28Putco Element Sky View Tops

CATALOG NUMBER 28 ▪ OEM Direct Replacement Part: Pre-assembled, direct-fit, and is installed within minutes. ▪ Premium Polycarbonate Makrolon Tuffak® I35 Dark Gray Tint: For a vibrant, highclarity, iconic sky view, while also providing complete UV protection. ▪ High Precision Manufacturing: For the best OEM look and precision fitment, that minimizes road, wind noise, and water intrusion. ▪ Best-in-Class Materials: Can withstand +150°F or -200°F temperature and UV stabilized for a fade-resistant finish. ▪ High-Velocity Wind Resistance: Material evaluated to withstand hurricane-like wind speeds. ▪ Pre-attached Foam and Clamps: Protects your vehicle and ensures a compressed tight fitment. ▪ Weather-resistant and Completely Insulated: Keeping your vehicle cool in the summer and warm in the winter. ▪ Warranty: Backed by Putco’s Three-Year Limited Warranty. ▪ Designed and Manufactured in the USA: Putco Inc. Des Moines, IA. 20 Minute Install Jeep Wrangler JL Jeep Wrangler JK Ford Bronco 581002 581003 581001 JEEP® P/N 21-23 Wrangler JL 581002 $972.47 18-20 Wrangler JL 581005 $972.47 09-18 Wrangler JK 581003 $1,003.88 20-23 Gladiator JT 581002 $972.47 FORD P/N 21-23 Bronco 4-DR 581001 $1,247.08

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