21Minimizer Super Single Fenders

MINIMIZER SUPER SINGLE FENDERS INTRODUCING MINIMIZER ™ SUPER SINGLE FENDERS! As the trucking industry continues to focus on efficiency; wide-base tires have proven to be one area to save on weight and in turn lower fuel expenses. Minimizer’s new Super Single Fenders compliment the wide-base tire with a slim design that fits perfectly to cut weight and wind drag. With an outstanding reputation of quality, durability, and style, our fenders will enhance your truck’s appearance and lifespan. Minimizer fenders never rust because they are a proprietary Minimizer material. The color is molded throughout so chips, scuffs and scratches can’t be seen. The fender never needs to be painted and never fades. The Minimizer fender itself should never need maintenance other than the occasional wash using any all-purpose cleaner. NEVER NEEDS PAINT: Color is molded throughout, so chips, scuffs and scratches can’t be seen. NEVER FADES: UV inhibitors are built into the material. NEVER RUSTS: Material is 100% polyethylene. NEVER STRESS CRACKS: The unique material is not affected by road conditions. NEVER NEEDS POLISHING: Simply clean with soap and water. LIKE ALL MINIMIZER POLY FENDERS, THE NEW SUPER SINGLE FENDERS ARE GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! MIN2220 FENDER SERIES MIN9020 FENDER SERIES MIN2220 - THE SS TWIN • The MIN2220 is designed to fit wide-base tires on a single, tandem, or multi axle tractor or trailer with 22.5” or 24.5” wheels • The set consists of 2 pieces (2 - PM2221 single fenders) • The total weight of the MIN2220 fender kit is less than 24 lbs MIN9020 - THE SS BRUTE • The MIN9020 is designed to fit wide-base tires on tandem axle tractors or trailers as a tandem fender • The MIN9020 set consists of 4 pieces (4-PM9021 fender sections) • The total weight of the MIN9020 fender kit is less than 42 lbs P/N MM1103144 STAINLESS STEEL INSTALLATION KIT P/N MM1103100 STAINLESS STEEL INSTALLATION KIT MM1103560 Black MM1103561 Galvanized MM1103562 Red MM1103563 White MM1103564 Green MM1103565 Diamond Plate Black MM1103566 Diamond Plate Silver MM1103567 Paintable MM1103568 Liquid Platinum MM1103569 Carbon Fiber MM1103570 Silver Mirror MM1103571 Black Mirror MM1103572 Black MM1103580 Carbon Fiber MM1103576 Diamond Plate Black MM1103577 Diamond Plate Silver MM1103573 Galvanized MM1103579 Liquid Platinum MM1103574 Red MM1103578 Paintable MM1103575 White MM1103581 Silver Mirror MM1103582 Black Mirror 19.5" 19.5" 48" 104" 20" 23" CATALOG NUMBER 21 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™