32Windshield Wiper Blades and Products

CATALOG NUMBER 32 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ Make Model OE # Cross Reference Description Part # Freightliner Columbia, Century A22-47433-002 Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7004 FLD 418830 BWS Wiper Arm Assembly Includes HLK7033 Nozzle AUTHLK7005 Columbia, Century A22-51969-000 Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7006 Cascadia (P3) A22-72740-000 Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7012 M2 Business Class A22-52082-000 RH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7028 M2 Business Class A22-52811-000 LH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7029 International 9200, 9400, 9900, Paystar 3527221C1 LH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7000 Prostar 3535049C1 LH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7053 Prostar 3535050C1 RH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7054 Kenworth W900, T400, T450 GS3382 RH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7001 W900, T400, T450 GS3383 LH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7002 T300, T660, T800 R23102913 RH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7008 T300, T660, T800 R23102912 LH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7009 T600, T660, T800, W900 R23102922 LH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7013 T600, T660, T800, W900 R23102923 RH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7014 W900 GS2752-1 LH Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7017 Mack MR Series 62QT433A Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7050 Volvo VNL 1619050 Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7007 VNL (Gen 2) 21000858 Wiper Arm Assembly AUTHLK7015 Make Model OE # Cross Ref. Description Part # International LT Series 2511831C1 Fluid Level Sensor AUT577.55638 WIPER ARM ASSEMBLIES WASHER FLUID LEVEL SENSOR AUTHLK7012 AUTHLK7015 WIPER ARM ASSEMBLIES WASHER FLUID LEVEL SENSORS, PUMPS, RESERVOIRS & CAPS WIPER NOZZLES WIPER BLADES WIPER MOTORS

Windshield Spray De-Icer P/N Description Case NA 5216 12.3 oz. 12 Windshield Washer Fluid Defrosts and melts ice from windshields, headlights and windows. Thaws locks in extreme cold weather. Great for removing summer bugs from glass areas. CPIW13038 Power Blast -20°F 1 Gallon CPIW13055 Power Blast -20°F 55 Gal. Pre-Mixed CPICH844 Power Blast -30°F 1 Gallon CPICH821 Power Blast +32°F 1 Gallon CPICH857 Power Blast +32°F 55 Gallon WASHER FLUID PUMPS Make Model OE # Cross Reference Part # Freightliner New Cascadia (P4) A22-42489-000 AUTHLK7044 Cascadia (P3), Cascadia (P4) A22-71173-000 AUTHLK7037 FLM066011 AUTHLK7052 International LT Series 2511834C1 AUTHLK7080 Mack MR/MR6885 & IHC 9200i Series 2585375C91, 21622110112, 82712974 AUTHLK7056 Peterbilt 357, 367, 384, 386, 389, 579 600228S AUTHLK7046K Volvo VHD200 22143196, 89025062 AUTHLK7045 AUTHLK7044 WIPER NOZZLES Make Model OE # Cross Ref. Description Part # Freightliner FLD GW254 Wiper Nozzle AUTHLK7033 Cascadia (P3) TRIF88171801 Wiper Nozzle AUTHLK7038 Columbia TRIF88171405 Wiper Nozzle Kit AUTHLK7042 International Prostar, Durastar, Workstar 2504705C1 Wiper Nozzle Kit AUTHLK7036 AUTHLK7038 Make Model / Note OE # Cross Ref. Part # Freightliner Cascadia (P3) 22-58581-000 AUT572.2048 M2, Cascadia (P3), & Cascadia (P4) A22-76334-000 AUT572.2061 Peterbilt 379 FLM063361 AUT572.2004 Paccar T680, 357, 367, 384, 386, 389, 579 C5720S AUT572.2007 WASHER RESERVOIR CAPS AUT572.2048 Make Model / Note OE # Cross Ref. Part # Freightliner Includes 572.2004 Cap & HLK7052 Washer Fluid Pump FLM065400 AUT575.10116 New Cascadia (P4) Includes 572.2004 Cap & HLK7044 Washer Fluid Pump A22-42489-000 AUT575.10117 M2 Business Class A22-72446-004 AUT575.10125 International LT Series 4041491C91 AUT575.10343 Prostar, LT Series 3979542C93 AUT575.10344 Kenworth KW T680/PETE 579 HK197001 AUT575.10211 Peterbilt Includes 572.2004 Cap & HLK7052 Washer Fluid Pump R866001 AUT575.1021 Western Star Includes HLK7052 Washer Fluid Pump A22-69254-000 AUT575.1088 Mack MR Series 25128217 AUT575.1051 Paccar T680, 357, 367, 384, 386, 389, 579 N5355001 AUT575.1022 WASHER FLUID RESERVOIRS AUT575.10344 AUT575.1022

TRI97-14 14" Blade AN 97-16 16" Blade TRI97-17 17" Blade AN 97-18 18" Blade TRI97-19 19" Blade AN 97-20 20" Blade TRI97-21 21" Blade AN 97-22 22" Blade AN 97-24 24" Blade AN 97-26 26" Blade TRI97-28 28" Blade 97-SERIES CONVENTIONAL BLADES Clear Wipe At Any Speed™ AN 31-14 14" Blade AN 31-15 15" Blade AN 31-16 16" Blade AN 31-17 17" Blade AN 31-18 18" Blade AN 31-19 19" Blade AN 31-20 20" Blade AN 31-21 21" Blade AN 31-22 22" Blade AN 31-24 24" Blade AN 31-26 26" Blade AN 31-28 28" Blade 31-SERIES CONVENTIONAL BLADES Reliable Wiper Performance™ The affordable conventional blade replacement • KWIKCONNECT® Provides quick and easy wiper blade replacement • DURAKLEAR® Exclusive rubber compound provides a consistent, streak-free wipe • Vented bridge and high performance polymer ensure O.E. fit and function AN C-15-UB 15" Blade AN C-16-UB 16" Blade AN C-17-UB 17" Blade AN C-18-UB 18" Blade AN C-19-UB 19" Blade AN C-20-UB 20" Blade AN C-21-UB 21" Blade AN C-22-UB 22" Blade AN C-24-UB 24" Blade AN C-26-UB 26" Blade AN C-28-UB 28" Blade CONTOUR® BEAM BLADES Premium All Season Performance™ The premium upgrade beam blade replacement • Exclusive, ADVANCED rubber compound provides a consistent streak-free wipe • Features patented Articulated Contact™ Technology, which permits unrestricted flexing for more uniform pressure distribution and improved conformance to today’s curved windshields TRI37-131 13" Winter Blade TRI37-150 15" Winter Blade TRI37-180 18" Winter Blade TRI37-205 20" Winter Blade TRI37-225 22" Winter Blade TRI37-245 24" Winter Blade TRICO CHILL® EXTREME WEATHER Feature a rugged, protective rubber boot that prevents snow and ice from clogging the wiper blade. This allows the blade to maintain even pressure to provide a clean wipe and enhance driving visibility. Constructed of high-grade steel for added strength and performance. • Extreme weather performance • Durable metal frame for added strength • Precision-cut wiping edge for superior clean windshield • Pre-attached adaptor for fast and easy installation • Low profile vented bridge • Redi-Fit™ simplified wiper blade connection system making the blade ready to install right out of the package • DURAKLEAR® PLUS Exclusive, advanced rubber compound that provides a consistent streak-free wipe, as well as a patented link with polymer bearing surface that eliminates metal-to-metal abrasion and improves rotational performance and blade flexibility TRI63-181 Specialty 18" High Profile Blade for Ford Louisville and Kenworth Models TRI63-180 18" Curved Heavy Duty Blade TRI63-160 16" Curved Heavy Duty Blade TRI63-151 15" Curved Heavy Duty Blade TRI61-160 16" Flat Heavy Duty Blade TRI61-150 15" Flat Heavy Duty Blade TRI61-140 14" Flat Heavy Duty Blade TRI61-130 13" Flat Heavy Duty Blade TRI68-281 28" Vented Heavy Duty Blade TRI68-261 26" Vented Heavy Duty Blade • Durable metal construction • Heavy duty natural rubber wiping element • Available in a variety of blade styles for trucks and buses • Includes all necessary hardware for fast and easy installation TRICO HD® HEAVY DUTY & RV OE Style Provides Out-of-the-Box Fitment for Vehicles Equipped with Beam Blade Technology UB Version Equipped with Proprietary Kwikconnect Installation System to Provide Quick & Easy Wiper Blade Replacement AN C-17-OE 17" Blade AN C-20-OE 20" Blade AN C-21-OE 21" Blade AN C-22-OE 22" Blade AN C-24-OE 24" Blade AN C-26-OE 26" Blade AN C-28-OE 28" Blade WIPER BLADES

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