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CATALOG NUMBER 10 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ BIOGUARD ™ ULS (BGDULS) FUEL BIOCIDE Microorganisms, like bacteria, yeast and mold are known as “bugs.” “Bugs” live in virtually all diesel fuel systems. Wherever there is moisture and fuel together there is a good environment for biological growth. The most common places for contamination include the fuel/water interface near tank bottoms, on storage tank walls, and in tank bottom sediment. Microorganisms live in the water found in all fuel systems and eat the fuel as a nutrient source. Sulfur provides some natural protection against bacteria growth. However, with the introduction of ULSD fuels, there is minimal natural protection to prevent biological growth in fuel systems. Left unchecked, “bugs” will corrode fuel systems and create slime & sludge that plug fuel filters and fuel lines. The result is increased maintenance costs and expensive down time. BioGuard ™ ULS is an EPA registered, fuel & water soluble, dual phase microbiocide that effectively kills bacteria, fungi & other microorganisms that grow in gasoline, diesel fuel, biodiesel blends and heating oil storage tanks. It also helps prevent fuel system contamination from new infections. » Kills bacteria (“bugs”), yeast, mold, and other microorganisms. » Kills bacteria in the fuel and water phase. » Works faster & more effectively (as little as 2-3 hours). » Prevents bio-contamination of fuel system. » Prevents bacteria caused filter plugging. » Prevents bacteria caused fuel line plugging. » Prevents and breaks up bacteria caused sludge and slime. » Prevents bacteria caused corrosion. » Prevents equipment down time. » Effective in gasoline, diesel, biodiesel blends, & heating oil. » Safe for use in on-road and off-road fuels. » Initial Treat Rate 1:2500, Maintenance Treat Rate 1:7400 16 oz bottle treats 460 gallons at initial treat rate and up to 920 gallons for maintenance dosage. P/N Description Case NA BGDULS2016OZ 16 oz. 12 NA BGDULS201GAL 1 Gallon 2