07Webb Vortex Unlimited w CRT

NEW Patented CRT vents increase air-flow to further reduce operating temperatures Patented design features cooling fins that increase surface area for improved heat dissipation Patented wear indicator saves time and helps you get maximum life from your drum. • Acquired data scientifically gathered from anemometers show trailer skirts reduce crosswind air flow 31% and straight line airflow 40% on average • This reduced air flow does improve aerodynamics as intended, but it also accelerates brake wear with 41% higher average brake temperatures • Webb Vortex® brake drums with CRT™ vents run cooler to last 25% longer in trailer skirt applications • Your Webb representative can help you determine the potential savings your fleet can expect by switching to Vortex... only from Webb! Trailer skirts mean higher brake temperatures... Webb Vortex® with CRT™ is the solution. Over-the-road data acquired from anemometers and thermal sensors show trailer skirts reduce air flow and increase average brake temperatures 41%. “Real world” data acquisition CATALOG NUMBER 07 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™

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