17DPF Filters Clamps Gaskets and Bellows

CATALOG NUMBER 17 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ DPF Filter and DOC P/N Reference P/N Description/ OE# Clamp P/N Ref Gasket P/N Ref DNX58001 RWRC0001-SA DPF Cummins ISX 4969700NX, 2880168NX, 4969701N DNX65822 HDA100279-006 HDAGSK-02-5231 DNX58817, HDADAWCU001 DNX35002 RWRC0002-SA DPF DD15 RA6804910294, 23537225, RA6804908692, A680 DNX35806 HDA02-8-024-321 HDADAWDD003 DNX35805 RWRC0004-SA DNX58004 DPF ISM 4965244NX, 4352923NX, 4965055D, 4352920NX HDA100279-006 DNX65822 HDAGSK-02-5231 DNX58817, HDADAWCU001 RWRC0006-SA DNX82006 DPF Volvo/Mack D13 20864127, 85000726, 21850658 HDA100279-007 DNX82809 HDAGSK-20-5241 DNX82810 RWRC0009-ID DNX82012 DOC Mack D13 28064129, 85001355, 20864129, 21850645 HDA100279-007 DNX82809 HDAGSK-20-5241 DNX82810 RWRC0014-ID DOC DETROIT DIESEL DD15 RA6804901214 DNX35806 HDA02-8-024-321 HDAGSK-04-0531 HDADAWDD003, DNX35805 RWRC0016-ID DNX58017 DOC ISX 2880259NX, 4936734NX, 2607044C91, 2888262NX, 14.45" Outer Diameter HDA100279-006 DNX65822 HDAGSK-02-5231 HDADAWCU001, DNX58817 - - Two Clamp and Gasket Sizes for RWRC0016-ID, 5.7" Outer Diameter DNX35803 DNX35814 RWRC0028-ID DNX58015 DOC Cummins ISM 4965243NX, 5287191NX HDA100279-006 DNX65822 HDAGSK-02-5231 HDADAWCU001, DNX58817 RWRC0034-ID DNX58042 DOC Cummins 3999660, 3103618, Q619494, Q619723 DNX58825 HDAGSK-02-5711 DNX65821 RWRC0060-ID DNX58025 DOC Cummins ISX 2888249NX, 4969542NX, 4965317NX HDA100279-006 DNX65822 HDAGSK-02-5231 HDADAWCU001, DNX58817 DNX82010 RWRC0064-SA DPF VolvoD13/Mack MP8 21212429, 21212431, 21415912 RWRX12C0-01435-VB DNX82824 HDADAWCT005 DNX82825 RWRC0079-SA DNX65011 DPF Maxxforce 13 2604830C91, 2604046C91, 5010845R1 DNX35820 RWRX12C0-01338-VB DNX35823 DNX65020 RWRC0105-ID DOC Maxxforce 13 2604039C91 DNX35820 RWRX12C0-01338-VB DNX35823 DNX58007 RWRC0023-SA DPF CUMMINS: ISB 4965287; NX,Q612386A, Q621386, A-CE DNX58824 HDAGSK-02-5201 DAWCU005, DNX65831 DNX58019 RWRC0106-ID DOC CUMMINS ISX 2880505N;X, C0A6-ID, C0106-ID HDA100279-006 DNX65822 HDAGSK-02-5231 DNX58817 DPF kits include gaskets and clamps for easy installation! DPF FILTERS, GASKETS, CLAMPS