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CATALOG NUMBER 28 The versatility and simplicity of our vacuum mounts make SeaSucker racks the easiest and most efficient way to transport gear and cargo. Why SeaSucker? NON-PERMANENT No hitch & no rooftop drilling required. On when you need it, off when you don’t. Unlike traditional rack solutions, removes in seconds to eliminate wind noise and increase fuel economy. COMPATIBLE WITH EVERY VEHICLE Unlimited versatility, swap from vehicle to vehicle. Use rack on ride-shares, leases, and rentals. Guaranteed to work on any vehicles you may own in the future. TRANSPORT YOUR GEAR WITH CONFIDENCE Incredibly strong. Each 6” SeaSucker vacuum mount is pull rated at over 210 lbs. Each 4.5” SeaSucker is pull rated at over 120 lbs. The Vacuum Mount Pump to evacuate air and create a vacuum. Orange indicator band disappears when fully mounted. Indicator band will extend and show orange when mount loses vacuum over time. Expected duration without showing orange: 24-48 hrs. Talon Rack - 1 Bike MK1075 The Talon is our workhorse 1-bike carrier and our best seller. It’s a fork-mount-style rack featuring our always-up-to-date HUSKE Fork Mount. Three of our powerful (210lb pull-strength rated each) vacuum cups hold it securely on your car’s roof, trunk or back glass. Small and light enough to fit into a bike bag or carry-on luggage for you adventurous types who travel with your bikes. Probably the easiest rack in the world to install, and removes in just seconds, all without marking your car. Fits on virtually any car. What's in the box: • Talon 1-Bike Rack with (3) powerful 210 lb pull-strength rated vacuum mounts. • HUSKE Universal Fork Mount. • Rear Wheel Strap with 22 inches of velcro (can accommodate most fat bike tires) for securing the back tires. • Spare SeaSucker pump. • Crank Arm Straps (prevents pedals from contacting roof). • 5g Lube Tube for vacuum pump maintenance.

Monkey Bars Bike Carrier The Monkey Bars Bike Carrier’s HUSKE fork mount clamps on to your Monkey Bars front bar and the rear wheel tray clamps on to the rear bar, and PRESTO! your bike is now able to be safely and stylishly transported on top of your Monkey Bars. Choose the appropriate HUSKE Plugs for your bike and you’re ready to hit the road. SX6171 9X100MM QUICK RELEASE SX6172 12X100MM THRU AXLE SX6174 15X110MM THRU AXLE (BOOST) Monkey Bars SX6150 - 48” Our one-size-fits-all roof rack system. Screw-together cross bars allow for compact storage when needed. The Monkey Bars feature round black powder-coated aluminum cross bars. Allows you to easily attach accessories for activities such as kayaking, skiing, surfing and paddle boarding, biking, or hauling cargo. Have a wide or narrow roof? No worries, the vacuum mounts can be moved to any position on the bar to ensure a perfect fit for any vehicle. Includes (2) Oval Pads for the rear bar that can be swapped out for use on vehicles with ridged roofs. Monkey Bars Extension Kit SX6155 The standard 48” cross bars can be extended to 60” with this upgrade. Easy to install - just unscrew the existing bar and screw the extension in the middle. Set includes two 12” extensions; one for the front bar and one for the back. This item is just the bar extensions and does not include the Monkey Bars. What's in the box: • Set of front Monkey Bar decks made from HDPE with (4) powerful 120 lb pull-strength rated vacuum mounts hold it solidly on your car’s roof. • Set of rear mounts with (2) powerful oval SeaSucker mounts. • (2) 48” screw-together, power-coated aluminum cross-bars. • Spare vacuum pump • 5g Lube Tube for vacuum pump maintenance. What's in the box: • Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack with (4) powerful 210 lb pull-strength rated vacuum mounts. • (2) HUSKE Universal Fork Mount. • (2) Rear Wheel Strap with 22 inches of velcro (can accommodate most fat bike tires) for securing the back tires. • Spare SeaSucker pump. • (2) Crank Arm Straps (prevents pedals from contacting roof). • 5g Lube Tube for vacuum pump maintenance. Mini Bomber Rack - 2 Bikes MK1076 The Mini Bomber is probably our most versatile model. We typically recommend this model for e-bike riders. This 2-bike fork-mount rack is designed to attach to your car’s roof, trunk, or your SUV’s back glass. The HDPE body flexes to conform to your car’s curves. With four 6” SeaSucker vacuum mounts, this rack has plenty of muscle. Fits on virtually any car. Minimal assembly required.

RotopaX Tank Holder SM2850 Powered by two 6” SeaSucker mounts, and easily attach your existing tank and hardware. Put your tanks on when you need them, remove in seconds when you don’t! Designed to hold any RotopaX tank up to 3 gallons. RotopaX tank and hardware are not included. Cable Anchor/Lock Combos Since SeaSucker bike racks aren’t bolted on to rooftop bars, we came up with a way to keep your bike safe. A Cable Anchor is just what it sounds like – an anchor point to securely connect a cable loop to your car. BA8921 - Cable Anchor/Trunk, STD (6’ Cable Lock) The Cable Anchor – Trunk, has a steel rod that closes inside a trunk or hatchback seam, the plastic dipped coating protects your car’s paint. BA8912 - Cable Anchor/Window, XL (10’ Cable Lock) The Cable Anchor – Window, slides over your window glass and rolls up into the window frame. Not recommended for tinted windows. Recycle Waste Band Kit MB5414B - Large Black with Black Bag Utility Hook MB5719B - Black • 1.25” wide hook has an opening spread of approx. 3.5”. Total size of 4.5” wide, 7” deep, 9.25” tall. • Manufactured from UV stabilized high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for strength and durability. • Powered by powerful 120lb pullstrength rated 4.5” vacuum mount. • Approx. opening of 12” x 7” will accommodate most waste • Extends 11” from the surface when mounted • Total size: 11” deep, 14.5” wide • Powered by (2) powerful 120-lb pull-strength rated 4.5” vacuum mounts • Tripod adapter to attach GoPro & other action cameras • Black 7” Flex Arm • Powerful 120lb pull-strength rated vacuum mount What’s in the box: • (2) powerful 120lb pull-strength rated vacuum mounts • Black 7” Flex Arm • Zippered travel case Action Camera Flex Mount Naked Flex Mount EL6203B You don’t have to have a special bracket to fit your particular device. With a 4.5” vacuum mount that attaches to the back of your tablet, you don’t have to worry about finding a new bracket when you upgrade your device. The other 4.5” SeaSucker vacuum mount in this package does what no other tablet mounting system available can do – mount virtually anywhere. EL5998 Attach it to the car, boat, helicopter, ATV, canoe, or wherever you want since the SeaSucker makes it so easy. What’s in the box: Flex-X Phone Mount Choose from two sizes: standard holds items up to 3.25”, XL holds items up to 4.5” (your Max, Ultra, and XL phones, and phones in fat cases). Standard XL Black EL6013B EL6014B White EL6013W EL6014W What’s in the box: • RAM® X-Grip holder for cell phones • Black 7” Flex Arm • Powerful 120lb pull-strength rated vacuum mount

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