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PENRAY COOLANT CHART FOR MAINTAINING 50% ANTIFREEZE +32 0% System Capacity (Gallons*) System Capacity (Gallons*) +25 10% +20 15% +15 20% +10 25% +5 30% -5 35% -12 40% -23 45% -34 50% -50 55% -65 60% -75 65% -84 70% -70 75% -55 80% -43 85% -30 90% -5 100% Drain Coolant and Add Concentrated Antifreeze (Quarts) Freeze Point (deg. F) vs. Percent Antifreeze Drain Coolant and Add Water (Quarts) If the reading on your refractometer does not appear on the chart, the solution is over concentrated. Drain your system and start over by adding a 50/50 mix of Fleetcharge ® or DDC Powercool ® and water to your engine’s system. * 1 Gallon = 4 Quarts Coolant fundamentally consists of three components: WATER- Water is an excellent heat transfer fluid, but it can freeze, and causes engine components to corrode. GLYCOL- Glycol is added to provide freeze and boil-over protection. It reduces the heat transfer capability of water. It is usually mixed 50/50 with water. SUPPLEMENTAL COOLANT ADDITIVES (SCA’s)- Fully Formulated coolants contain many of the same chemical additives, regardless of brand. Nitrites are added to coolant to protect iron and steel components from cavitation, pitting and rust corrosion. Nitrates provide solder and aluminum protection. Silicate is also added to protect aluminum surfaces. Tolytriazole (TT) and sometimes Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) are used to protect copper and brass metals. Phosphate or Borate are pH buffers used to control alkalinity. The WATER and GLYCOL in your coolant will remain in service indefinitely, barring any contamination. The SUPPLEMENTAL COOLANT ADDITIVES (SCA’s) will become depleted and must be replaced per manufacturers recommendation. For a tested and proven cooling maintenance procedure, use Penray’s FILL-FOR-LIFE ® program. Utilize NEED-RELEASE ® filters to protect your engine for 150,000 miles or use PENCOOL ® cooling system liquids and maintenance filters. Pencool ® 3000 P/N NA 300016 & NA 300064 Oil Purge P/N NA 200264 2001 Cleaner P/N NA 200164 Refractometer P/N PG R-METER Fahrenheit Test Strips P/N NA TS200 Pencool ® w/ Stabil-Aid ® Cooling Filter P/N NA NF3000 Need-Release ® Filter P/N NA NF2088SM, NA NF2095SM, NA NF2096SM Coolant Filter Elements P/N NA NF3088SM & NA NF3999SM CATALOG NUMBER 10 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™