37Automann Grease Fittings Asst Kit

CATALOG NUMBER 37 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ GREASE FITTING ASSORTMENT KITS Includes: AUTG1805 Grease fitting 1/4"-28 Straight AUTG451 Grease fitting 1/4"-28 45° AUTG452 Grease fitting 1/4"-28 90° AUTG901 Grease fitting 1/8" NPT 90° AUTG453 Grease fitting 1/8" NPT 45° AUTG1803 Grease fitting 1/8"-28 Straight Includes: AUTM034 Grease fitting 6mm Straight AUTM036 Grease fitting 6mm 90° AUTM031 Grease fitting 8mm Straight AUTM033 Grease fitting 8mm 90° AUTM025 Grease fitting 10mm Straight AUTM027 Grease fitting 10mm 90° NEW! • LCD with real-time information: - Grease meter, Cartridge level, Battery capacity gauge • High and low flow settings • LED flashlight with on/off control • Patented airflow management optimizes motor and transmission life • INCLUDES: (2) 20 V Battery, 20 V Charger, Heavy Duty Carrying Case P/N Description AJ 340067 36" Hose Replacement (10,000 psi working pressure, equipped with spring guards) AJ 340912 Rechargeable Battery, 14V, 1900 mAh, NiCad (Replacement battery for Alemite Series 585-1 grease guns, not shown) BATTERY POWERED GREASE GUNS P/N Charger Li-Ion Battery* Pressure Flow Rate (per minute) Cartridges (per charge) High Low High Speed Low Speed AJ 596-B1 120 V/60 Hz (2) 2,500 mAh 10,000 psi 6.0 oz 4.0 oz 23 24 *Maximum initial voltage, 18 V nominal Battery Powered Grease Gun Accessories Grease Fitting Asst Kit SAE 110pc AUT562.HK110SG Grease Fitting Asst Kit Metric 110pc AUT562.HK110MG