06Kit Masters PolyForce Belt Tensioners

K5 689448 OEM # 38610, 49582, 89448, 3104149, 3682683, D1186-2633, 38567, 3690067 K5 689440 Mfg. # Peterbilt: 3682946 Kenworth: 3682946 Mack: 3682946 Cross Ref. # 89440, 49563 K5 689477 Mfg. # Volvo: 21568413, 21454379 Cross Ref. # 89477, 49601 K5 689419 Mfg. # Freightliner: 01-27245-000 Cross Ref. # 89419 No Springs Attached Conventional belt tensioners use springs to hold their position and tension. However, springs can only flex so many times before they fail. PolyForce Belt Tensioners replace this spring with a New and unique Polymer Torsion Core A longer lasting compressed polymer replaces the spring, thereby eliminating the primary cause of failure. The Polymer Torsion Core also doubles as a built-in damper, reducing stress on adjacent accessories without additional damage to the belt tensioner. TENSIONERS REINVENTED! P/N K5 638667 Replaces OEM #s: 38667, 49603, 89498, 89498A, A4-72200-0170, A4-72200-0270 , A4-72200-0470, A4-72200-0570 , A4-72200-0970 THE MOST POPULAR BELT TENSIONER ON 08-17 FREIGHTLINERS WITH DD13, DD15 & DD16 ENGINES Improved Bearings Pulley bearing absorbs a huge amount of vibration and can often fail too soon. To extend bearing life, PolyForce tensioners feature heavy-duty bearing that have a 40% higher load rating than the OEM and feature Anti-Vibration Grease, which won’t separate. Standard PolyForce PULLEY PolyForce pivot bushings OEM pivot bushings Misaligned Alignment - Wider is Better Misaligned belt tensioners lead to damaged tensioners, belts & accessories. A worn pivot bushing is typically the culprit of misalignment. PolyForce pivot bushings have a much wider stance, giving them drastically increased stability. 2 Year / 200,000 Mile WARRANTY CATALOG NUMBER 06 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ Long-Term Savings • Long-lasting components • Reduced belt & accessory wear • Replace individual tensioners instead of entire unit