06Tectran Hose End Repair Kits

TECTRAN HOSE END REPAIR KITS FOR DOT TYPE A SAE J1402 1/2” ID HOSE WITH MIN. OD OF 7/8” PRODUC T BUL L E T I N TECTRAN - USA 2345 Walden Ave., Suite 100 TECTRAN - CANADA 2400 Anson Drive www.tectran.com *REQUIRED TOOL: ADJUSTABLE WRENCH TECTRAN HOSE END REPAIR KITS FOR DOT TYPE A SAE J1402 1/2” ID HOSE WITH MIN. OD OF 7/8” PRODUC T BUL L E T I N TECTRAN - USA TECTRAN - C NADA www.tectran.com *REQUIRED TOOL: ADJUSTABLE WRENCH CATALOG NUMBER 06 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ TECTRAN HO REPAIR KITS FOR DOT TYPE A SAE J1402 1/2" I HOSE WITH MIN. OD OF 7/8" Tectran’s field install repair kit is a permanent solution for damaged 1/2" I.D. air brake hoses. Our 3/8" NPT Live Swivel enables a quick fix in any environment without the need to detach both ends. EASY INSTALLATION IN 3 QUICK STEPS 1 NEW! 2 3 Twist sleeve clockwise onto hose until the internal face of the sleeve seats against hose end. Insert barb fitting end into hose opening. Use a wrench to hold sleeve in place while you turn barb fitting clockwise using hex key. Stop tightening when the nut on barb fitting no longer turns. Use hex key to turn fitting counter-clockwise by 1/4 turn. The nut on the barb fitting should rotate easily in either direction. Conduct a quick pull test on the hose and fitting to ensure that the hose is firmly gripped inside. • Brass construction of sleeve & barb for corrosion protection • Package contains two repair fittings for 1/2” I.D. Rubber air brake hoses • 3/8” NPT Live Swivel allows the hose to move freely while in service • Dual O-ring design for added leak protection • Installable with only an adjustable wrench and the included hex key • Meets or exceeds SAE J1402 - Type A Part Number Thread Pack Size TC 70-31802 3/8” NPT Swivel Ends 2 (A) HOSE RETAINING SLEEVE (B) BARB FITTING (C) 5/16” HEX KEY

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