00Trailer Body Parts

10 End Hinge for Recessed 1" Roller Door AUT573.1026132 6.06" x 2.00" Cross reference: T #69035, T #59123, W #4007, 220000 Center Hinge for PrecisionTrak Recessed 1" Roller Doors AUT573.1026119 5.88" x 2.00" Cross reference: T #61196, T #59126, W #4012, 220100 End Hinge, Roller Cover and Kep Nuts for 2" Rollers AUT573.1027119 Cross reference: W #1209, T #70162 Center Hinge for Flush Mount 2" Roller Doors AUT573.1027115 Cross reference: W #15, T #70159 Fruehauf Style 2-Hole Hold-Back VG FRU586930 Hold-back hook only VG FLE022-01076 Loop Only 2" FE 022-01077 Loop Only 4" Pig-Tail Hold-Back VG WB06301964 3.89" x 3.25" T-Slot Hold-Back FE 022-00990 Tee holder only Tee Bar Length 4.00" FE 022-01024 Base & tee holder Tee Bar Length 6.00" Cross reference: 6-5601, No. 8 FE 022-01022 Base & tee holder Tee Bar Length 4.00" Cross reference: 5601, 29-4. No. 9 Chain and Snap Hold-Back Assembly AUT573.1010149 Chain, snap assembly and anchor VG UL000725-Y Handle Type Anchor FE 021-00053 Lap link only (used on old style snap assembly) SWING DOOR HARDWARE, CONTINUED Door Holdback Assembly AUT573.1010352 Door Holdback Assembly Bracket AUT573.1010353 ROLL-UP DOORS DROP-IN ROLL-UP DOOR VG TG98X107TOD-PPW 98 X 107 UNIVERSAL LTO TG W/ROUTES T-STYLE PPW ROLL-UP DOOR REPLACEMENT PANELS P/N Description Width x Height OEM Reference NL 71411X98WH Intermediate Panel (White) 11" X 98" 29014-11X98 NL 71412X98WH Intermediate Panel (White) 12" X 98" 29014-12X98 NL 81612X98WH Bottom Panel with Seal Only (White) 12" X 98" 29016-12X98 NL 81615X98WH Bottom Panel with Seal Only (White) 15" X 98" 29016-15X98 ROLL-UP DOOR HARDWARE Swing Door Hinge Hardware - Elevator Bolts P/N Description Qty VG FASKIT0612-100 3/8 X 1.5 Elevator Bolt w/ Nut 100 VG FASKIT0620100 3/8 X 2.0 Elevator Bolt w/ Nut 100