI DES MOINES 1436 E. Ovid Ave. office 515.265.1491 fax 515.265.4120 parts fax 800.314.4329 parts 800.888.0248 CEDAR RAPIDS 200 50th Ave. S.W. main 319.365.4453 fax 319.365.6327 parts fax 877.706.6085 parts 800.332.5435 DAVENPORT 8502 Northwest Blvd. main 563.322.2671 fax 563.322.5940 parts 800.553.1886 SIOUX CITY 1819 4th St. main 712.252.7969 fax 712.252.6149 parts 800.943.3534 CLEAR LAKE 840 Hwy. 18 W. main 641.357.7101 fax 641.357.8190 parts fax 800.548.9674 parts 800.397.5630 TRUCK PARTS SUPER STORETM KANSAS CITY 5801 E. Front St. main 816.471.1552 fax 816.471.0813 parts 800.821.7402 JOPLIN 2424 Stephens Blvd. main 417.717.6022 fax 417.782.7126 parts 866.318.9111 August 5, 2022 (37Automotive R-1234yf Tool Program) Leak Detectors Syringe-Type Oil Injectors Tracer Gas Leak Detector Your existing leak detector may not recognize R-1234yf, meaning you may not catch an expensive refrigerant leak. Invest in one that meets SAE J2913 and J2791 standards. 1234yf systems have different fittings and couplers, requiring a new syringe-type oil injector to put oil back into the system. Current SAE standards for 1234yf service do not allow automatic oil injection on a machine. R-1234yf is expensive. Tracer gas is cheap. When looking for leaks in 1234yf systems, tracer gas and a tracer gas detector can help find leaks faster at a significant savings. The 95% nitrogen / 5% hydrogen gas mix will not harm A/C systems and can help find leaks. LD3 Economy Refrigerant Leak Detector P/N RB LD3 Tracer Gas Leak Detector Service Kit P/N RB LD9-TGKIT LD5 Select Refrigerant Leak Detector P/N RB LD5 LD7 Premium Refrigerant Leak Detector P/N RB LD7 Unlabeled Oil Injector P/N OT 18460 PAG-Labeled Oil Injector P/N RB 18465 POE-Labeled Oil Injector P/N RB 18470 • Automatic calibration • Audible alerts • Automatic calibration • Audible alerts • Bar graph mode • Color display • Automatic calibration • Audible alerts • Bar graph mode • Color display • Pinpoint graph mode • The kit includes the tracer gas leak detector, 134a and 1234yf couplers, hose and regulator for tracer gas. • Meets SAE J2970 industry standards. • Tracer gas not included.