28BandW Turnoverball Companion Tow and StowNP

*Rails not included ▪ 12" of slide for easier maneuvering ▪ Height will be adjustable from 17"-19" ▪ Fits standard industry rails ▪ Towing position is the same as the standard Patriot ▪ Rated at 18K PATRIOT RAIL-MOUNT SLIDER BNWRVK3270 Proudly Made in the USA Proudly Made in the USA THE PATRIOT 5TH WHEEL HITCH ▪ Fully articulating head allowing front to back and side to side pivoting ▪ Four vertical adjustments from 16" to 19" ▪ 4" of front to back adjustment with two coupler positions ▪ Easy to reach, cam action handle ▪ Fits all standard mounting rails ▪ 3/4" wrap around jaws for a strong, worry-free connection ▪ Side to side pivot with spring cushioning ▪ Polyurethane bushings prevent metal to metal contact ▪ Made in the USA ▪ Limited 5 Year Warranty P/N Description BNWRVK3200 Patriot 16K™ RV Hitch - 16,000 lb. GTW / 4,000 lb. VTW BNWRVK3255 Patriot 18K™ RV Hitch - 18,000 lb. GTW / 4,500 lb. VTW BNWRVR3200 Universal Mounting Rails Proudly Made in the USA BNWRVK3255 PATRIOT CUSTOM 5TH WHEEL INSTALL KITS 20-23 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 Excludes Trucks with CarbonPro Bed BNWRVK2505 11-19 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 BNWRVK2506 14-23 Ram 2500 BNWRVK2602 03-12 Ram 2500/3500 BNWRVK2600 17-22 Ford F-250/F-350 Super Duty BNWRVK2402 11-16 Ford F-250/F-350 Super Duty BNWRVK2401 *Rails not included Weight Distribution Hitch Kit BNWWDHK4500 2" Receiver, 2-5/16" Ball, Standard Coupler BNWWDHK4501 2" Receiver, 2-5/16" Ball, Underslung Coupler BNWWDHK4502 2.5" Receiver, 2-5/16" Ball, Standard Coupler BNWWDHK4503 2.5" Receiver, 2-5/16" Ball, Underslung Coupler ▪ Immediate and continuous friction sway prevention ▪ Single pivot point eliminates noise and wear points ▪ Preset head angle works for every setup ▪ Setup is all done on the driver’s side ▪ Load the bars by pumping the handle until desired weight is transferred to the front axle ▪ Pressure gauge to ensure a repeatable setup ▪ Unload the bars by simply twisting the needle valve knob ▪ Composite bars are lighter-weight and 5x more flexible than steel, but with similar strength ▪ Our tapered composite spring bars made with LITEFLEX® technology by Hendrickson cover 600 - 1,600 lb tongue weight WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION HITCHES Proudly Made in the USA OEM BALL AND SAFETY CHAIN KIT BNWGNXA2061 Chevy/GMC/Ford/Nissan BNWGNXA2062 Ram ▪ Handle provides leverage for operation and a clean way to carry the ball ▪ Handle locks in horizontal position to prevent accidental unlatching ▪ Internal and external components are plated or made from stainless steel for corrosion protection ▪ Safety chain anchors accommodate commercially available safety chain hooks ▪ Rubber plug covers hole when not towing ▪ 30,000 lb GTW