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RUST INHIBITOR KL73 RUST INHIBITOR / LUBRICANT Krown KL73 Corrosion Inhibitor is formulated to help control corrosion in the most damaging of environments. Unlike many competitive products, KL73 contains no solvents which are hazardous to the environment, dangerous for the user and damaging to paint, plastic and rubber. Put money back in your pocket by using KL73 to reduce instances of corrosion in a variety of different areas from spot welds to electrical connections. Reduced electrical failure alone will produce a net profit. KL73 is a solvent free alternative that will extend equipment life, keep equipment looking better, reduce the cost of ownership, reduce maintenance, downtime and frustration. FEATURES • Dielectric strength 50kv, safe on all electrical • Remains active despite washing or road wash • Effective in high and low temperatures • Food grade approved throughout North America • Actively displaces moisture • Solvent-free USES • Battery terminals, starter wires, pin connectors, weather packs • Protect the body, chassis, dump beds, salt spreaders, plow attachments • Moving parts, locks, live bottom chains, salt spreader chains, 5th wheel plate AREAS OF APPLICATION 1 SIMPLE STEP TO CORROSION PROTECTION Around All Trim, Chrome Moulding, etc. Slack Adjusters Fifth Wheel & Sliders Tail Light Assembly Air Brake Maxi Ports Leaf Springs Sub-Frame Complete Underside All Wiring Including: Behind Headlights, Turn Indicators, Clearance Light, etc. Fuel Tank Clamps & Supports Rocker Panels Battery Box & Battery Connections Cab Steps Inside Front Wheel Well Liners With Krown Products you will receive all of these benefits... » Fewer highway breakdowns » Downtime will be reduced » Longer life cycle for vehicles » Increased resale value Fender & Fender Braces Oil Pan Transmission Case Bumper Headlights, Pots, Adjusters Electrical Fittings & Connections Complete Hood & Fire Wall Cowl Cab Roof Above Windshield Windshield Pillars Doors, Locks & Handles Wiper linkage Around Cab Lights & Horn Mirror Assemblies Jumper Cord Receptacle Fuse Panels & Circuit Breakers Spray Tools Available! SALT ELIMINATOR CHLORIDE REMOVING DETERGENT A revolutionary new maintenance product, Salt Eliminator makes the difficult, yet vital task of salt removal easy. Magnesium, calcium, and sodium chloride salts can speed up the corrosion process by hundreds of times. These salts can damage carpets, upholstery, leather and other surfaces as well. Use Salt Eliminator for chloride removal or day to day cleaning, and experience less rust and better looking, salt-free equipment. FEATURES • Easily rinses to a beading,waxy finish • Removes even heavy salt build up quickly and easily • Reduces surface rust • Can be used in any wash system • Designed for heavy duty applications • Contains no solvents, NPEs or VOCs USES • Heavy duty vehicle and machinery wash • Cars, trucks, vans, buses, bikes etc. • Plastic, rubber and vinyl • Carpet, upholstery and leather • Pre-soak foam gun, aerosol can, bucket wash or pressure wash system DILUTION RATIO Heavy Duty 3:1 Recommended 10:1 Light Duty 20:1 SALT ELIMINATOR Targets and removes harmful road salt and chlorides BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER Aerosol CR KA71400-12 1 gal. CR KA74004-4 5 gal. CR KA74020 55 gal. CR KA74205 ORDER NUMBER Aerosol CR KA1198-12 1 gal. CR KA1199-4 5 gal. CR KA1200 55 gal. CR KA1201