02Meritor Air System Maintenance Tech Tip130012152017

TECH Tips CATALOG NUMBER 02 www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE ™ Even a perfectly maintained and adjusted foundation brake will not function properly if the air system is contaminated. Oil contamination can lead to premature failure of vehicle systems that rely on clean air for proper operation (including the air brake, engine emissions and drivetrain systems). Many of these advanced technology systems require coalescing dryers/cartridges which have been OEM standard on most vehicles since 2010. Maintaining a clean and dry air system is always important (as water in the system can result in costly repairs). As winter approaches and outside air temperatures drop, regular service intervals of the air system need to be continued. Air System Maintenance Replacement Requirements Component When to Replace* Why Cartridge Every two to three years for standard dessicant. Every one to two years for coalescing. Preventative maintenance. When compressor is replaced. Contaminated cartridge. Water in supply tank. Saturated or contaminated cartridge, high duty cycle (wrong application of air dryer). Bypass Valve (dryers with date codes earlier than 0894) Valve leaking, inlet to outlet. Cut O-ring, bad seat. Heater Assembly Water collecting in air dryer is freezing - electrical power to dryer is OK. Heater assembly not working (internal short or open circuit) Outlet Check Valve Air continues to flow from purge valve after purge cycle, but stops flowing when the compressor load cycle begins. Valve is stuck in the open position, or not functioning properly. No pressure build-up in system, everything else is OK. Valve is stuck in closed position.