05SKF Hyatt Seals and Brake CleanerNP

CATALOG NUMBER 05 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ Scotseal X-Treme Hand installable • Eliminates installation problems and avoids costly “do overs” • Ends searching for the specific tool for each seal part number Advanced sealing materials • HNBRX material provides outstanding performance and extreme heat resistance • EPDM material on the ID makes a perfect seal even on worn spindles • Provides longer life in contaminated conditions • Compatible with all popular synthetic lubricants Unitized design with 4 sealing lips • Provides clean running surfaces for sealing lips • 3 metal unitizer rings for sealing lip protection during installation and service • Primary Waveseal sealing lip sweeps oil back on the bearings for cooler operation • 3 dirt barriers keep out contaminants extending service life Extended warranty coverage • 5 years / 500,000 mile warranty The Scotseal X-Treme seal offers exceptional performance in virtually all operating conditions. It’s a unitized, one-piece hand installable seal that has three metal unitizer rings for damage free installation. This seal uses an advanced HNBRX material that provides low friction, excellent high heat capability, outstanding wear resistance, and broad compatibility with synthetic lubricants. Its low friction and high rolling efficiency provides improved fuel economy and lower emissions. Ideal for fleets looking for maximum uptime, lowest cost per mile and the best ROI seal. The Scotseal X-Treme requires two tools — your hands! Just slightly lubricate the ID and OD of the new seal with the wheel end lubricant and press the new seal evenly into the hub. Wait 5 minutes and install the hub onto the spindle. Installs quickly and correctly by hand — every time! Designed to keep out road contamination and oil in at the bearings HNBRX OD • Easy to install • No tools required Primary sealing lip • Waveseal lip pumps oil back to the bearings for cooler operation and extended life • Low friction design for increased and improved fuel economy • Provides extreme heat resistance and broad compatibility with synthetic lubricants Bumper, axial and radial dirt lips • 3 dirt barriers keep out contaminants • Bumper lip acts as a primary dirt excluder • Added bearing protection Unitized design • 3 metal unitizer rings for damage free installation EPDM ID • Easy to install • Perfect seal even on worn spindles • Optimized sealing life under virtually all driving conditions Interchange - more application info on back... Scotseal X-Treme RevHD Stemco Discover Stemco Guardian Stemco Voyager FM Red 37 FM Red 375 FM Gold 38 Meritor Standard ConMet CR 28759XT N/A N/A 308-0866 383-0166 370150A N/A N/A N/A N/A CR 35058XT RM-S01 383-0236 308-0836 383-0136 370001A 375001A 380001A MER0136 10045885 CR 38776XT RM-D08 393-0212 309-0912 393-0112 370023A 375023A 380023A MER0112 N/A CR 42627XT RM-T04 373-0223 307-0723 373-0123 370065A 375065A 380065A MER0123 10045889 CR 42673XT RM-D06 393-0204 309-0904 393-0104 370031A N/A 380031A MER0104 N/A CR 43761XT RM-S05 383-0264 308-0864 383-0164 370048A N/A 380048A MER0164 10045883 CR 46300XT RM-T03 373-0243 307-0743 373-0143 370025A 375025A 380025A MER0143 10045888 CR 47691XT RM-D02 393-0273 309-0973 393-0173 370003A 375003A 380003A MER0173 10045887

BRAKE CLEANERS ▪ Instantly dissolves and removes grease, oil, brake fluid and other contaminants from disc and drum brake components ▪ Superior cleaning power extends beyond brakes ▪ Cleans and degreases brake rotors, drums, pads, shoes, wheel cylinders and parts NON-CHLORINATED QUICK DRY BRAKE CLEANER NA 4520 (12.5 oz.) ▪ Fast drying formula ▪ Not for sale in CA, UT, DE, NH or OTC states ▪ 98% VOC CHLORINATED BRAKE CLEANER NA 4820 (19 oz.) ▪ Non-Flammable ▪ Not for sale in CA or NJ ▪ 0% VOC NON-CHLORINATED BRAKE CLEANER NA 4620 (14 oz.) ▪ OTC compliant; Not for sale in CA, UT, DE, NH ▪ 45% VOC ▪ Cleans without disassembly ▪ Helps stop brake squeaking and can improve braking performance ▪ Leaves no residue ▪ Non-staining ▪ Quick dry time Scotseal X-Treme, continued Popular Applications Conventional Pre-adjusted Applications Scotseal X-Treme Inner Cup Inner Cone Outer Cup Outer Cone Inner Bearings Outer Bearings Steer Steer Axle, 4,700 lb, 7,500 lb, 8,000 lb, Meritor, Navistar CR 28759XT JM207010 JM207049-A VP BR25820 BR25877 N/A N/A FF Steer Axle, 12,000 lb, Eaton, Ford, Freightliner, Kenworth, Meritor, Navistar, Peterbilt, Volvo, Western CR 35058XT SET413 SET406 SET427* SET428* HM212011 VP HM212049 VP BR3720 BR3782 FL Steer Axle, 16,000 lb, 20,000 lb, Ford, Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, Meritor, Navistar, Peterbilt, Volvo, Western Star CR 43761XT SET423 SET424 SET445* SET446* BR6420 6461-A VP 552-A VP 555-S VP Drive Drive Axle, 34,000 lb, Eaton, Ford, Meritor, Navistar, Volvo CR 38776XT SET411 SET408 N/A N/A BR47620 BR47686 BR39520 BR39590 R Drive Axle, 38,000 lb, 46,000 lb, Eaton, Ford, Freightliner, Kenworth, Meritor, Navistar, Peterbilt, Volvo, Western Star CR 47691XT SET403 SET401 SET445* SET446* 592-A VP 594-A VP BR572 BR580 Drive Axle, 40,000 lb, 44,000 lb, Mack CR 42673XT SET421 SET426 N/A N/A HM516410 VP HM516449-A VP BR47620 BR47679 Trailer TN Trailer Axle, 22,500 lb, Eaton, Meritor, Spicer, Standard Forge CR 46300XT SET414 SET413 SET431* SET427* HM218210 VP HM218248 VP HM212011 VP HM212049 VP TP Trailer Axle, Eaton P-22, Fruehauf, Meritor, Pro-Par, Spicer CR 42627XT SET415 SET415 SET432* SET432* HM518410 VP HM518445 VP HM518410 VP HM518445 VP Part numbers listed are for reference only. Some applications may use parts not listed on this chart. See SKF catalog 457601 for complete application listings. * Cup and Cone not sold separately. MIDWESTWHEEL.COM MEMBER IOWA MISSOURI TRUCK PARTS SUPER STORE™ KANSAS CITY 5801 E. Front St. Main .... (816) 471-1552 Parts.... (800) 821-7402 Fax ...... (816) 471-0813 JOPLIN 2424 Stephens Blvd. Main .... (417) 717-6022 Parts.... (866) 318-9111 Fax ...... (417) 782-7126 SPRINGFIELD 812 Lillian Drive Main .... (417) 429-2476 Parts.... (800) 785-3705 SIOUX CITY 1819 4th St. Main .... (712) 252-7969 Parts.... (800) 943-3534 Fax ...... (712) 252-6149 CEDAR RAPIDS 200 50th Ave. S.W. Main .... (319) 365-4453 Parts.... (800) 332-5435 Fax ...... (319) 365-6327 DES MOINES 1436 E. Ovid Ave. Main .... (515) 265-1491 Parts.... (800) 888-0248 Fax ...... (515) 265-4120 CLEAR LAKE 840 Hwy. 18 W. Main .... (641) 357-7101 Parts.... (800) 397-5630 Fax ...... (641) 357-8190 DAVENPORT 8502 Northwest Blvd. Main .... (563) 322-2671 Parts.... (800) 553-1886 Fax ...... (563) 322-5940 February 10, 2023 (05SKF Hyatt Seals and Brake Cleaner)