10Reinzosil RTV Silicone

CATALOG NUMBER 10 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ Universal Silicone Sealing Compound Victor Reinz® Reinzosil® RTV Silicone Victor Reinz® Reinzosil® is a permanently elastic, universal silicone sealing compound with excellent resistance to fluids and extreme temperatures. Its durability, flexibility, and versatility make it a favorite among import car repair specialists. Reinzosil is the RTV sealant of choice in Europe; now, Victor Reinz brings this exceptional, in-demand product to the North American aftermarket. Reinzosil Features • Resistant to temperatures from -58°F to 482°F, and briefly up to 572°F (-50°C to 250°C, briefly to 300°C) • Insignificant shrinkage and loss of mass • No corrosion • Fast curing • Non-hazardous substance • Will not harm oxygen sensors • Sealing gap > 0.15 mm Durable. Flexible. Versatile. Reinzosil Applications • Two-dimensional at surfaces where there is a sealing gap up to 0.15 mm, such as gasket intersections • Components originally sealed with RTV by the manufacturer, including intake manifolds, valve covers, and oil pans • Use as gasket maker, in addition to a gasket with installation, for household uses, and more Excellent resistance to fluids, including mineral oils and synthetic oils, lubricants, gasoline, diesel/biodiesel fuels, greases, water, and detergents Superior Resistance to Fluids Competitive sealants are shown to corrode brass surfaces with acetic sealants, while neutral-curing Reinzosil shows no corrosion. Mineral oils and synthetic oils, lubricants, gasoline, diesel fuels, greases, water, and detergents: Reinzosil resists them all. Fluid Type Reinzosil Regular Unleaded Fuel Resistant to Severe Swelling Diesel Fuel Resistant to Severe Swelling Biodiesel Fuel Resistant Windshield Wiper Fluid Resistant Battery Acid Resistant Brake Fluid Resistant Tested and Proven to Offer Superior Sealing Typical RTV sealants for gaps up to 0.15 mm don’t hold up in high-heat environments, and they can break down quickly if exposed to internal combustion fuels, diesel fuels, and other liquids. Victor Reinz® Reinzosil® is thermally stable from -58°F/- 50°C to 482°F/250°C—and unlike the competition, it will not shrink or lose weight in high-heat environments. Easy to apply and fast curing, Reinzosil is a dependably durable sealant that’s suitable for uneven and rough surfaces. It boasts superior resistance under load, even at high temperatures. NEW SIZES! SD170-31414-10 70ml Tube SD170-31414-20 200ml Aerosol Can SD170-31414-40 310ml Cartridge

+ 572 °F • High exibility • Oil resistance • Ideal for domestic and older vehicles • Sensor safe • Quick cure • -65ºF to 500ºF • Small engine sealant • -65ºF to 500ºF • Sensor safe • Oil resistant • Low volatility • Non-corrosive • Low odor • Exceeds OEM spec GM9985675 • Sensor safe • Low odor • For use with all uids • Use up to 650ºF • Leak proof windshield sealant • Bonds and seals metal, vinyl, rubber, and plastic • -76ºF to 350ºF • Engineered for import engines • Sensor safe • Non-corrosive • Use up to 650ºF • High temp formula • Sensor safe • Meets OEM spec • Use up to 650ºF • Older vehicle applications • Sensor safe • -65ºF to 500ºF • • Withstands friction modi ers in conventional and synthetic gear oils • Retains high exibility Resistant to oil and common shop uids • Low odor • Sensor safe Tube Does it All! MIDWESTWHEEL.COM MEMBER KANSAS CITY 5801 E. Front St. Main .... (816) 471-1552 Parts.... (800) 821-7402 JOPLIN 2424 Stephens Blvd. Main .... (417) 717-6022 Parts.... (866) 318-9111 SPRINGFIELD 812 Lillian Dr. ∙ Strafford, MO Main .... (417) 429-2476 Parts.... (800) 785-3705 SIOUX CITY 1819 4th St. Main .... (712) 252-7969 Parts.... (800) 943-3534 CEDAR RAPIDS 200 50th Ave. S.W. Main .... (319) 365-4453 Parts.... (800) 332-5435 DES MOINES 1436 E. Ovid Ave. Main .... (515) 265-1491 Parts.... (800) 888-0248 CLEAR LAKE 840 Hwy. 18 W. Main .... (641) 357-7101 Parts.... (800) 397-5630 DAVENPORT 8502 Northwest Blvd. Main .... (563) 322-2671 Parts.... (800) 553-1886 OMAHA 5822 F St. Main .... (531) 239-3050 Parts.... (800) 322-8757 NEBRASKA IOWA MISSOURI May 5, 2023 (10Reinzosil RTV Silicone) One Tube Does it All While there is a huge variety of RTV silicones on the market to choose from, high-quality, versatile Reinzosil offers a “one-tube” solution. Effective SKU consolidation saves you inventory space and dollars, and avoids ordering hassles. • Reinzosil can replace a dozen or more different varieties of RTV • Rather than various tube sizes that clutter your shelves, the 70 ml “shop-sized” Reinzosil tube is the correct volume for most customer applications