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40SI Alternator DE 8600298 300 Amp ∙ Pad Mount (Other Amp Ratings in Stock) Brushless ∙ 8,000 RPM Clockwise rotation 28SI Alternators DE 8600312 160 Amp Short Hinge Mount DE 8600311 180 Amp Long Hinge Mount 39MT® Heavy Duty Starter All-Makes Coverage HELP YOUR DRIVERS MAINTAIN THEIR BUSES MORE EFFICIENTLY & SAFELY SCHOOL BUS & GOVERNMENT PRODUCTS LF LFP3970 Spin-on Oil Filter OE 3937736 BF RS5458 Radial Seal Outer Air Filter OE 0087782 LF LFF8063 Bowl Style Fuel Water Separator OE F1H2-9365A Lube Filters ∙ Air Filters ∙ Fuel Filters Coolant Filters ∙ Hydraulic Filters FILTERS 2023 CATALOG NUMBER 00 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ Demanding commercial applications require powerful, reliable batteries. Our complete line of commercial batteries are specially engineered for durability while providing all the power you need for your toughest commercial applications. 24 Month Free Replacement Warranty BATTERY CONNECTORS The 24SI HP alternator’s advantages over the Leece Neville 110-555: 24SI HP Alternators • Dual Internal Fan cooling • Greater output at low RPM • Smaller in size and weight • Greater efficiency for fuel savings • OE approved DE 8600310 New Hinge Mount DE 8600889 New Pad Mount You Make Enough Stops During the Day... Don’t Let Your Battery Stop You, Too! DELCO REMY STARTER & ALTERNATORS • Upgraded brushes for increased performance & torque • Drive system more resistant to high impact loads NOW AVAILABLE FROM MIDWEST WHEEL

2 SCHOOL BUS & GOVERNMENT PRODUCTS 2023 COMPLETE ASSEMBLIES P/N Ref. # Type Stroke JW MAX3030LSC NT3030ELS-80TCDS Type 30/30 LS No Clevis 3.00” JW MAX3030NC NT3030STD-78DS Type 30/30 No Clevis 2.25” Remanufactured Lucas Heavy Duty Brake System Backing Plate Assembly Description Lined Shoe BEP203261X Right Hand 6” ZI XS6854504L - 6” Right Hand 7” ZI XS6854505L - 7” BEP203262X Left Hand 6” ZI XS6854504L - 6” Left Hand 7” ZI XS6854505L - 7” Backing Plate w/ Hardware, Park Cylinder Adjusting Cylinder & Springs. CAMSHAFTS WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF: Auto Slack Adjusters For Rockwell & Steer Axles 16-1/2” & 18” Standard “P”, “Q” or “Q+” Brakes 1-1/2” - 28 Spline EU E-9649 L.H. 8-9/16” EU E-9650 R.H. 8-9/16” EU E-9661 L.H. 11-15/32” EU E-9662 R.H. 11-15/32” EU E-9678 L.H. 14-9/16” EU E-9677 R.H. 14-9/16” HYDRAULICS Brake Pads • Calipers • Rotors HYDRAULIC BRAKE ROTORS WITH RUST-RESISTANT COATING •Patented, proprietary coating designed to protect against oxidation and corrosion •Ideal for a wide variety of medium-duty vehicles, such as school buses, emergency vehicles and delivery trucks •Thoroughly tested to withstand the harshest road conditions Spring Brake Not Included, Lined Shoes Sold Separate. Spring Brakes Stop Mate Loaded Reman Hydraulic Disc Brake Calipers EU E-4238X-SL Stop Mate Disc Brake Pads P/N Ref. # Design No. Pistons Piston Size FMSI No. EU E-4238X-SL L55250 Bendix 2 2.88 7142D225 EU E-4237AX-SL L55314 Bendix 2 2.60 7108D184 P/N FMSI EU EMD225 7142D225 EU E-D224-S 7141D224 RI MMD380 7108D184 SAVE! BLACK STEEL WHEEL Accu-Lite™ Steel Wheel FS 51408PKBLK21 22.5 x 8.25 Hub Pilot Black, 2 hand-hole only 70 lbs. Available in Black and White finishes Master Cylinders & Wheel Cylinders Replacement ABS Valves Replacement Modulator Valves Replacement Relay Valves • Film coating keeps moving parts & operating mechanisms running smoothly • Prevents rust; displaces moisture • Acts as quick-release agent on corroded or “frozen” parts • Contains no silicone PLZSW090 (11 oz.) RD-90 SPRAY LUBRICANT

3 HELP YOUR DRIVERS MAINTAIN THEIR BUSES MORE EFFICIENTLY & SAFELY U-JOINTS CENTER BEARINGS HEAVY DUTY SHOCKS AUT462.ES423L Curb Side AUT462.ES423R Road Side Tie Rod Ends RD CP279X 16N Series RD CP280X 17N Series RD M674X MXL-16N Series RD M675X MXL-17N Series RD CB2100842X 155N, 16N Series RD CB2101211XSA 17N Gold Series RD CB2106611XSA 17N(HD), 176N, 18N Gold Series We Stock a Full Line of KING PINS & TIE RODS WHEEL ATTACHING PARTS DRUMS AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS Exchange Over fifty years ago, Allison Transmission proposed that an automatic transmission would improve route times in transit bus operations. It was a revolutionary breakthrough for the industry. We Offer a Complete Line of Transmissions COMPLETE LINE OF POLY BUSHINGS Rockwell Q ZI XK60084514Q Rockwell Q 16.5x6 Rockwell Q ZI XKH234515Q Rockwell Q 16.5x7 Rockwell Q-Plus ZI XK60084702QP Rockwell Q-Plus 15x4 ZI XKH234707QP Rockwell Q-Plus 16.5x7 We Offer Both Air & Hydraulic Brake Shoes & Hardware AIR BRAKES - STOP BOXES Using a hands on approach and adhering to the highest standards in the industry, Midwest Wheel is leading the way. MAX HD Brakes MO 65505 For Comfort Air Thomas Bus WHEEL SEALS SH 550062007 5 Gallon SH 550062008 1 Gallon Shell Spirax® S6 ATF A668 For Allison Automatic Transmissions Synthetic Extended Drain Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission Fluid Midwest Wheel is an authorized Hendrickson Dealer... We can service all of your Hendrickson OE School Bus Suspension needs! COMFORT AIR AIRTEK SOFTEK AIRTEK Suspensions Kingpin Bushing & Bearing Service Kit HTK60961-040 HUBS • ROTORS NO-REAM KING PIN KITS

4 SCHOOL BUS & GOVERNMENT PRODUCTS 2023 IR 231C IR 261 3/4" Super Duty Impact 1/2" Impact 1" Drive Heavy Duty Wheel Service Set Heavy Duty U-Joint Puller TO 10102 10 Piece Set Contains: GN 4313S 13/16” Square GN 4036DT 1-1/8” TW Deep GN 4315S 15/16” Square GN 4038D 1-3/16” Deep GN 4032D 1” Deep GN 4040DT 1-1/4” TW Deep GN 4033MD 33mm Deep GN 4048D 1-1/2” Deep GN 4034DT 1-1/16” TW Deep GN 4056D 1-3/4” Deep Deep Metal Storage Case Krimpa-Seal™ Connector Kit The enhanced Krimpa-Seal product line is the finest line of “crimp-and-seal” connectors on the market today. Design features, the use of only the finest components, and an expanded selection place Krimpa-Seal at the top of the class. KS NSPA-1003-MW KS MID-5002 22-Ton Axle Jack • 1 piece handle • Heat treated cylinder wall & chromed piston give added stability & longer jack life • Alloy steel lifting mechanism • Lifts between 8-34” to 23” • In-line filter to protect air motor from contaminants AFF565 E1 AFF350SS • Lifts between 4” to 19-1/2” • Pinned steel saddle (1-1/8” stud) with rubber pad for added vehicle protection • Rear-mounted 2-3/4” swivel casters • 1 piece 50-1/4” padded handle parks upright 10-Ton Air Lift Jack • 10-ton capacity achieved at 200-PSI air supply • Heavy duty air valve offers accurate lift control • Removable “T” handle for easy storage • 12” lift travel • Extension tubes offer multiple lifting & locking positions • Large diameter rubber tread wheels 3-1/2 Ton Professional Heavy Duty Double-Pumper Floor Jack OT 5077A • Low profile 7-1/2” H • Electric pump moves 5 gallons a minute through the 8 ft. transfer hose • Screen attached to reservoir allows storage on its side • Comes equipped with 15 gallon reservoir & electric pump Low Profile Oil Transfer Tanker P/N GN 9151 SAVE! 20 Items 284 Total Pieces 20 Items 115 Total Pieces With Quick-Disconnect Couplers AFF3400A Application U-Joints with bearing cups 1.5" to 2.2" O.D. Spicer 1610, 1710, 1760, 1810, 1880 Series Spicer SPL 140, 170, & 250 Life Series Meritor (Rockwell) 16N, 17N, 18N, 1710 Series Meritor RPL 20, 25 Permalube Series 1" Super Duty Air Impactools IR 285B-6 20.1” Length Fast Orange® Xtreme Professional Grade Hand Cleaner with odor eliminating technology Original Orange Scent LP 25618 1 Gallon LP 25616 15 fl. oz. Rocker Cap™ Ultra Cherry LP 25619 128 oz. Bottle

5 HELP YOUR DRIVERS MAINTAIN THEIR BUSES MORE EFFICIENTLY & SAFELY • Contains no solvents • Lowers operating temperatures & stops foaming • Increase oil life at least 50% longer • Reduces oil consumption • Eliminates dry starts • Raises oil pressure • Increases power & MPG H.D. OIL STABILIZER TRANSMISSION FIX LUCLUC10009 24 oz. • Contains special anti-wear & lubricity agents • Helps to control heat • Excellent for heavy duty applications H.D. GEAR OIL • Cleans & lubricates the fuel system • Neutralizes low sulfur fuel problems • Increases life of pumps & injectors FUEL TREATMENT LUCLUC10011 Quart • Guaranteed to stop seal leaks • Stops rack & pinion problems POWER STEERING STOP LEAK LUCLUC10042 85/140 Quart LUCLUC10043 80/90 Quart LUCLUC10066 80/90 5 Gal. Pail LUCLUC10001 Quart LUCLUC10002 Gallon LUCLUC10015 5 Gal. Pail LUCLUC10091 55 Gal. Drum LUCLUC10003 Quart LUCLUC10013 Gallon 30# cylinder LD R134A30 REFRIGERANT PENETRATING CATALYST BLA16-PB 11 oz. • Cloth like strength • Sponge like absorbency • Lint free • Blue, 10” x 14” SHOP TOWELS KC 75190 200/box • Superior spray that provides uniform coverage with a clinging foam • Loosens soils on contact • Fast drying and leaves no film • Contains ammonia - no hazing or streaming AMMONIATED GLASS CLEANER PLZSW043 20 oz. EXTENDED LIFE COOLANT P/N Size Color Strength PG AF9701 1 gal. Red Full PG AF9755 55 gal. Red Full PG AF9901 1 gal. Red 50/50 PG AF9955 55 gal. Red 50/50 P/N Size Color Strength PG AF9101 1 gal. Purple (Pink) Full PG AF9155 55 gal. Purple (Pink) Full PG AF9501 1 gal. Purple (Pink) 50/50 PG AF9555 55 gal. Purple (Pink) 50/50 P/N Size Color Strength PG AFC13000/F 1 gal. Red Full PG AFC13000-55/F 55 gal. Red Full PG AFC13100/F 1 gal. Red 50/50 PG AFC13100-55/F 55 gal. Red 50/50 SCA PRE-CHARGED OIL-DRI® OD IO6040-G50 50 lb. Bag 40 Bags/Pallet COR-GUARD® NITRITE FREE EXTENDED LIFE SHELL ROTELLA® T4 TRIPLE PROTECTION (CK-4) SH 550045126 15W-40 1 gallon BATTERY CLEANER NA 7012 (15 oz.) BATTERY PROTECTOR NA 7011 (11.5 oz.) PR-3 WRENCH-EZE AND LUBRICANT NA 4516 (11 oz.) CHLORINATED BRAKE CLEANER NA 4820 (19 oz.) ▪ Non-Flammable ▪ Not for sale in CA or NJ ▪ 0% VOC NEW NITRITE FREE NON-2EH (OAT) FORMULATION WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF A/C PARTS & EQUIPMENT BELTS & TENSIONERS

6 SCHOOL BUS & GOVERNMENT PRODUCTS 2023 • UV protected lenses • Male .180 bullet termination • Flat back installation (no cutouts required) • Installs using #10 screws 7" Stop/Tail/Turn GR 53422 Red LED • Two-stud or bracket mounting • Heavy gauge formed steel housing • Yellow arrow design for rear turn only 7" Jumbo Single-Face Lamp GR 78303 Yellow • Two-stud with removable studs for school bus application • Snap-on lens • License window 4" Duramold® Combination Lamp - Stop/Tail/Turn GR 50852 • Concentric, high-count 24-diode design • Fits all popular mountings and grommets • Standard female connection accepts all popular plug-in connectors 4" Hi Count® S/T/T LED Lamp GR G4002 Red • Compact size & universal mounting bracket maximizes location options • Self grounding • Sealed in epoxy for protection against dust, moisture & vibration • Warranty: 2 years EC 510 12 VDC, 97 Decibel EC 530 12-24 VDC, 102 Decibel 500 Series Alarm • Compact size & universal mounting bracket • Reverse polarity, voltage spike & surge protected • Works on positive & negative ground systems • Epoxy sealed against dust, moisture, & vibration • Warranty: 2 years EC 575 12-24 VDC, 107 Decibel 575 Series Back-Up Alarm School Bus, Wedge Hi Count® LED Marker Lamp GR G5052 Red GR G5053 Yellow • Potted circuit board • Mounting gasket included • Blunt-cut, hardwire termination • 15 Diodes in both red and yellow lamps • Internal circuitry eliminates the need for an external power supply or control module • Requires only a 12-volt DC connection • Functions as either a dual flash strobe or a quad flash strobe • Fits 4 inch standard mounting & mounts in any orientation • Plug-and-Go® terminals make for a quick, easy connection every time SuperNova® 4" LED Strobe Light GR 77353 Yellow • Acrylic lens • Rugged housing 7" School Bus Lamps TL 90327R Stop/Tail/Turn, Red TL 90325Y Yellow w/ Arrow TL 90327Y Park/Turn, Yellow • Flush mount • Blunt cut wires ROUTEMASTER 350 Black Mordura Cloth ∙ Dual Armrests NSC51118.365 ROUTEMASTER 310 Black Vinyl ∙ Dual Armrests NSC11117.305 SCHOOL BUS SEATS ▪ Height Adjuster with 6" vertical travel ▪ 2-way adjustable seat cushion adjustment ▪ Mechanical lumbar adjuster ▪ 21" wide ergonomic cushion ▪ Hard-wearing vinyl upholstery ▪ Seat belt mounting bracket ▪ 7" fore/aft track travel ▪ Air suspension with 6" vertical travel and dual-shock absorbers ▪ 4-way adjustable seat cushion adjustment ▪ Air lumbar adjuster (Single chamber) ▪ 21" wide ergonomic cushion ▪ Seat belt mounting bracket ▪ 7" fore/aft track travel

7 HELP YOUR DRIVERS MAINTAIN THEIR BUSES MORE EFFICIENTLY & SAFELY Offset Mount Convex Mirror Center Mount Convex Mirror West Coast Mirror Head RE 610591 8" steel coated black • Universal stud mount • OEM style flat rib back 7” x 16” • Hard baked enamel • Head mounting hardware included RE 610216 RE 610131 5” Steel Coated Black RE 604947 12” Black Plastic Back, 5/16” Plastic Ball Stud • Mechanical stability and improved durability • 60-120 flashes per minute • 11-15 volts DC • Less than 4 millivolts per amp voltage drop • Fits standard round socket • 100 hours of continuous operation GR 44530 3 Terminal 10 Lamp Flasher • 60-120 flashes per minute • 11-15 volts DC • Only one moving part • Less than 3 millivolts per amp voltage drop • Fits standard round socket • 100 hours of continuous operation 20 Lamp Heavy Duty Electronic Flasher Conspicuity Tape • Acrylic protective layer • Colors are internally pigmented. Will not fade due to U.V. exposure • Closed cell construction. Inhibits water from contaminating tape. Allows 100% adhesion • Chemical resistant GR 40641 Silver 2” x 150’ Roll GR 40641-5 Silver 2” x 18” (4) Strips GR 40650 Alternating 7”Silver/11” Red 2” x 150’ Roll GR 40650-5 Alternating 7”Silver/11” Red (5) Strips GR 41160 Alternating 6” Silver/6” Red 2” x 150’ Roll GR 41133 Yellow 2” x 150” Roll SAFETY FIRST! A8 440161 School Bus Mirror AUT563.9068 7" x 13" Convex Mirror AUT563.9069 Heated 7" x 13" Convex Mirror GR 71432 31-SERIES - RELIABLE WIPER PERFORMANCE AN 31-14 14” AN 31-15 15” AN 31-16 16” AN 31-17 17” AN 31-18 18” AN 31-19 19” AN 31-20 20” AN 31-21 21” AN 31-22 22” AN 31-24 24” • DuraKlear™ rubber compound provides a consistent, clear wipe • Vented bridge & metal flexor for OE fit & function • KwikConnect System™ installs & removes easily EC 7965A LED Beacon: Pulse II, 12VDC, pulse8 flash 7965 Series ∙ SAE Class I LED Aluminized Clamps Lap Joint SX 33284 3” SX 33285 3-1/2” SX 33286 4” Walker® Mega-Clamp™ The one-hand, one-wrench clamp Donaldson Stainless Flat Bands Stainless Clamps Lap Joint SX 33272 2” SX 33274 4” SERVICE STATION SHOP AIR AND AIR IMPACT TOOL HOSE GR 44710 2 Terminal 4” DO1X004482 5” DO1X004484 DY 80004 3/8" x 25 ft. DY 80005 3/8" x 50 ft. DY 80011 1/2" x 50 ft. Working Pressure 200 psi Works to temperatures to -20°F ALL WEATHER WINDSHIELD WASH CPIW13038 SAVE!

BRAND NEW & NO CORE CHARGE May 12, 2023 (00School Bus 2023 CatalogNP) MIDWESTWHEEL.COM MEMBER KANSAS CITY 5801 E. Front St. Main .... (816) 471-1552 Parts.... (800) 821-7402 JOPLIN 2424 Stephens Blvd. Main .... (417) 717-6022 Parts.... (866) 318-9111 SPRINGFIELD 812 Lillian Dr. ∙ Strafford, MO Main .... (417) 429-2476 Parts.... (800) 785-3705 SIOUX CITY 1819 4th St. Main .... (712) 252-7969 Parts.... (800) 943-3534 CEDAR RAPIDS 200 50th Ave. S.W. Main .... (319) 365-4453 Parts.... (800) 332-5435 DES MOINES 1436 E. Ovid Ave. Main .... (515) 265-1491 Parts.... (800) 888-0248 CLEAR LAKE 840 Hwy. 18 W. Main .... (641) 357-7101 Parts.... (800) 397-5630 DAVENPORT 8502 Northwest Blvd. Main .... (563) 322-2671 Parts.... (800) 553-1886 OMAHA 5822 F St. Main .... (531) 239-3050 Parts.... (800) 322-8757 NEBRASKA IOWA MISSOURI EGR Valve FORMERLY “DEALER ONLY” HEAVY DUTY EGR VALVES & COOLERS EGR Coolers AD-IS™ BW 800383 New Dryer (DTNA) BX 5004050X Reman Dryer (DTNA) BX 5004050PGX Reman Dryer w/ PuraGuard® (DTNA) BW 801266 New Dryer 12V (Paccar) BX 5010696X Reman Dryer 12V (Paccar) BW 801266PG New Dryer w/ PuraGuard® (Paccar) BX 5010696PGX Reman Dryer w/ PuraGuard® (Paccar) BW 802191 New Dryer (International) BW 5008414 New Desiccant Cartridge Repl. BW 5008414PG New PuraGuard® Cartridge BW 109495 Heater & Thermostat Kit 12V BW 5004049 Governor & Check Valve Kit BW 5004052 Delivery Check Valve Kit MD 800404K Soft Seat Purge Valve Assembly (Haldex) BW K022105 Purge Valve Maintenance Kit MD K022105K Haldex Purge Valve Assembly ORIGINAL OE BENDIX AIR DRYERS WE STOCK REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR AD-2™ & AD-4™ STYLE AIR DRYERS AD-IP™ BW 065612 Service New 12V Air Dryer BX 109477X Reman - 12V Air Dryer BX 109477PGX Reman PuraGuard® - 12V Air Dryer BX 109493X Reman Desiccant Cartridge BX 109493PGX Reman PuraGuard® Cartridge BW 109494 Delivery Check Valve Kit BW 109495 Heater & Thermometer Kit 12V BW 109498 Cartridge Bolt Kit BW K022105 Purge Valve Maintenance Kit MD K022105K Haldex Purge Valve Assembly BW 065225 New Air Dryer BX 109685X Reman Air Dryer BX 109685PGX Reman w/ PuraGuard® Cartridge BX 107794X Reman Cartridge BX 107794PGX Reman PuraGuard® Cartridge BW 5005037 Purge Kit BW 107800N Check Valve Kit BX 5004341X Soft Seat Purge Valve Kit 12V BW 109578 Heater & Thermostat Kit 12V AD-9™ BW K160648SC NEW Air Dryer (PACCAR 12VDC, Extended Purge) BW K160649SC NEW Air Dryer (PACCAR 24VDC, Extended Purge) BW K160650SC NEW Air Dryer (PACCAR 12VDC, Standard Purge) BW K164018SC NEW Air Dryer (HINO 12VDC, Standard Purge) BW K092011 Delivery Check Valve Replacement Kit BW 5009041PG New PuraGuard® Cartridge AD-HF® AD-SP™ BW 800887 Service Replacement 12V Air Dryer BW 5008414 Desiccant Cartridge Replacement Kit BW 5008414PG New PuraGuard® Cartridge BW 5005624 Delivery Check Valve Kit BW 109495 Heater & Thermometer Kit 12V BW 109995 Purge Valve Kit BW 109993 Turbo Cut-Off Kit MD 109991X Haldex Reman 12V Dryer P/N Description WB 4006110500 System Saver 1200 12V Dryer MD 955205X System Saver 1200 12V Reman Dryer WB 4006110590 System Saver 1200P 12V Dryer WB 4006110540 System Saver 1200P12V Reman Dryer System Saver Air Dryer Cartridges RZ PRO0102002 SS1200 - SS1200Plus - SSTWIN Standard Cartridge WB 4329012482 SS1200 - SS1200Plus - SSTWIN Coalescing Cartridge MAGNETIC RECHARGEABLE LED WORK LAMP EC EW2461-CAMO ▪ Five 3-watt LEDs ▪ 12-24VDC ▪ Magnetic base, rechargeable Lithium Battery ▪ Run time on battery is 3 to 4 hours ▪ Charge time less than 7 hours ▪ 1 Year Warranty ▪ 600 Effective Lumens REINZOSIL® RTV SILICONE SD170-31414-10 70ml Tube SD170-31414-20 200ml Aerosol Can SD170-31414-40 310ml Cartridge Permanently elastic, universal silicone sealing compound with excellent resistance to fluids and extreme temperatures. Durable, flexible, and versatile.