18Horton DMA Quick Kits

DM Advantage ® DMA Quick Kits Super Kits DM Advantage ® Quick Kits are DMA Super Kits, used to upgrade legacy technology Horton DriveMaster ® On/Off Fan Drives to DM Advantage technology. They also repair DM Advantage On/Off products that provide the industry’s smoothest fan drive engagements, proven in millions of miles of OE applications. Quick Kits are engineered with pre-assembled components for faster and easier installation compared to previous generation Horton DMA Super Kits. Like all Genuine Horton Super Kits, they contain everything needed to completely rebuild fan drives, including: • Premium, double-row angular contact (DRAC) sheave bearing • Improved air cartridge seal • Long-wearing friction liner for added reliability and reduced maintenance Beware of low quality copies of Horton repair kits that have not been approved for OE applications. Choose wisely. Choose genuine Horton products. » Fail-safe design for long-life performance » Increased reliability in high horsepower applications » Easy to install and maintain » Reference the Horton online catalog (repair options) if you have questions as to what kit will fit a specific fan drive Notes: P/N HO Q995568 includes 39 mm DRAC bearing (includes air cap) P/N HO Q995575 includes additional bearing spacers CATALOG NUMBER 18 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ HO Q995568 DM ADVANTAGE CONVERSION SUPER QUICK KIT (1.07" STUDS, 2.56" PILOT, 100649 DRAC BRG) HO Q995575 DM ADVANTAGE CONVERSION SUPER KIT (1.07” STUDS, 2.56” PILOT, 100731 DRAC BRG) HO Q995582 DM ADVANTAGE TWO-SPEED QUICK KIT (2.56” FAN PILOT, .375” X 1.00” FAN MTG STUDS & SHEAVE BRG)