33Max HD Transmission and Differentials_v3

CATALOG NUMBER 33 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ HD4560 Allison Transmission HD3500 Allison Transmission Factory Authorized Remanufacturer 36 Month/Unlimited Miles Warranty Eaton Differentials Tandem Front Ref. # Single or Tandem Rear Ref. # GENDSP40-336 GENDS404-336 GENRSP40-336 GENRS404-336 GENDSP40-355 GENDS404-355 GENRSP40-355 GENRS404-355 GENDSP40-370 GENDS404-370 GENRSP40-370 GENRS404-370 GENDSP40-390 GENDS404-390 GENRSP40-390 GENRS404-390 Bold Part Numbers are Stocking Units Rockwell Differentials Tandem Front Single or Tandem Rear GENRD20145-342 GENRR20145-342 GENRD20145-358 GENRR20145-358 GENRD20145-373 GENRR20145-373 GENRD20145-390 GENRR20145-390 Eaton-Fuller Transmissions Part # Description GENFRO16210CP 10 Speed GENRTLO16713AP 13 Speed GENRTLO18913AH 13 Speed GENRTLO18718BP 18 Speed GENRTLO18918BH 18 Speed GENRTO16908LLP 8 Speed Plus 2 Deep Reduction Speeds If part number ends with: H - Halo Installed (plug kits included) P - Pump Installed - ready for external cooler Bold Part Numbers are Stocking Units -621-3914 | Phone 773-247-6900 | Fax 773-247-2632 RAGE all of our remanufactured oor workmanship for the e and application. or replace, at General Truck omponent. Any component er of the original warranty may be administered only cilities. You must contact Ext. 2581 for authorization o be eligible for warranty mage incurred as a result of se, improper application or ched components that may r takeoffs, etc… Truck Parts, Inc. and shall ect of the conditions stated have any failed component repair or replacement. Any uck Parts, Inc. and may be determined to be a non- REMAN UNITS SSIONS nd Equipment is ransmissions and s, both rebuilt and cond to none. We test ns on our state-of- Our union mechanics n the industry. TIALS nd Equipment is the differential expert for way, industrial, agricultural, construction, mining ty trucks and equipm ent. General Truck Parts an d es light and medium duty differentials and parts . Manual Transmi ssions Differentials 4040 W. 40th Street | Chicago, IL 60632 | www.GeneralTruckParts.com | Toll Free 800-621-3914 | Phone 773-247-6900 | Fax 773-247-2632 WARRANTY COVERAGE General Truck Parts, Inc. agrees to warranty all of our remanufactured products from defects in components or poor workmanship for the specified time period for that specific model type and application. This warranty covers parts and labor to repair or replace, at General Truck Parts, Inc.’s option, the failed remanufactured component. Any component repaired or replaced will retain the remainder of the original warranty period. General Truck Parts, Inc. nationwide warranty may be administered only by one of our approved warranty repair facilities. You must contact General Truck Parts, Inc. at 1-800-621-3914 Ext. 2581 for authorization prior to any repairs being made in order to be eligible for warranty coverage. This warranty shall not extend to failures or damage incurred as a result of improper installation, improper lubrication, abuse, improper application or improperly installed accessories or other attached components that may be worn or failed, i.e. drive shafts, yokes, power takeoffs, etc… All warranty claims shall be made to General Truck Parts, Inc. and shall be supported by satisfactory evidence in respect of the conditions stated herein. General Truck Parts, Inc. reserves the right to have any failed component returned to our facility for inspection prior to repair or replacement. Any freight incurred will be prepaid by General Truck Parts, Inc. and may be billed back to your account if the failure is determined to be a non- warrantable failure. REMAN U TRANSMISSIONS General Truck Parts and Equipment is a supplier of manual transmissions and transfer case products, both rebuilt and new. Our quality is second to none. We test all rebuilt transmissions on our state-of- the-art dynonometer. Our union mechanics are some of the best in the industry. DIFFERENTIALS General Truck Parts and Equipment is the differential expert for on-highway, off-highway, industrial, agricultural, construction, mining and logging heavy duty trucks and equipment. General Truck Parts and Equipment also carries light and medium duty differentials and parts. 2 Year Warranty — Manual Transmissions 1 Year Warranty — Differentials OE QUALITY TRANSMISSIONS & DIFFERENTIALS WARRANTY Manual & Automated Manual Transmissions: 36 Months/Unlimited Miles Differentials: 36 Months/Unlimited Miles Transfer Cases: 6 Months/Unlimited Miles Off highway/Hydraulic Components: 6 Months/ Unlimited Miles SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY SHIPPING With an extensive inventory on-hand and ready to ship, most orders will be shipped the day of order if the order is received before 12 Noon (CST). Orders received after 12 Noon (CST) will be processed and shipped the following business day. (Note: This applies to common products. Specialty items may have longer lead times). Midwest Wheel is your Heavy Duty Drivetrain Supplier 3 YEAR WARRANTY on Transmissions & Differentials