29Grote Lights

CATALOG NUMBER 29 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ • Available in PC and P2 versions with .180 bullet connectors • Sleek aerodynamic styling extends less than 3/8” from mounted surface • No fasteners required • Low profile makes lamp less susceptible to damage • Small size fits narrow applications • Potted for total circuit board protection against vibration & corrosion GR 49322 Red, w/ Grommet GR 49332 Red, w/ Grommet GR 49333 Yellow, w/ Grommet GR 49362 Red, w/ Grommet, Dual Intensity GR 47952 Red, w/ Chrome Bezel GR 47953 Yellow, w/ Chrome Bezel • Hermetic lens-to-housing seal • Uses same UBS double-seal pigtail as incandescent version • Fits all popular mountings & grommets GR G1503 3”, 3-diode, Yellow GR G1902 3-diode, Red GR G1903 3-diode, Yellow GR G4602 Square-Corner, Red GR G4603 Square-Corner, Yellow GR G3002 2”, 9-diode, Red GR G3003 2”, 9-diode, Yellow GR G1032 2.5”, Red GR G1033 2.5”, Yellow GR G1502 3”, 3-diode, Red HI COUNT ® LED CLEARANCE MARKER LIGHT • Magnetic base allows you to secure the lamp to most metal surfaces • Perfect for recreation use, as well as work • LED power that far outshines halogen GR BZ401-5 EZ Grip Hand Held, 775 lumens GR BZ501-5 Go Anywhere Hand Held, 1100 lumens GR BZ511-5 Go Anywhere Hand Held, Mossy Oak ® Camo, 1100 lumens BRITEZONE ® HAND HELD LED WORK LIGHTS • Replaceable lamps • Rugged reinforced polycarbonate bar • Easy to install GR 49172 US15 Series Bar Lamp BAR LAMP • Tough, durable, & lightweight cast aluminum housing • TIR lens for efficiently distributed lighting • Bi-voltage system for 12 & 24V systems GR 64M11-5 LED Radius Light, 1200 lumens LED RADIUS LIGHT • Durable one-piece light design • Polycarbonate GR 60721 MicroNova ® Dot License Light w/ Hooded Grommet, Multi-Volt GR 60671 MicroNova ® LED License Light, Clear, Multi-Volt GR 60331 Sealed Turtleback ® II License Light LED LICENSE LIGHTS GR G4002 4” Stop Tail Turn, Red GR G4003 4” Stop Tail Turn, Yellow HI COUNT ® LED STOP TAIL TURN LIGHTS • All functions utilize LED technology MICRONOVA ® LED CLEARANCE/MARKER LIGHT MICRONOVA ® DOT LED CLEARANCE/MARKER LIGHT