CATALOG NUMBER 09 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ EFFICIENT & ERGONOMIC LOAD SECUREMENT TECHNOLOGY Speedbinders is changing the load binder industry with its patented Torque Drive technology. Our line of products provide considerable time saving benefits for drivers as well as enhanced safety by eliminating repetitive, straining operations. Torque Drive binders are revolutionizing load securement. By adopting the practice of using portable power drill to secure loads and pull the chain tight, you can alleviate shoulder strain, reduce injuries, and allow for easier operation and reduced operation time. ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURES Decreased risk of injury with no lever to operate and no pinch point MORE ERGONOMIC Significant reduction in strain related injuries and claims due to the elimination of repetitive motions QUICKER Up to 3x faster tie-down and release times* means considerable time and money savings LONGER LASTING Sealed gearbox offers protection; the ability to quickly run threads inside the barrel keeps them lubricated, making the binder last up to 4x longer* HIGHEST TENSION Higher tension than conventional binders with its 24:1 gear ratio and inline pull EASY TO OPERATE IN TIGHT SPOTS No need to make room for ratcheting or lever making it much easier to operate in tight spaces, such as inside steel coils UNMATCHED TENSION RETENTION Will retain tension throughout the journey thanks to the handle acting as a reaction bar TAMPER-RESISTANT Less risk of stolen tools or load as a drill is needed to loosen the binder *compared to traditional ratchet binders

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