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CATALOG NUMBER 30 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ CRANKCASE VENTILATION FILTER Filters Crankcase Gases Before Re-entering Into Intake System Coverage for today’s most in-demand trucks Constructed of high-quality materials for oil and heat resistance, our Crankcase filter removes oil vapor from crankcase gases and restores drivability. » » Direct replacement for a proper fit every time » » Constructed of high quality materials for resistance to oil and heat » » Quick disconnect fittings » » Replacement helps you pass state inspection FAILURE MODE: » » Filter becomes saturated with oil, eventually pushing oil back into intake » » Oil leaks from vent valve or intercooler saturated with oil DR 904-7902 Cummins ISC & ISL Series Engines 08-15 OE Numbers: 5263190, CV50628 DR 904-7903 Cummins ISX 11.9 Engine 11-17 OE Numbers: 2869874, 2895324, CV50626 DR 904-7904 Cummins ISX Engines 10-12 OE Numbers: 3685528, CV50617, CV50634 DR 904-418 Cummins ISB 6.7 08-18 OE Numbers: 4936636; CV52001 Hydrocarbon Injector Driver Module Hydrocarbon injector module fouled or sticking? This direct replacement injector driver module restores functionality to the vehicle's aftertreatment system. Complete repair - failure to replace the Air Dryer at recommended intervals can lead to failure of all 3 parts. -- Excessive moisture in air system will cause corrosion in Regulator and Module leading to inoperation. -- Faulty Module will lead to injector prematurely plugging with soot. -- Replacing all 3 components together reduces premature faults in Hydrocarbon Dosing System 100% new - this hydrocarbon injector driver module is constructed of all new materials and requires no core return Fitment tested - has undergone extensive testing to ensure trouble-free fit and installation ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO ALSO CHECK: HYDROCARBON INJECTOR NOZZLE & FUEL INJECTION PRESSURE REGULATOR DR 904-7915 More info on back! 12-17 Volvo D11, D13, 12-17 Mack MP7, MP8 OE Numbers: Volvo - 22009269, Volvo/Mack - 21407621 DR 904-7928 06-18 Volvo OE Numbers: Volvo - 21243502 DR 904-5520 12-17 Volvo D11, D13 12-17 Mack MP7, MP8 OE Numbers: Volvo - 21534115, 21870667, 22452551, Mack - 2318553