30PAI Detroit Diesel Engine Components

WARRANTIES DETROIT DIESEL ENGINE PARTS PAI UPGRADED CYLINDER KIT FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE Patented Liner With Protected Thermal Properties Anti-Glazing ∙ Anti-Galling HP Pin with Isotropic Super Finish Lower Friction ∙ Lower Heat Longer Life OEM Designed Piston Rings Long Life ∙ Optimal Performance HP Anti-Friction Coated Lower Friction ∙ Longer Life Improved Fuel Economy All Steel, High Strength, Monotherm Designed Piston Improved Performance in High Horsepower Engines. Hardened Combustion Bowl HP HP HP HP EXHAUST MANIFOLD ▪ Made in the USA ▪ Redesigned 3-Piece set that ensures no leaks and better boost ▪ High Grade Thermal Material on all 3-Pieces GASKET SETS ▪ HP Brand includes PAI’s USA Gasket Material. ▪ HP Gaskets are multi-layered 7-Pieces construction for better sealing. ▪ Complete kit with more parts included than any other after-market brands. User friendly organization. BULL GEAR ▪ Developed and produced in PAI Manufacturing. ▪ Made in the USA by PAI Manufacturing ▪ NEW not Rebuilt. No Cores Required COOLING SYSTEM ▪ Available in EXCEL and PAI Brand. ▪ Available in EXCEL Economy Brand ▪ Made in the USA FUEL SYSTEM ▪ Available in EXCEL and PAI Brand ▪ PAI Brand meet or exceeds OEM Specifications ▪ Available in EXCEL Economy Brand. CATALOG NUMBER 30

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