15Phillips Nylon Cable Wraps

Easy to wrap and unwrap combination assemblies Convenient replacement for spiral wrap Protects cables from damage due to harsh weather conditions, chaffing, rubbing and tangling Keeps cables organized NYLON CABLE WRAPS For 3-IN-1 Combination Assemblies PH 5-608 8 Ft. Black Nylon Cable Wrap for 12 Ft. Combination Assemblies PH 5-610 10 Ft. Black Nylon Cable Wrap for 13-15 Ft. Combination Assemblies PH 5-612 12 Ft. Black Nylon Cable Wrap for 15 Ft. Combination Assemblies • Easy to assemble and build custom 3-IN-1 combination assemblies • Easy to unwrap for cable repair/ replacement and DOT inspections • Uses hook-and-loop to securely fasten the wrap together • Simple and convenient alternative replacement for spiral wrap • Made from durable woven nylon for protection against the elements with double stitched ends to prevent fraying • Stainless steel grommets for cable ties for optional security • UV coated for sun protection and water resistant inner lining for winter weather protection Hook-and-Loop Fastener Stainless Steel Grommets Woven Nylon is UV Coated Double Stitched Ends Water Resistant Inner Lining CATALOG NUMBER 15 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™