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Technical Service Bulletin Page 2 PCTSB-2017-01 PRESTONE PRODUCTS CORPORATION 1900 West Field Court, Lake Forest, IL 60045 ©2017 Prestone Products Corporation Nitrite Organic Acid Technology Coolant (NOAT): This coolant does not contain inorganic inhibitors, such as, silicate or borate. It is an organic inhibitor base with nitrite and, potentially, molybdate for extra cavitation pitting control. NOAT coolant is known as an Extended Life Coolant or HD ELC. NOAT coolants have been very common in factory fill applications, but many OEMs are now transitioning to HD Nitrite Free OAT coolant. NOAT coolants protect the cooling system much longer and with less maintenance than Conventional (IAT) coolants. There is no need to monitor SCA or install SCA charged coolant filters. TMC recommended practice color is Red, but other colors are used as well. NOAT type coolant protects HD cooling system components up to 6000 hours or 300,000 miles. You can extend this protection by adding an Extender at 6000 hours or 300,000 mile interval. This gives a protection up to 12,000 hours or 600,000 miles. A lab analysis is recommended before adding the Extender. This analysis allows the technician to decide, to add an Extender, or flush and fill the system with new coolant. Do not use a charged coolant filter with NOAT HD ELC coolant. Nitrite Free Organic Acid Technology Coolant (NF OAT): This coolant is known as HD Nitrite Free Extended Life Coolant or HD NF ELC and it uses organic inhibitors and, potentially, molybdate and/or nitrate. This coolant uses organic inhibitors, molybdate and/or nitrate to help control corrosion and cavitation erosion in a cooling system. It does not contain inorganic inhibitors, such as, Silicate, Nitrite, and Borate. There is no need to monitor SCA and do not install a SCA charged coolant filter. HD NF OAT coolant is used in some HD vehicles for factory fill. The color is typically yellow, red, or blue but other colors may be used as well. HD NF OAT coolant protects the cooling system for up to 12,000 hours or 600,000 miles. No Extender is needed, but it is recommended to test the coolant at least twice a year with organic inhibitor test strips to test organic inhibitors, pH, and freeze point levels. It is also recommended to have a lab analysis completed at 6,000 hours or 300,000 miles to check the condition and contaminate levels of the coolant. Heavy Duty Coolant Technologies Overview (continued) It is not recommend to use an IAT or NOAT type coolant to top-off HD NF OAT coolant. If coolant is mixed it should not exceed 25% capacity. Follow recommended test procedures to determine if the cooling system needs to be flushed and refilled. It is also not recommended to use a HD NF OAT type coolant to top-off a HD IAT type coolant. It is acceptable with some manufacturers to top-off a HD NOAT type coolant with a HD NF OAT coolant. Always consult the OE Manufacturers recommended cooling system maintenance practices. Recommended Practice For Topping Off A HD Cooling System Prestone Command ® Heavy Duty Cooling System 2in1 Flush & Degreaser Part Number: HD100