30PAI Series 60 pre EGR Exhaust Manifold

CATALOG NUMBER 30 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ PAI’s Detroit S60 One-Piece Manifold World Tested . Performance Proven. - ISO 9001 : CERTIFIED New Detroit Diesel S60 One-Piece Manifold Design PAI’s uniquely re-designed Exhaust Manifold is sold as a single unit that includes the Front, Center and Rear pieces assembled and machined in-house. ® Unique Reinforced Center Section Design One-Piece Design. Front, Center, and Rear Pre-Assembled Joints: Male on End Sections, Female on Center Sections Improve Flow and Reduce Turbulence * NOTE: Manifold assembly fits applications with OEM Center Section Ref 23532122 Detroit Diesel S60 Exhaust Manifold Kit PAI Ref. OEM Ref. Description Qty. PA1681127 N/A Exhaust Manifold Kit 1 Exhaust Mounting Kit Includes PA1681107 N/A Assembled Exhaust Manifold 1 PA1631293 23533983 Exhaust Manifold Gasket 3 PA1640012 23511667 Bolt Spacers 12 PA1640021 8929357 Screw 12 PA1040110 23507438 Turbo Mounting Stud 4 Detroit Diesel S60 1pc. Exhaust Manifold w/Mounting Kit PAI Ref. PA1681127 Customer ESN required to confirm correct Engine Kit. Also available in High Performance 681127HP with a 3-Year Warranty