30Dorman New to HD Aftermarket Products

FORMERLY DEALER-ONLY PARTS NEW TO THE HEAVY DUTY AFTERMARKET Coolant Pump Motion Sensor LINE EXTENSION DR 904-7634 Kenworth, Peterbilt 2017-11 OE Numbers: 1825888PE Reads the speed of the coolant pump • Prevents the coolant pump from defaulting to one speed • Easy-to-install - no special tools necessary during installation FAILURE MODE: • Broken connector, burned out internal electronics • Failure results in illumination of the check engine light Coolant Reservoirs LINE EXTENSION See your salesman for more applications! Provides coolant to vehicle engine • Upgraded with thicker, durable plastic for a longer service life • Mounting bracket included for a complete installation • All coolant reservoirs include caps FAILURE MODE: • Collision damage and cracks from severe temperature fluctuations • Failure results in loss of coolant and overheating DR 603-5247 International 8600 TranStar 2014-11, International ProStar 2015-11 OE Numbers: 2604896C3, 2604896C93, 3578833C3 Door Control Module NEW Relays signal between door switches and the desired mechanism • Remanufactured using all new replacement parts for optimal performance • Plug-and-Play for easy, economical installation - no programming required FAILURE MODE: • Vibration or water intrusion causes electrical shorts • Failure results in improper function of door switches, or door switches not working DR 599-5405 Kenworth 2017-06 OE Numbers: Q21-1050 EGR Coolers NEW See your salesman for more applications! Cools exhaust gases in EGR system • Includes all necessary gaskets and hardware needed for a complete repair • Replacement prevents coolant from leaking into the exhaust manifold, protecting against engine damage • Direct-fit for popular International truck applications on the road today FAILURE MODE: • The original EGR cooler over heats and cracks internally or becomes clogged with soot • Failure results in coolant loss or illumination of the check engine light DR 904-5024 Cummins ISX 15.0 Engines 2009-07 OE Numbers: 2881747NX, 2881784NX, 4309398NX EGR Cooler Installation Kit LINE EXTENSION Gasket and hardware kit for the EGR Cooler • Includes EGR pipes, bang clips, hardware, and much more for a complete installation • Cost-saving alternative to buying an entirely new EGR cooler assembly FAILURE MODE: • Heat and vibration damages the original hardware and gaskets • Failure results in leaks from the EGR cooler DR 904-0999 Volvo VHD, VNL, D12 Engines 2008-03 OE Numbers: 20431718, 20431722, 20495666, 20504406 Connector End Sensor Style CATALOG NUMBER 30 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™