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Prestone Command® is an advanced and patented antifreeze/coolant technology representing the latest innovations in the Prestone 80-plus-year heritage of revolutionizing the world of engine and coolant system protection. Regardless of your heavy duty application or climate conditions, Prestone Command® has got you covered. HEAVY DUTY ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT CATALOG NUMBER 10 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ • SERVICE LIFE 1,000,000 MILES/20,000 HOURS - HD applications only* • Cor-Guard™ Increases Uptime. More miles between service = Less cost to maintain • Extended Life Coolant (ELC) • NON-2EH (OAT) Formulation, compatible with Any Nitrite Free HD Organic Acid Technology (OAT) • One fluid for a complete fleet; Class 1-8 • Meets Cummins® and Detroit Diesel® Performance Requirements • Instantly stops the spread of rust, corrosion, pitting, gunk and buildup • Works with all metals, rubber, elastomers, & seals Prestone Command® HD Nitrite Free ELC with Cor-Guard™ is intended for use and compatible with ANY nitrite free HD Organic Acid Technology (OAT) coolant in ANY diesel powered commercial vehicle engine or other engine cooling system metals. Its patented and advanced OAT nitrite free formulation is based upon a concentrated blend of premium long-lasting inhibitors designed to provide up to 1,000,000 miles / 20,000 hours* of protection against temperature extremes, rust, cavitation corrosion, scale and premature water pump failure. P/N Size Color Strength PG AFC13000/F 1 Gallon Red Full PG AFC13000-55/F 55 Gallon Red Full PG AFC13100/F 1 Gallon Red 50/50 PG AFC13100-55/F 55 Gallon Red 50/50 PRESTONE COMMAND® HEAVY DUTY NITRITE FREE COR-GUARD® EXTENDED LIFE ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT NEW NITRITE FREE NON-2EH (OAT) FORMULATION *Provide Extended Life protection which meets the vehicles manufacturer recommended change intervals for all DOT Truck Classes, including up to 1,000,000 miles for Class 8 vehicles. Meets or Exceeds OEM Performance Requirements: Cummins CES 14603 Cummins Bulletin 3666132 Detroit Diesel 93K217 CAT EC-1 Navistar CEMS B-1, Type IIIA International John Deere H24 John Deere H24 C1 John Deere JDS-G135 Ford WSS-M97-B44D GM 6277M GMW 34290 Volvo Mack Freightliner Paccar CS 0185 Peterbilt Kenworth Komatsu Komatsu KES 07.892 Kubota GM Heavy Truck Chrysler/Dodge/Ram Ford WSS-M97B57-A1/A2

PRESTONE COMMAND® HEAVY DUTY EXTENDED SERVICE INTERVAL ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT SCA Pre-Charged Prestone Command® Heavy Duty Antifreeze/Coolant is formulated with advanced corrosion protection technology. This provides an exceptional SCA pre-charged Extended Service Interval (ESI) Technology product which is compatible with any conventional heavy duty coolants and ALL filter technologies. Prestone Command Heavy Duty Antifreeze/Coolant is designed for use in ANY heavy duty engines used in normal to severe-duty cycles and extreme temperature conditions that requires an Extended Service Interval coolant. P/N Size Color Strength PG AF9101 1 Gal Purple (Pink) Full PG AF9155 55 Gal Purple (Pink) Full PG AF9501 1 Gal Purple (Pink) 50/50 PG AF9555 55 Gal Purple (Pink) 50/50 • Low Silicate is formulated for vehicles already using a conventional coolant • Meets or exceed ASTM requirements for cars, light-duty, and heavy-duty trucks • Full protection for at least one year • Use of Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) where required for heavy-duty applications • Safe for rubber parts PRIME® CONVENTIONAL “GREEN” ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT P/N Size Color Strength PG AF3200 1 Gal Green Full PG AF3255 55 Gal Green Full PG AF3300 1 Gal Green 50/50 PG AF3355 55 Gal Green 50/50 • ADVANCED CORROSION-PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY FOR ANY HEAVY DUTY ENGINE • UNIVERSAL FORMULA: HEAVY DUTY AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS • REQUIRES NO INITIAL SUPPLEMENTAL COOLANT ADDITIVE (SCA) • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY CONVENTIONAL HEAVY DUTY ANTIFREEZE/ COOLANT AND ALL FILTER TECHNOLOGIES • LOW SILICATE, NO PHOSPHATES, VERY LOW DISSOLVED SOLIDS • STATE-OF-THE-ART SCALE PREVENTING ADDITIVES PRESTONE COMMAND® HEAVY DUTY NITRITED EXTENDED LIFE ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT 600,000 Mile / 12,000 Hour Service Life* *Requires addition of extender at 300,000 miles or 6,000 hours * TOP OFF: Will maintain extended life protection when added to any NOAT Extended Life antifreeze/coolant. FLUSH AND FILL: Receive protection for up to 600,000 miles or 12,000 hours with a complete flush and fill using Prestone Command Heavy Duty Extended Life concentrate. Prestone Command® Heavy Duty Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant (ELC) is a Nitrited Organic Acid Technology (NOAT) that is intended for use and compatible with ANY NOAT Extended Life heavy duty antifreeze/coolant in ANY diesel-powered commercial vehicle engine or stationary engine with aluminum and other engine metals. Its patented, technologically advanced formulation is based upon a concentrated blend of premium long-lasting inhibitors designed to provide protection against temperature extremes, rust, corrosion, scale, and premature water pump failure. • NITRITED ORGANIC ACID TECHNOLOGY (NOAT) • SILICATE, PHOSPHATE AND BORATE-FREE FORMULATION • LONG-LASTING INHIBITION • CAT EC-1 COMPATIBLE FOR ANY HEAVY DUTY ENGINE • COMPLETE LINER PITTING AND CORROSION PROTECTION; PROTECTS ALUMINUM AND ALL OTHER ENGINE METALS • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL HEAVY DUTY NOAT FORMULATIONS P/N Size Color Strength PG AF9701 1 Gallon Red Full PG AF9755 55 Gallon Red Full PG AF9901 1 Gallon Red 50/50 PG AF9955 55 Gallon Red 50/50 PG AF991KL Tote Red 50/50

INSULONE® HEATER HOSE Designed for heater hose applications with resistance to high underhood temperatures. Temperature Range: -40°F to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C) P/N ID (in.) DY 80314 5/8 DY 80316 3/4 DY 80319 1 Silicone heater hose is used for coolant transfer applications and higher temperature service. Temperature Range: -65°F to 350°F SAE Specifications: 20R3, Class A P/N ID (in.) DY 80251GL 5/8 DY 80252GL 3/4 DY 80254GL 1 GOLD LABEL® SILICONE HEATER HOSE 50 FT. ROLLS HEATER HOSE (sold by the foot) STANDARD HEATER HOSE Designed for heater hose applications where resistance to antifreeze coolants and underhood temperatures is required. Temperature Range: -40°F to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C) SAE Specifications: Similar to SAE 20R3 P/N ID (in.) DY 80259 3/8 DY 80270 1/2 DY 80271 5/8 DY 80273 3/4 BLUE HEATER HOSE WITH XTREME HEAT TECHNOLOGY Designed for heater hose applications that are exposed to higher underhood temperatures and require a higher heat resistance. Temperature Range: -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C) SAE Specifications: SAE 20R3 Class D3 HT EC Branding: Continental Blue Xtreme ID, SAE J20R3-HT-D3-EC, Made in U.S.A. P/N ID (in.) GY 65028 3/8 GY 65029 1/2 GY 65031 5/8 GY 65033 3/4 GY 65035 1 GY 65037 1-1/4 ANTIFREEZE TEST STRIPS ACU3001MR 3-Way Test Strips, 50 Test Strips/Bottle These strips measure the concentration of antifreeze coolant inhibitors in NOAT cooling systems. Fast and accurate results of Nitrite, Freeze Point and pH are easily determined. ACU40240 4-Way Test Strips, 25 Test Strips/Bottle Evaluate the condition of Organic Acid Coolants to determine if service is required. Test your coolant frequently to protect against liner pitting, corrosion and coolant dilution. This four-way test strip measures Glycol, Inhibitor, Nitrite and pH. WATER PUMPS Midwest Wheel Stocks All Makes of Water Pumps! Heavy Duty Poly-V Serpentine Belts ▪ Higher performance construction over conventional light duty belts that meet the higher torque and power pulse requirements of heavy-duty applications ▪ Engineered with high-grade EPDM compounds to resist the heat and harsh environments of heavy-duty applications ▪ Specially treated cords within the belt resist stretching and ensure length stability Heavy Duty Idler/Tensioner Pulleys ▪ Manufactured from steel, powdered metal, and/or engineered polymer materials to resist wear under harsh environments ▪ Dual permanently lubricated sealed bearings and retainers to provide long life despite the shock loads of heavy-duty applications Heavy Duty Automatic Belt Tensioners ▪ Engineered for higher torque and power pulses exerted by heavy-duty vehicles ▪ Reinforced heavy-duty cast aluminum body and arms for strength and durability ▪ Rugged pulleys with dual permanently lubricated bearings for long lasting service ▪ Patented “Flat Spring” design BF CS5007 - 16 fl. oz. BTA PLUS Formula Liquid Additive Supplemental coolant additives can be used instead of coolant filters to replenish the cooling system when depleted. NOT compatible with Long Life Organic Acid-based Coolant.; For systems containing 0% to 60% Ethylene Glycol antifreeze. LIQUID COOLANT ADDITIVE

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