28Odor1 Auto Refresh and Cleaning EquipmentNP

Odor1™ Auto Refresh - Premium P/N ODO146100 • Exclusive Two-Part Chlorine Dioxide odor elimination system • A safer application and stronger concentration of ClO2 is achieved by mixing each component separately in the provided bottles and then combining Part 1 & Part 2 in the Odor1 Launcher tub • Because the components are mixed separately and then combined, there is no fire hazard and the product works FAST • Odor1 Premium products begin working 1 minute after combining • Odor1 Premium product complete the odor elimination process FAST, depending upon severity of odor, Odor1 Premium Refresher products eliminate odors in 2 - 6 hours Automotive car dealers, auto restoration businesses, RV dealers & rental firms, auto auctions, rental car agencies, home cleaning & janitorial services are just a few of the industries that rely on ODOR1™ advanced Chlorine Dioxide technology to permanently eliminate odors such as smoke & food while killing mold and fungus. This is a very effective and cost efficient alternative to expensive total car detailing. ODOR1™ technology is a portable water-activated gassing system that has the power to fully remove odors resulting in a completely refreshed air-space in any vehicle or enclosed area. It is the first, and only, product to create a 99.9% Chlorine Dioxide gas on site, making it easy to eliminate strong odors and mold spores at their core-source. ODOR1™ ADVANTAGES • Portable and easy to use • Very little $$ investment • Quickly destroys all odors • Eliminates pathogens • Kills mold spores • Leaves no residue • Made in the USA TARGETED APPLICATIONS • Street Cars, Hot Rods, Trucks • Rental Cars & Used Cars • Boats of All Types • Campers and RV’s (up to 25’) • Shipping Containers • Home and Ranch (20 x 20) • Trailers & More! EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE • Permanently* eliminates all mold, mildew and smoke odors in one use (*only permanent if the original source odor is not reintroduced) • Removes airborne pathogens to prevent recontamination • Prevents recontamination caused by missed surfaces • Total disinfection is accomplished in as little as 3 hours • Areas can be occupied immediately after treatment, easy to air out TREATABLE ODORS • Mold • Mildew • Smoke Odors • Pet Odors • Food Odors • Cigarette Odors • Paint Odors • Petroleum Odors • Skunk Odors • Formaldehyde Odors CATALOG NUMBER 28 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ Odor1™ Auto Refresh - Advanced P/N ODO156100 • ALL in 1 - Simply add water • No need to rinse causes no residue • Does not mask the odors • 100% of the gas is released • Starts activating in 30 seconds • No Labor - Just Walk Away • Permanent Odor Remover • Recyclable Materials

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