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CATALOG NUMBER 17 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ TURBO EXHAUST COVER Eliminate the need to use duct tape or rags in your exhaust. The Turbo Exhaust Cover is meant to protect your turbo ® while transporting the equipment. Winds cause the turbo to spin and due to lack of lubrication, the bearings can be ruined. Reduces down time and repairs, plus you can re-use them. TLCSM7 Fits up to a 7" exhaust 13 1/2" Tall at highest point TLCSM12 Fits up to a 12" exhaust 15 1/2" Tall at Highest Point NEW! ALL REMAN TURBOS INCLUDE NEW ACTUATOR WHERE APPLICABLE Many Applications Same Day Availability 100% Refundable Core Charge Genuine Parts Electronic Actuator 100% Calibrated State of the Art Testing Equipment Industry Trained/Technical Support 1 Year/Unlimited Miles Warranty 100% Customer Satisfaction Other applications available - see your salesman for details! CAT 15 ACERT, Low Pressure New P/N: TSO741155-0002N OE # 10R-1888 CAT 15 ACERT, High Pressure New P/N: TSO741154-0011N OE # 10R-2407 Cummins M11 New P/N: TSO3590044N OE # 2080237 Holset Cummins HE431V 8.9L 2007-2012 Reman P/N: TSORHH3795634C OE # 4352527RX SEE MIDWEST WHEEL’S EXHAUST AND TURBO CATALOG FOR FULL PRODUCT OFFERINGS