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an EnPro Industries company Making the Roadways Safer ® THE NEW STANDARD IN AXLE FASTENERS Zip-Torq ® is the latest STEMCO innovation designed to make the roadways safer. With its robust single piece design, Zip-Torq takes the guess work out of bearing adjustment. Simplified & Fully Unitized Design Single piece design allows installation without special tooling. No clips, keepers, snap rings, or screws to install. Prevents Back Off Integrated locking mechanism prevents back off. Secure Adjustment, Easy Removal Cannot rotate nut by hand after wheel-end adjustment is complete. After locking mechanism disengages you can remove by hand. Consistent Endplay 2-1-1 adjustment provides consistent endplay measurement between .001” – .002” to meet TMC recommendations (.001” – .005”). Highly Compatible Zip-Torq is compatible with most automated installation equipment, so there’s no need to purchase new equipment. Extend Your Warranty Zip-Torq is offered with STEMCO PPS+ programs, so you can still package your wheel end products to get the best warranty in the industry. Install With Confidence STEMCO offers installation videos and manuals online – available in the STEMCO app and on the website. CATALOG NUMBER 04 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™