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HEAVY DUTY PRODUCTS GUIDE 2022-23 CATALOG NUMBER 00 www.midwestwheel.com NLINE www.midwestwheel.com Order NLINE™ DIESEL DECODER DR 904-SCAN Designed for heavy duty truck owner-operators and small commercial fleets, the Diesel Decoder is a powerful, one-of-a-kind diagnostic tool for all heavy duty truck makes. Just plug it into a diagnostic port, sync it via Bluetooth® to the free Diesel Decoder by Diesel Laptops® app, and use your smartphone to view fault codes and get repair information. No expensive code-scanning hardware and software needed! WORKS ON ALL MAJOR HEAVY DUTY MAKES IN NORTH AMERICA Freightliner ∙ Peterbilt ∙ Mack ∙ Kenworth ∙ Volvo Western Star ∙ International …and many others FREE Smartphone App Pocket-Sized Scan Tool Includes port adapter for Mack and Volvo NOW AVAILABLE FROM MIDWEST WHEEL PARTS TO FIT MOST TARP SYSTEMS & COMPLETE TARPS TO FIT YOUR FLEET’S NEEDS ▪ 12-24V, 6.0A, 18 FP ▪ 2.5" H x 15" W x 9" D ▪ 3 Year Warranty P/N Mount LENS LED EC 5580A 4 Bolt Amber Amber EC 5580CA 4 Bolt Clear Amber EC 5580CA-VM Vacuum-Magnet Clear Amber 5580 Series Reflex® SAE Class II 15" MINIBARS

2 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES AD-IS™ BW 800383 New Dryer (DTNA) BX 5004050X Reman Dryer (DTNA) BX 5004050PGX Reman Dryer w/ PuraGuard® (DTNA) BW 801266 New Dryer 12V (Paccar) BX 5010696X Reman Dryer 12V (Paccar) BW 801266PG New Dryer w/ PuraGuard® (Paccar) BX 5010696PGX Reman Dryer w/ PuraGuard® (Paccar) BW 802191 New Dryer (International) BW 5008414 New Desiccant Cartridge Repl. BW 5008414PG New PuraGuard® Cartridge BW 109495 Heater & Thermostat Kit 12V BW 5004049 Governor & Check Valve Kit BW 5004052 Delivery Check Valve Kit MD 800404K Soft Seat Purge Valve Assembly (Haldex) BW K022105 Purge Valve Maintenance Kit MD K022105K Haldex Purge Valve Assembly ORIGINAL OE BENDIX AIR DRYERS WE STOCK REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR AD2™ & AD4™ STYLE AIR DRYERS COMPRESSORS, AIR DRYERS & PARTS Cummins/ Holset Style Compressor Tu-Flo® 550 / 750 Compressors BW EL13060X EL1300 Compressor Reman 4-Hole Base Mount Air Governor High Temp OE rated! IS YOUR AIR GOVERNOR HIGH TEMP? BX OR284358X The Original WE HAVE AIR COMPRESSOR DISCHARGE HOSE AD-IP™ BW 065612 Service New 12V Air Dryer BX 109477X Reman - 12V Air Dryer BX 109477PGX Reman PuraGuard® - 12V Air Dryer BX 109493X Reman Desiccant Cartridge BX 109493PGX Reman PuraGuard® Cartridge BW 109494 Delivery Check Valve Kit BW 109495 Heater & Thermometer Kit 12V BW 109498 Cartridge Bolt Kit BW K022105 Purge Valve Maintenance Kit MD K022105K Haldex Purge Valve Assembly BW 065225 New Air Dryer BX 109685X Reman Air Dryer BX 109685PGX Reman w/ PuraGuard® Cartridge BX 107794X Reman Cartridge BX 107794PGX Reman PuraGuard® Cartridge BW 5005037 Purge Kit BW 107800N Check Valve Kit BX 5004341X Soft Seat Purge Valve Kit 12V BW 109578 Heater & Thermostat Kit 12V AD-9™ BW K160648SC NEW Air Dryer (PACCAR 12VDC, Extended Purge) BW K160649SC NEW Air Dryer (PACCAR 24VDC, Extended Purge) BW K160650SC NEW Air Dryer (PACCAR 12VDC, Standard Purge) BW K164018SC NEW Air Dryer (HINO 12VDC, Standard Purge) BW K092011 Delivery Check Valve Replacement Kit BW 5009041PG New PuraGuard® Cartridge AD-HF® WE CARRY A WIDE VARIETY OF REMAN COMPRESSORS & VALVES Wabco SS318 Compressors Wabco SS318 Replacement Heads BX 9111535100X Cummins ISX BX 9111535200X Cummins L, M, N BX 9111535400X Mack Extended Flange with Gear, 11 Tooth, Thru-Drive BX 9111539202X Reman. Head Assembly - Cummins BX 9111539212X Reman. Head Assembly - Cummins P/N Description WB 4006110500 System Saver 1200 12V Dryer MD 955205X System Saver 1200 12V Reman Dryer WB 4006110590 System Saver 1200P 12V Dryer WB 4006110540 System Saver 1200P12V Reman Dryer System Saver Air Dryer Cartridges RZ PRO0102002 SS1200 - SS1200Plus - SSTWIN Standard Cartridge WB 4329012482 SS1200 - SS1200Plus - SSTWIN Coalescing Cartridge YOUR COMPRESSOR SOURCE AD-SP™ BW 800887 Service Replacement 12V Air Dryer BW 5008414 Desiccant Cartridge Replacement Kit BW 5008414PG New PuraGuard® Cartridge BW 5005624 Delivery Check Valve Kit BW 109495 Heater & Thermometer Kit 12V BW 109995 Purge Valve Kit BW 109993 Turbo Cut-Off Kit MD 109991X Haldex Reman 12V Dryer SAVE! Pressure Protection Valve MD 90555396 All Ports:1/4" NPT Closing Pressure: 65 PSI, Opening Pressure: 70 PSI BA-921® Compressor BW K109119 ESS Service Replacement Kit for BA-921® Compressors

3 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM CHEMICALS GET READY FOR WINTER! PREVENT GELLING & ICE CRYSTAL FORMATION P/N Size Treats NA 202132 32 fl. oz. 125 gallons NA 202101* 1 gallon 500 gallons Winter Thaw® Emergency Diesel Fuel Treatment P/N Size Treats NA 203025 2.5 gallons 7,500 gallons • Prevents fuel gelling and ice crystal formation Winter Blend Bulk Diesel Fuel Treatment P/N Size Treats NA 202612 12 fl. oz. 50 gallons NA 202632 32 fl. oz. 250 gallons NA 202605* 5 gallons 7,500 gallons Winter Pow-R Plus® BioDiesel Fuel Treatment P/N Size Treats NA 202012* 12 fl. oz. 50 gallons NA 202032 32 fl. oz. 250 gallons NA 202005 5 gallons 7,500 gallons NA 202055 55 gallons 82,500 gallons Winter Pow-R Plus® Diesel Fuel Treatment • Prevents fuel gelling and ice crystal formation • Helps enhance cetane & improve fuel economy Diesel 9∙1∙1® Winter rescue formula that restores flow of fuel to engines caused by gelled fuel or frozen fuel-filters. Winterizer/antigel that prevents gelling and protects against fuel-filter icing P/N Size Treats PS 08025-12* 32 oz. 30-75 gal. PS 08026-12 26 oz. 30-75 gal. PS 08064-06 64 oz. 80-160 gal. PS 08080-06* 80 oz. 100-200 gal. ULSD COMPLIANT Diesel Fuel Supplement® +Cetane Boost® • Dissolves already gelled fuel fast • Reduces clogging of fuel filters FOR GASOLINE ENGINES Ethanol Stabilizer NA 82612 - 12 fl. oz. Penray Plus™ Ethanol Stabilizer is a unique 4-in-1 ethanol treatment, fuel stabilizer, corrosion inhibitor and fuel system cleaner in one! P/N Size Treats NA 5113 12 fl. oz. 25 gallons Nox-Ice Gas Line Antifreeze • Contains isopropyl alcohol • For gasoline, gasohol and diesel engines Motor Treatment SEASF-16 - 16 oz. Safely and effectively cleans internal fuel and oil system components, helping your gasoline or diesel engine run cleaner and more efficiently. COLD WEATHER STARTING PRODUCTS We Carry a Full Line of Engine Fuel & Fluid Heaters • Dryer & rust protector • Protects entire brake system from corrosion Air Brake Antifreeze Starting Fluid NA 5632 32 fl. oz. NA 5601 1 gallon NA 5315 16 oz. ULSD Compliant Fast & easy starts for gasoline & diesel engines *While qty lasts *While qty lasts *While qty lasts *While qty lasts *While qty lasts BLOCK HEATERS Detroit Diesel 640 (Z-Series 8 cyl.) ZE 8605556 - 1500 Watt, 120 Volt, 1" NPT, Immersion WEATHERPROOF CORDSET with silicone connector ZE 8608814 - 120 Volt, Cord Length: 10 ft., Wire Gauge: 14 P/N Size Treats Treat Ratio PS 01012-09 12 oz. 32 gal. 1:500 PS 01025-12* 32 oz. 100 gal. 1:400 PS 01026-12 26 oz. 100 gal. 1:500 PS 01064-06 64 oz. 250 gal. 1:500 PS 01050-02 2.5 gal. 3,750 gal. 1:1500

4 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES CR KA63400-12 Aerosol KLFSM Chain Lubricant CR KA51400-12 Aerosol KP53 Fast-Acting Penetrant KL73 Rust Inhibitor / Lubricant Aerosol CR KA71400-12 1 gal. CR KA74004-4 • Dielectric strength 50kv, safe on all electrical • Remains active despite washing or road wash • Food grade approved throughout North America • Actively displaces moisture • Solvent-free RUST PROOF YOUR EQUIPMENT CHEMICALS | STARTING & CHARGING ValvTect BioGuard Microbicide • Kills bacteria (“bugs”), yeast, mold, and other microorganisms in the fuel and water phase • Works faster & more effectively (as little as 2-3 hours) P/N Size Treats CONCENTRATED FUEL PREP NA 201201 1 gallon 12,500 gallons NA 201205 5 gallons 62,500 gallons FUEL PREP 1000 NA 100012* 12 fl. oz. 50 gallons NA 100032 32 fl. oz. 250 gallons TOTAL DIESEL FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER NA 105032 32 fl. oz. 250 gallons NA 105005* 5 gallons 7,500 gallons • Ready for use in BioDiesel • Eliminates bacterial & fungal growth • Eliminates & disperses sludge • Lubricates fuel system & cleans injectors • Prevents corrosion & conditions fuel P/N Size Maintenance Treatment PS 09016-09 16 oz. 880 gallons PS 09128-04 1 gal. 7,000 gallons Bio Kleen® Diesel Fuel Biocide • Effective in both diesel fuel & water • Effective as a “quick-kill” biocide • Kills microbes (bacteria & fungi) • Prevents fuel filter plugging • Cleans dirty injectors & prevents injector sticking • Restores lost power, smooths rough-running engines • Improves fuel economy up to 8% • Protects against sludge Diesel Kleen® ULSD Compliant Fuel Prep™ Year-Around Diesel Fuel Conditioner LUC10020 5.25 oz. LUC10003 1 quart LUC10013 1 gallon SAVE! Fuel Treatment • Cleans and lubricates the fuel system • Neutralizes low sulfur fuel problems • Increases power and miles per gallon by burning excess exhaust emissions • Increases the life of pumps and injectors Reduce Downtime, Improve Productivity and Keep Your Fleet Looking Great with Krown! See More Krown Products on back page P/N Size Initial Treats NA BGDULS2016OZ 16 oz. 16 oz. treats 450 gal. NA BGDULS201GAL 1 gallon 1 gallon treats 2,500 gal. *While qty lasts *While qty lasts P/N Size Treats Treat Ratio PS 03012-09 12 oz. Up to 40 gal. 1:500 PS 03016-09* 16 oz. Up to 40 gal. 1:400 PS 03025-12* 32 oz. Up to 100 gal. 1:400 PS 03026-12 26 oz. Up to 100 gal. 1:500 PS 03064-06 64 oz. Up to 250 gal. 1:500 PS 03080-06* 80 oz. Up to 250 gal. 1:400 PS 03850-02 2.5 gal. Up to 3,750 gal. 1:1500 Hi Power Lithium Jump Kits RACRS-08-DJUMP Jumps Diesel Pickups • 16,800 mAh 400 Amp HD Multi-Charge Jump Start Kit • Up to 120A of cranking power • Includes jump pack, adapters, and carry case Instantly Jump-Start Your Heavy Duty Diesel Equipment Jump-starts engines up to 16L diesel GA JP-12-10000T 10000A ∙ 12V

5 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM Hold-Down Nut Closed Cap 3/8"-16 PH 8-662 WE STOCK A FULL LINE OF REPLACEMENT BATTERIES • Translucent cable • Heavy wall shrink tubing stops water & contaminants from entering charging system CLEAR-VU™ Battery Jumpers Red P/N Black P/N 2 Terminals DEK04362 DEK04363 3 Terminals DEK04364 DEK04365 4 Terminals DEK04662 DEK04663 • Overmolded • Made with 2/0 gauge PVC starter cable • Attached protective caps included OE Style Battery Jumpers SEALS CONNECTIONS! Dual Purpose, Commercial - Severe Service Specially designed to withstand the daily stop-and-start abuse of multi-stop delivery vehicles and reefers Group P/N CA @ 32° CCA @ 0° F Mount/Warr. Mo. Res. Cap Min. 31 DEK7T31 900 730 Top Stud/24 mo. 190 Group 31 Batteries Group P/N CA @ 32° CCA @ 0° F Mount/Warr. Mo. Res. Cap Min. 31 DEK1131MF 1170 950 Top Stud/24 mo. 175 AGM - Commercial Delivers deep cycle power Group P/N CA @ 32° CCA @ 0° F Mount/Warr. Mo. Res. Cap Min. 31 DEK8A31 1000 800 Top Stud/18 mo. 200 deep cycle Construction Equipment / Off-Road Batteries Group P/N CA @ 32° CCA @ 0° F Mount/Warr. Mo. Res. Cap Min. 4D DEK904D 1290 1050 Flat Top/Top Post/12 mo. 290 8D DEK908DFT 1755 1425 Flat Top/Top Post/12 mo. 440 Automotive / Light Truck - Thermo King Batteries Core Group AA Group P/N CA @ 32° CCA @ 0° F Mount/Warr. Mo. Res. Cap Min. 34/78 DEK778MF 1020 850 Side Post (GM)/30 mo. 115 24 MONTH WARRANTY Battery Cleaner NA 7012 15 oz Battery Protector NA 7011 11.5 oz. Booster Cables & Clamps Extra Heavy Duty Clamp Parrot-Type for use with 2ga and 4ga cable DEK00184 Red/Black Pair Tough PVC Insulation, Color-Coded Tangle-Free Dual Cable Construction DEK04850 16 ft. x 6 ga Red/Black DEK04955 20 ft. x 4 ga Red/Black DEK04848 20 ft. x 2 ga Red/Black Battery Boxes P/N Group Size Outside Dimensions (L x W x H) Inside Dimensions (L x W x H) DEK03009 Marine 24 14-5/16" x 9-3/4" x 10-3/4" 10-5/8" x 7-3/16" x 9-3/4" DEK03188 U1 10-1/2" x 7-1/4" x 8-1/2" 8-1/4" x 5-3/8" x 8-1/8" DEK03189 Marine 27/31 17" x 9-3/4" x 11" 13-1/2" x 7-1/8" x 10" DEK03009 DEK03188 DEK03189 Includes Spacer • Polypropylene boxes protect battery in marine and commercial applications • Vented for safety • Includes all hardware for installation STARTING & CHARGING Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers HDANOCGENIUS1 6V/12V 1-Amp Battery Charger, Maintainer, and Desulfator Battery Cable PH 3-516 • 4/0 ga. • Black, sold per foot Group 31 Charging Post/Adapter EZ EZBK605 Group 31 Power Post Cleaner EZ 506COSSHQD Group 31 Battery 18 MONTH WARRANTY P/N Mount CA CCA Res. Cap Min. DEK31S925 Stud 1135 925 170 DEK31P925 Post 1135 925 170 Made in the USA

6 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES Pad Mount J180 Mount P/N Regulator Type Output (Amps) Pad Mount DE 8600315 Term Stud 160 DE 8600201 Plug Type 160 DE 8600316 Term Stud 180 DE 8600314 Term Stud 200 J-180 Long Hinge Mount DE 8600308 Term Stud 160 DE 8600311 Term Stud 180 DE 8600307 Term Stud 200 STARTING & CHARGING 35SI HP Alternator 36SI HP Alternator *DELCO REMY WILL ACCEPT 34SI & 35SI CORES FOR ANY MOUNT • 170 amps of power, 110 amp at idle • New heat-resistant electronics able to withstand temperatures as high as 125°C/257°F • Highest efficiency rating in its class means better fuel savings • 140 amps of power, 70 amp at idle • Strategically placed radiant vents cool internal components • Heavy duty bearings and premium-quality steel shaft withstand high vibration and heavy belt loads WARRANTY Reman: 2 Year/250,000 Miles WARRANTY New Service: 3 Year/350,000 Miles Reman: 2 Year/250,000 Miles DE 8600310 NEW HINGE MOUNT 24SI Premium Alternators DE 8600889 NEW PAD MOUNT 28SI Alternator • Dual internal fan design provides maximum cooling technology, withstands temperatures as high as 257°F • Equipped with Remote Sense which can reduce battery charge time by 50% • Warranty - School Bus: 2 Year/Unlimited Miles All Other Vehicles: 1 Year/Unlimited Miles UPGRADE TO UPGRADE TO Brush-style alternator designed with dual internal fans, withstands temperatures as high as 221°F. 160 Amp. GOOD GOOD BEST BEST Reman New Hinge Mount DE 8700046* DE 8600126 Pad Mount DE 8700047* DE 8600127 Quad Mount DE 8700045* - Reman Hinge Mount DE 8700016 Pad Mount DE 8700018 Quad Mount DE 8700017 6/12/24 VOLT HEAVY DUTY FLEET CHARGER NEW 12V SAFE FOR AGM Setting 70/65/30 Amps charger 280 Amp Crank Assist at 12V 12/24 VOLT, 70/35 AMP/200 AMP BOOST WHEEL CHARGER & 70 AMP POWER SUPPLY 5 Year Limited Warranty! AE 6006AGM • A true heavy duty application tester for batteries, alternators, and starters • Enables multiple battery testing while connected to the vehicle • Presents battery state of health as a percentage of life left • 100 - 6,000 Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) capacity • Infrared Temp Sensor for measuring battery temp increases accuracy of CCA measurement • Includes extra battery charging posts to simplify hookup • Tests 6V, 12V batteries and 12V, 24V charging systems • Test battery capacities from 40-2,000 CCA • Test all passenger vehicle batteries: AGM, Gel Cell, Flooded lead-acid, Start/Stop EFB, Commercial, SLI • Integrated printer to capture test results and customer records • Detachable test clamps for service and replacement • Full charging system test with diode/ripple test • Micro-load testing for proven, accurate results • 1-Year Warranty AUT178.BSBAT155 Heavy Duty Battery & Electrical System Analyzer For Standard Automotive, Deep-Cycle, AGM and GEL Cell Batteries AE ESS6011 NEW! NEW! Pad Mount DEN212-0111 J-180 Mount DEN212-0102 POWEREDGE™ 24PE 160A ALTERNATOR Stands up to extreme thermal heat fatigue Engineered to survive and thrive the harsh under-hood environment of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks with their extreme under-hood temperatures. That’s why it’s the ideal choice for today’s commercial vehicles. SUPERIOR COOLING PERFORMANCE Dual internal fans provide higher air flow within the alternator, quickly dissipating heat for lower operating temperatures. • 12 Volts 160 Amps • 1-year/unlimited mile Warranty • 100% new units, no core charge

7 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM ROTATABLE FLANGE™ 3-YEAR/UNLIMITED MILEAGE WARRANTY The Delco Remy 39MT heavy duty starter rotatable flange models were designed specifically to improve service flexibility and part number consolidation. The new service models easily replace competitive units and provide full industry and application coverage. 7.3KW torque, 30% faster than competitors! STARTING & CHARGING Transport Refrigeration Alternators • 11 tooth Reman 42MT Starter DE 10461052 SAVE! 40SI Alternator • Brushless Advantage: fewer moving parts means less wear and longer life • Equipped with Remote Sense which can reduce battery charge time by 50% • OE approved, assuring OE quality and performance for aftermarket replacements • Warranty: 3 Year/Unlimited Miles DE 93070 Thermo King Alternator, 65A, 12V • Provides virtually full coverage for the Class 6 & 7 commercial vehicle aftermarket. • Positive shift engagement. Zero click-no-cranks (CNC). This is well suited for high start/stop vehicle applications. • Highly corrosion resistant due to improved brush holder plating and stainless steel springs. DE 93082 Thermo King Alternator, 120A, 12V DE 93074 Carrier Transicold Alternator, 65A, 12V High Output Alternators P8 110-555JHO J180 Mount P8 110-555PHO Pad Mount • 12 Volts, 160 Amps • New improved heavy duty bearings • Long brush for greater longevity • Trusted reliability of the Triple Nickel • 2 Year Warranty New 39MT® Heavy Duty Starters Application/OEM Engine 39MT Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star MBE4000 DE 8200287 Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star 12 Tooth Detroit DD15, 13, 16 (EPA10, GHG14 Engine), 160 Tooth Ring Gear DE 8200434 Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star 11 Tooth Detroit DD15, 13, 16 (GHG17 Engine), 150 Tooth Ring Gear DE 61008898 Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star Cat C15, Cummins ISX, ISM, Detroit S60 DE 8200308 Navistar Cummins ISX, ISM, Cat C13, C15 Kenworth, Peterbilt Cat C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C15, Cummins ISX, ISM Mack Mack E7 Volvo Cummins ISX, ISM Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star Cummins ISC, ISL DE 8200433 Navistar DT46, DT570, HT570, MaxForce DT9, 10, 11, 13 Mack Mack MP10 Volvo Volvo D15, Volvo D16 Mack Mack MP7 DE 8200468* Volvo Detroit D11 Mack Mack MP8 DE 8201100* Volvo Volvo D13 31MT™ Medium Duty Gear Reduction Starter Cummins ISB, 6.7L DE 61006211 Paccar PX-7 & Cummins ISB, 6.7L DE 61006210 Cummins ISB, 6.7L (Low Profile Turbo) DE 61006209 MBE 900, 904, 906 DE 61006208 MaxxForce 7 & VT365 DE 61005266 Cummins ISB, 5.9L & Cummins 4BT, 3.9L DE 61005265 (RH) Cummins ISB, 5.9L & Cummins 4BT, 3.9L DE 61005264 (LH) *Not rotatable nose

8 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES P/N Capacity Lift AFF3502 2 Tons 4" AFF3504 4 Tons 4-1/4" AFF3506 6 Tons 5-1/4" AFF3508 8 Tons 5" AFF3512 12 Tons 5-3/4" AFF3514 12 Tons 4" AFF3520 20 Tons 6-3/8" AFF3522 20 Tons 4-1/4" Bottle Jacks CAN BE USED IN EITHER VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL POSITIONS SHOP SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT • 1 piece handle • Heat treated cylinder wall & chromed piston give added stability & longer jack life • Alloy steel lifting mechanism • Lifts between 8-1/4" to 21-1/2" AFF565E1 10-Ton Air Lift Jack AFF3400A • 10-ton capacity achieved at 200-PSI air supply • Extension tubes offer multiple lifting & locking positions SAVE! Equipped with dual ram return springs Heavy Duty Lifting AFF5520B 20 Tons 6-1/4" Lift Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack HD Mechanics’ Creeper AFF3908A HEAVY-DUTY WORKBENCHES & BENCH VICES AVAILABLE! AFF6522 *Sold individually Jack Stands Sold per pair P/N Capacity Adjusts From AFF3303 3 Tons 11-1/2" to 17" AFF3306 6 Tons 15-1/2" to 23-3/4" AFF3312C 12 Tons 17-3/4" to 28-1/2" AFF6522* 20 Tons 12" to 20" AFF3303 New & Improved Air Motor OIL-DRI® • Use on oils, coolants and grease • Minimizes dust • Completely safe for intended use • Thermal process increases absorption power 32 qt. Poly Bag 60 Bags/Pallet OD I06032-G60 Ask about our pallet discount! OT 5077A W/ ELECTRIC PUMP • 15 gallon reservoir • Screen attached to reservoir allows assembly to be stored on its side • Electric pump moves 5 gallons a minute through the 8 ft. transfer hose Low Profile Oil Transfer Tanker ALSO AVAILABLE W/ AIR PUMP OT 5097 IP 232007 5" IP 380137 6" ET 61130 8" Davco Filter Wrenches 6000# CAP. FLOOR CRANE LARGE SHOP EQUIPMENT 25-TON SHOP PRESS 50-TON SHOP PRESS 5 Gallon Bucket Lever Pump AFF8050 Multi-Task 5-in-1 Funnel™ HN 10710WR Super MultiPurpose™ 18" Funnel HN 10712WR Multi-Purpose Funnel HN 10701WR 22-Ton Air Assist Axle Jack Oil Drain Pan 68 Quart Electric Pump AUT579.1268EP 12V Electric Pump NEW!

9 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM Maximize Tire Life with CENTRAMATIC BALANCERS Increase Tire Life For a Smoother Ride! SHOP EQUIPMENT | AIR TOOLS & TIRE PRODUCTS INGERSOLL RAND: IMPACTS ∙ CORDLESS ∙ RATCHETS ∙ MORE 600 Series for HD Trucks & Large Motor Homes Service Station Shop Air & Air Impact Tool Hose DY 80005 3/8" x 50' 200 Max Working PSI ∙ Couplings 3/8" - Male/Male 3/4" Drive x 33mm GN 3033MD 1" Drive x 33mm GN 4033MD 33MM Deep Sockets EQUAL FLEXX Drop In Bag IM EQFXBC40 B pkgs. (10 oz.) • 2x more vibration absorption power • More fuel savings, more even tire wear, and the smoothest ride 1" Impact Wrench IR 285B-6 • 1475 ft-lbs. of torque 1/2" Air Impact Wrench IR 2235TiMAX • Weighs Only 4.6 lbs., 1350 ft-lbs. torque AIR CHUCKS, AIR GAUGES, H.D. TRUCK VALVES, VALVE STEMS WE STOCK Portable AFF3590A Large Capacity AFF3591 Truck Wheel Dolly 5-in-1 Universal Safety Exhaust Quick-Connect Industrial Coupler Connects to ALL major interchanges: Industrial (M-Style), High Flow (V-Style), Automotive (T-style), ARO (A-Style), Lincoln (L-style) MIL1750BK 1/4" Female NPT MIL1751BK 1/4" Male NPT CEN600630 Steer Axles CEN600640 Rear Axles Bead Bazooka™ G0 GBB10L2 10 Liter RAR Bead Bazooka Tire Bead Seater AUT579.1040 10 Gallon G0 GBB3L2 3 Liter RAR Bead Bazooka 1" Drive Individual Tork - Socket HD P/N Hex Size Torque (ft-lbs.) Torque Nm Color Length GN 44033 33mm 475 650 Brown 12" Torque Limiting Impact Sockets 22.5" Wheel size 10 Bolt holes 11.25" Bolt circle M18™ REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT™ HD12.0 Battery MLW48-11-1812 Best performance for High demand applications HD M18 FUEL™ 1" D-Handle Ext. Anvil High Torque Impact Wrench w/ ONE-KEY™ MLW2869-20 (Tool Only) POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers up to 2,000 ft-lbs. Nut-busting torque, making it the world’s most powerful cordless impact wrench M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger MLW48-59-1812 Batteries not included TM TM NEW!

10 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES Fast Orange® Xtreme Professional Grade Hand Cleaner with odor eliminating technology LP 25618 1 Gallon LP 25616 15 fl. oz. Rocker Cap™ Fast Orange® Grease X Mechanic’s Laundry Detergent LP 22340 Fast Orange® Hand Cleaners LP 25219 Fine Pumice 1 Gallon w/ pump LP 25619 128 oz. Bottle Original Orange Scent Ultra Cherry TOUGH MAX™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner NA 9170 70 Wipes SAVE! • 1/2" x 260" • Std. Grade Teflon Tape ST 101-0001 Silver Duct Tape M3 06975 2" x 60 Yard Roll 2" x 60 Yard Roll M3 26340 High Performance Green Masking Tape Super 33+ Electrical Tape M3 06133 • A premium grade all-weather tape • 3/4" x 52 ft. Roll M3 93604 Electrical Tape 3/4" x 60 ft. Roll • Puncture Resistant • Textured / Micro-Roughened • Powder Free • Latex Free • Beaded Cuff • 100 gloves/box • 6MM Black Nitrile • Exam Grade • Black • Powder Free • Textured • Chlorinated • Latex Free AMMABNPF46100 Large AMMABNPF48100 X-Large AMMGWBEN46100 Large AMMGWBEN48100 X-Large LP 25210 10 mL High Strength Removable Orange Threadlocker High Strength Removable Orange is a hybrid formula that combines the strength of a Red Threadlocker with the removability of a Blue Threadlocker. LP 24240 Medium Strength - Blue 36 mL Carded LP 27140 High Strength - Red 36 mL Carded Anti-Seize Lubricant LP 80078 8 oz. Brush-Top Bottle Threadlocker CABLE TIES AVAILABLE NYLON CABLE TIES ∙ DUAL CLAMP CABLE TIES ∙ RELEASABLE DUAL CLAMP TIE ∙ EDGE CLIP ASSEMBLY ∙ BUTTON HEAD TIE SHOP SUPPLIES AMMEX® Exam Grade Black Nitrile Gloves Gloveworks® Black Exam Nitrile Gloves Thread Sealant with PTFE LP 80632 4 oz. bottle Scott® Shop Towels KC 75130 55 Towel Roll PWCLT530825 25 ft. PWCLT530830 50 ft. PWCLT530835 100 ft. PWCTL020625 25 ft. PWCTL020630 50 ft. Arctic Blue All Weather Extension Cords 12/3 SJEOW Blue/Orange w/ Primelok® & Primelight® • Abrasion, water & oil resistant • Flame retardant • Nickel-coated brass blades resist corrosion • Ultra flexible in all temperatures Arctic Blue Work Light 16/3 SJEOW Blue/Orange w/ Metal Guard & Convenience Outlet • Uses 75 watt type “A” bulb (bulb not included) Industrial Paper Wipers AMTCP913DIP 280' Roll

11 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM Pinch (Near) P/N DESCRIPTION SIZE, W/ BRACKET LEDS WATTS RAW LUMENS VOLTS GR BZ101-5 Round Work Lamp 6.03" H x 4.53" W x 2.21" D 6 16 Watts 1600 9-32 Volts GR BZ111-5 Small Round Work Lamp 3.8" H x 1.78"D 5 16 Watts 1240 12-36 Volts GR BZ201-5 Square Work Lamp 5.84" H x 4.33" W x 1.99" D 5 11 Watts 1100 9-32 Volts GR BZ301-5 Slim Work Lamp 1.97" H x 6.30" W x 3.04" D 6 16 Watts 1400 9-32 Volts GR BZ551-5 LED Work Lamp 4.22" H x 3.8" W 6 16 Watts 1600 9-32 Volts GR BZ601-5 Mini Square Work Lamp 3.86" H x 2.81" W x 1.59" D 3 8.1 Watts 775 12-36 Volts ▪ Flood pattern with cool white color ▪ Polycarbonate lens ▪ Stainless steel mounting bracket GR BZ101-5 GR BZ111-5 GR BZ201-5 GR BZ301-5 GR BZ601-5 GR BZ551-5 BriteZone™ Work Lamps ▪ Five 3-watt LEDs ▪ Magnetic base, rechargeable Lithium Battery ▪ Charge time less than 7 hours ▪ Run time on battery is 3 to 4 hours ▪ 12-24 VDC ▪ 600 Effective Lumens ▪ 1 Year Warranty WORK LAMPS | WARNING PRODUCTS EC E92006 Flood Beam 1250 Lumens 4" Square LED Work Lamp 4" Round LED Work Lamp Trilliant® Oval LED Work Lamp P/N Beam Pattern GR 63601 Spot GR 63611 Flood Trilliant® Mini LED Whitelight™ 700 Lumen LED 3" x 5" Work Lamp EC E92013 650 Lumens See our Warning Products Catalog for a full line of work and safety lights! GR 64G11-5 Pendant Mount Near Pattern 1800 LUMENS! Trilliant® T26 LED Work Lamp Trilliant® performance in a small, mount-anywhere work lamp Available with Pinch or Pendant Mount & Near or Far Light Pattern Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Lamp P/N ILLUMINATION EC EW2461 Clear EC EW2461-CAMO Clear BriteZone™ Swivel Head LED Work Lamp With Switch ▪ “Cross” Style Strobe ▪ 1300 Effective / 1800 Raw Lumens TRXTLED-U114 4.5" Spot LED Work Lamp With Amber Strobe Spot / Amber Strobe P/N Beam Pattern GR 64W91 3000 Lumens Close Range Directional LEDs Surface Mount EC 3932A ▪ 12V, 0.5A ▪ 16 FP ▪ Synchronization Capable ▪ 1.5" H x 5.1" W x 0.3" D ▪ Designed to Fit in Tight Spaces ▪ 900 Effective / 1500 Raw Lumens 2" Mini LED Work Lamp Spot Beam TRXTLED-U104 ▪ 12 Side Facing Diodes provide 360° Field of Light ▪ 600 Effective Lumens 2" ‘Radiant Series’ Mini LED Work Lamps Combination Spot & Flood TRXTLED-U121 GR BZ131-5 ▪ Flood Beam ▪ 27 Watts ▪ 10-30 Volts ▪ 8.54" H x 4.92" W x 3.62" D ▪ 4000 Raw Lumens BriteZone™ Go Anywhere LED Work Lamp GR BZ501-5 ▪ 12 Watts, 12 Volts DC ▪ Comes with wall & car chargers ▪ 15 lbs. Magnetic pull force ▪ 5+ Hours run time on full battery charge ▪ 1100 Raw Lumens NEW!

12 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES GEMINEYE™ 7" LCD High Resolution Color System C2013B Camera M7000B Monitor SMART® ALARMS 12-24VDC ECCOLIFE WARRANTY 800 Series EC SA917N 87-112dB • 5.6" LCD • 2.4 GHz digital wireless system • Touchscreen menu control • Four camera expandable • One year warranty EC EC5605-WK Color Wireless Camera System EC K7000B Also available in wireless CLASS 1 BEACONS SAE J845, CE, ROHS & R10 CERTIFIED LOW POWER MODE, 18 AWG, 12-24 VOLTS, IP66 RATING, 5 YEAR WARRANTY, 36 FLASH PATTERNS TRXTLED-W13 ▪ Built In Back Up Alarm with 97dB Speaker ▪ Low profile, permanent mount ▪ All lights lock to the same pattern instantly with 1 master light ▪ Sync & alternating modes - Easily switch between the modes without rewiring or reprogramming ▪ Connect up to 10 Trux Class 1 LEDs TRXTLED-W12 ▪ Battery life up to 12 hours ▪ Charging 4-5 hours ▪ Cigarette plug charger & AC charger included ▪ Remote control through the flash patterns from a distance of up to 100 ft. Low Profile LED Warning Light With Built-In Back Up Alarm Wireless Rechargeable Beacon LED Warning Light With Remote EC ED0016A Amber EC ED0016R Red WARNING PRODUCTS MagSafe™ Magnetic LED Warning Light ▪ High-strength neodymium magnet ▪ Flashing and steady burn modes ▪ Powered by 4 AA batteries ▪ Warranty: 1 year Heated LED Snow Plow Lights GR 84661-4 Pair MINI LIGHTBARS SAE CLASS 1 Responder® R1LP Series WHLR1LPPA Class 1 L10 Series Beacon WHLL10HAP Responder® R2LP Series WHLR2LPHPA ▪ Super-LED® low profile conical CON3™ mini lightbar ▪ 30 Scan-Lock™ patterns including 4 simulated rotating patterns ▪ Polycarbonate dome ▪ Polycarbonate base ▪ Permanent mount ▪ 2.845" H x 17" W x 6.313" D ▪ 5 Year Warranty ▪ Amber, High Dome, Perm/Pipe Hook Mount, 12 VDC ▪ Super-LED® beacon ▪ 75 SignalAlert™ default pattern, 18 flash patterns available ▪ Virtually no RFI/EMI radiation ▪ Polycarbonate base ▪ 6.4" H x 6.3" Dia. ▪ 5 Year Warranty ▪ Super-LED® low profile linear LIN6™ mini lightbar ▪ 30 Scan-Lock™ patterns including 4 simulated rotating patterns ▪ Polycarbonate dome ▪ Aluminum base ▪ Permanent mount ▪ 3.25" H x 17" W x 6.313" D ▪ 5 Year Warranty Automatically prevent snow and ice buildup with a sensor that monitors the lens and activates an internal heating element when its temperature falls too low. EC 7945A-VM Vacuum-Magnet Mount 12-48V ▪ 1.3A 11 FP 4.9" H x 6.5" Diameter 6670 SERIES SAE CLASS II STROBE EC 6670A 3 Bolt/1" Pipe Mount 12-24V ▪ 2.2A DOUBLE/QUAD 65 FP 6.7" H x 6.5" Diameter 7945 SERIES PULSE® II SAE CLASS II LED While qty lasts While qty lasts ▪ Die-cast aluminum housing and heavy-duty lens ▪ Built to resist hours of continuous 6G vibration ▪ Versatile, multi-volt design features reverse voltage protection ▪ Includes LED turn signal ▪ Includes integrated 6-pin DT connector with blunt-cut adapter ▪ Regulations/Standards: FMVSS 571.108; DOT; SAE UB3; LB: SAE LB3V, SAE J577, IP67 ▪ 2 Year Warranty

13 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM PAD KIT WB 6402229382 Standard OEM HDA1777TH Aftermarket CALIPERS WB 6402220070 MAXX22T Caliper w/o Pads - Left Hand WB 6402220080 MAXX22T Caliper w/o Pads - Right Hand ROTORS WB 6402229292 MAXX22T Rotor REPAIR KITS WB 6402229282 MAXX22T Seal and Bolt Kit WB 6401759202 Tappet Boot and Seal Kit - All PAN Series WB 6402259262 Pressure Plate TOOLS TN S-37430 Air Disc Brake (ADB) Wear Indicator Tool The Solution For Maximum Stopping Power & Control We Stock a Full Line of Replacement Parts for Air Disc Brakes! MAXX22T™ TRAILER Bendix ADB22X BW K182235 Bendix Aftermarket Pad Kit BW K109113 Severe Service Brake Pad Kit BW K129276 Extended Service OEM Pad Brake Pad Kit CALIPERS Reman & New Calipers for Tractor or Trailer - IN STOCK! ROTORS BW K038573 Rotor, U-shaped, 138mm overall length BW K038574 Rotor, U-shaped, 150mm overall length BW 802569 Rotor, Spline Disc™ MD MPBD1369XT ADB22X/SK7 Aftermarket Pad Kit CALL US TODAY FOR SPECIAL SAVINGS! PAD KITS PAN22™ HD TRUCK/TRAILER SPRING BRAKES - UNHANDED - ROUND PORTS, STANDARD STROKE BW K042457 Bendix 16/24 Chamber - 2.25" Stroke PRLPL1624.D Aftermarket 16/24 Chamber - 2.5" Stroke BW K132352 Bendix 18/24 Chamber - 2.25" Stroke PRLPL1824.D Aftermarket 18/24 Chamber - 2.5" Stroke BW K041960 Bendix 20/24 Chamber - 2.5" Stroke PRLPL2024.D Aftermarket 20/24 Chamber - 2.5" Stroke SPRING BRAKES - CLOCKED - SQUARE PORTS, STANDARD STROKE WB 9253470070 Wabco 18/24 Chamber Left Handed - Clocked 45 Degrees - 2.5" Stroke WB 9253470080 Wabco 18/24 Chamber Right Handed - Clocked 45 Degrees - 2.5" Stroke BRAKE CHAMBERS - Universal Across All ADB Platforms PAD KIT WB 12999796 Standard OEM 4 Bolt Caliper Mount WB 6402259222 Standard OEM 6 Bolt Caliper Mount HDA1777H Aftermarket 6 Bolt Caliper Mount CALIPERS Caliper w/o Pads WB 6402250800 6 Bolt Mount - Left - Driver Side - Type B WB 6402250810 6 Bolt Mount - Right - Passenger Side - Type A WB 40225015 4 Bolt Mount - Left - Driver Side - Type B WB 40225016 4 Bolt Mount - Right - Passenger Side - Type A ROTORS C5 10082074 Trailer TN S-38764 Trailer C5 10085621 Truck/Trailer REPAIR KITS WB 6402259212 Seal and Bolt Kit WB 6401759202 Tappet Boot and Seal Kit WB 6402259262 Pressure Plate MAXXUS™ HD TRUCK - FREIGHTLINER / WESTERN STAR PAD KIT WB 6403229342 Standard OEM CALIPERS Caliper Radial Mount w/o Pads WB 6403220650 Left - Driver Side - Type B WB 6403220660 Right - Passenger Side - Type A ROTORS C5 10020682 Truck REPAIR KITS WB 6403229272 Axial Mount Resetting Unit WB 6403229322 Radial Mount Seals for Clamping Unit WB 6403229352 Radial Mount Pressure Plate WB 6403229382 Radial Mount Seal and Bolt Kit BRAKES

14 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES CAMSHAFT REPAIR KITS & CAMSHAFTS - INTRAAX® 16 1/2" X 7" TRAILER BRAKES For Use in Applications w/ Worn Brake Spider ∙ 11.03" S-Cam Length DIAPHRAGMS P/N Type Stroke AUT179.DT30 Type 30 2.50" HIGH PERFORMANCE BRAKE CHAMBERS Original Bendix Engineering for a Longer Lasting, Better Performing Spring Brake COMPLETE ASSEMBLIES P/N Type Stroke BW NT3030ELS-80TC Type 30/30 LS 3.00" BW NT3030ELS-WC Type 30/30 LS Welded Clevis 3.00" BW NT3030STD-120 Type 30/30 Intraax 2.50" BW NT3030STD-78 Type 30/30 No Clevis 2.50" PIGGY BACK KITS P/N Type Stroke BW NT3030ELS-KIT Type 30/30 LS Kit 3.0" BW NT3030STD-KIT Type 30/30 Kit 2.50" 2 YEAR UNLIMITED MILE WARRANTY COMPLETE ASSEMBLIES P/N Type Stroke JW MAX3030NC Type 30/30 No Clevis 2.50" JW MAX3030LSC Type 30/30 LS w/ Clevis 3.00" PIGGY BACK KITS JW MAX3030PBK Type 30/30 2.50" JW MAX3030PBKLS Type 30/30 LS 3.00" THE BRAKE CHAMBER THAT PASSES THE TEST! 4 YEAR WARRANTY Original CLAMPS P/N Type AK CB30S1 Type 30 SPRING BRAKE PARTS SERVICE CHAMBERS P/N Type Stroke AK SC20 Type 20 2.25" PRLSC20LSHDA Type 20 XL 3.00" CLEVIS P/N Type RI R810019 Std Stroke Straight 5/8" BRAKES AUTO SLACK ADJUSTERS RI R803112 • 1-1/2" 28 spline • 6" with 5/8" clevis pin hole BW K043197 • 1-1/2" 28 spline, 5.5" with clevis VERSAJUST™ SLACK ADJUSTERS MD 40020212 S-ABA • 1-1/2" 28 spline • 6" with 1/2" clevis pin hole MD 40010143 • 1-1/2" 10 spline • 5-1/2" with 5/8" clevis pin hole PROLINE HD ∙ C-STYLE PRLPL-22153CR • 1-1/2" 28 Spline Auto Slack “Curved Arm” 5.0" / 6.0" holes RI R803110 • 1-1/2" 28 spline • Unclevised AUTOMATIC SLACK ADJUSTERS Arm Length Spline Spline Dia. Clevis Application GH AS1140 5-1/2" 28 1-1/2" Yes All Positions GH AS1150 6" 28 1-1/2" Yes Trailer GH AS1172 5.5" 28 1-1/2" None All Positions SR-7™ SPRING BRAKE MODULATING VALVE BW K021557 The Bendix® SR-7™ spring brake modulating valve is used in conjunction with a dual air brake system and spring brake actuator • Provides a rapid application of the spring brake actuator when parking • Modulates the spring brake actuator application using the dual brake valve should a primary failure occur in the service brake system • Prevents compounding of service and spring forces PENETRATING CATALYST BLA16-PB 11 oz. • Breaks free rusted or frozen parts • Protects against further rust and corrosion NEW! SPIDER DIAMETER AUTOMANN CAMSHAFT REPAIR KIT ONLY EUCLID CAMSHAFT ONLY 11.03" S-Cam Length, 28 Splines Extreme Cam™ Includes Repair Kit AND Camshaft 2.120 in AUT110.2505XHD EU E-11867 RH / EU E-11866 LH - 2.125 in AUT110.2505XHD1 EU E-11867 RH/ EU E-11866 LH EB C-1311A-R / EB C-1311A-L 2.165 in AUT110.2505XHD2 EU E-11867 RH/ EU E-11866 LH EB C-1311O-R / EB C-1311O-L AUT110.2505XHD

15 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM BRAKE LINING FOR HEAVY DUTY APPLICATIONS Truck and trailer, OEM quality product specifically designed for multi-use applications formulated for good drum and lining life H23 BRAKE LINING 23,000 lb. GAWR/FF H20 BRAKE LINING 20,000 lb. GAWR/FF BRAKES MAXIMUM HEAVY DUTY QUALITY BRAKE RELINE Relined in the USA BA202R - GAWR 20,000 lbs. BL KT4707QBA202R 16.5 x 7 Meritor QP Reduced Stopping Distance Brakes Abex® is a brake lining designed to maintain like-new braking performance RSD Braking Material! Bendix® Lined Advanced Reduced Stopping Distance (RSD) Stop Boxes BRAKES FROM BRANDS YOU KNOW AND TRUST Webb Vortex® Unlimited runs cooler for better braking performance and 25% longer life! Webb Brake Drum with patented Webb CRT™ WW 56864B • CRT vents (Cool Running Technology) increase air-flow for superior heat transfer efficiency and 15% cooler operating temperatures • Patented design provides more surface area for improved heat dissipation • Wear indicator takes the guesswork out of repairs and saves labor time • Made in the USA WW 77807BW 16.5 x 7 WW 77808BW 16.5 x 8 WW 77809BW 16.5 x 8.625 10 Cast Holes 11.25" B.C. 8.78" Pilot 16.5 x 7 Brakes Weight: 104 lbs. Rating: 23,000 lbs. GAWR LOW BOY TRAILER BRAKES Midwest Wheel Carries a Complete Line of Parts to Service All Your Needs! RN 6260 RX 6297 RSD CERTIFIED CENTRIFUSE® BRAKE DRUM CentriFuse brake drums set the standard for lightweight durability while helping to improve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance. Proven for more than 80 years, their steel jacket technology and precision balancing provide advanced performance and smooth ride. CN 89996B 16.5 x 7 ∙ Weight: 89 ∙ 8.78" Pilot NEW BRAKE SHOES AVAILABLE Offering stop boxes with new shoes in several applications NEW, NO CORE! NON-CHLORINATED QUICK DRY BRAKE CLEANER NA 4520 (12.5 oz.) ▪ Fast drying formula ▪ Not for sale in CA, UT, DE, NH or OTC states ▪ 98% VOC CHLORINATED BRAKE CLEANER NA 4820 (19 oz.) ▪ Non-Flammable ▪ Not for sale in CA or NJ ▪ 0% VOC NON-CHLORINATED BRAKE CLEANER NA 4620 (14 oz.) ▪ OTC compliant; Not for sale in CA, UT, DE, NH ▪ 45% VOC SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! ABEX 6008-1 ZI XK60081443E 15" x 4" Eaton ZI XK60084702QP15" x 4" Meritor H23 REAR ZI XKH234707QP 16 1/2" x 7" Meritor ZI XKH234709E2 16 1/2" x 7" Eaton STOP BOXES Webb Balanced Front Brake Drums Paccar/International WW 51528B 15 X 4 WW 55710B 16.5 X 5 AUT151.6726BA 16.5 X 7 ∙ 103 lbs. ∙ 10 Bolts Holes ∙ 11.25" B.C. FULL CAST BRAKE DRUM NEW!

16 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES Aftermarket Replacement Hub Assemblies Front Axle, Rear, and Trailer WHEEL END COMPONENTS Zip-Torq Axle Spindle Nuts Increase tire life and reduce seal failure with the Pro-Torq axle spindle nut. With bearing adjustment increments down to 0.001" and exacting cup and cone alignment on the spindle, nothing compares to the precision of Pro-Torq. Pro-Torq Zip-Torq Thread Size Tool Socket Replacement Keeper Axle ST 447-4743 ST 400-4743 TRAILER (N) 2 5/8" 3 3/4" ST 450-4743 Dana Spicer, Eaton, Hendrickson, Ingersoll ST 449-4973 ST 400-4973 DRIVE 3 1/4" 4 3/8" ST 450-4973 Dana Spicer, Meritor, Eaton Pro-Torq Axle Nut Fasteners Scotseal Plus XL • 3 years / 300,000 mile warranty CR Scotseal X-Treme • Hand installable • Advanced sealing materials • Unitized design with 4 sealing lips • Extended warranty coverage: 5 year/500,000 mile warranty CR 47691 - Scotseal Plus XL CR 47691XT - CR Scotseal X-Treme R Drive Axle, 38,000 lb., 46,000 lb., Eaton, Ford, Freightliner, Kenworth, Meritor, Navistar, Peterbilt, Volvo, Western Star National® Seals Voyager Seals Premium Wheel Seals Bearings TI SET401 580 / 5726 TI SET403 594A / 592A SKF Fully Loaded Hub Assembly Loaded Hub P/N Bearings (Inner/Outer) Scotseal X-Treme Composite Cap (Oil / Grease) Aluminum Cap (Oil / Grease) Lbs. Stud Standout Description CR TNHUB1 SET413 / SET414 46300XT 1643 / 1343 1843 / 1841 42 3.72" Dual Alum Tapered axle-ABS-Aluminum wheels (Long studs) CR TPHUB1 SET415 / SET415 42627XT 1696 / 1399 1869 / 1899 46 3.72" Dual Alum Parallel axle-ABS-Aluminum wheels (Long studs) This assembly includes the Dura-Light Hub® unit, the lightest hub in the industry that is also as durable as steel forgings. It also features the Scotseal X-Treme with advanced heat technology and SKF HYATT bearings. Dura-Light Hub® • More capacity for entire trailer life; helps offset recent increases in tractor weight • Weight reduction without trailer life compromise • Industry-leading lubricant capacity extends bearing and seal life • No aluminum hub maintenance risks SKF Exploded hub with included retainer NEW! Trifecta™ Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly NEW! Assembly P/N Description ST 453-0136 FF 5.44" DFlat, 14.6 K, 2.74" Wheel Stud, Iron Hub, w/ ABS ST 453-0236 FF 5.44" DFlat, 14.6 K, 3.19" Wheel Stud, Iron Hub, w/ ABS ST 453-0137 FF 5.44" Tang, 14.6 K, 2.74" Wheel Stud, Iron Hub, w/ ABS ST 453-0237 FF 5.44" Tang, 14.6 K, 3.19" Wheel Stud, Iron Hub, w/ ABS ST 453-0173 R, 40 K, 3.15" Wheel Stud, Iron Long Hub, w/ ABS ST 453-0273 R, 40 K, 4.06" Wheel Stud, Iron Long Hub, w/ ABS Combines premiere STEMCO wheel end technologies with the trusted Webb® hub in a single, pre-adjusted assembly, ensuring a faster and more secure installation. Trifecta eliminates the need to purchase, install and adjust separate wheel end components and fasteners while guaranteeing reliability. Trailer, Drum Brakes, PreSet C5 10082225 - TN 11,500 lbs. Hub Load 23k lbs. GAWR 3.80 in. Stud Standout Alum Hub, Alum Wheels Wheel Stud: AUT201.6143 Weight: 42.8 lbs. C5 10082229 - TP 12,500 lbs. Hub Load 25k lbs. GAWR 3.81 in. Stud Standout Alum Hub, Alum Wheels Wheel Stud: AUT201.6145 Weight: 49.8 lbs.

17 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM WHEEL END COMPONENTS Aluminum Hub Cap Trailer ST 300-4009 Tractor ST 360-4024 Trailer ST 360-4009 Composite Hub Cap 100% corrosion free • Lightweight DuPont Zytel material • Embedded solid aluminum ring, distributes an even, leak proof load against the hub • Increased impact resistant • Leak-proof window is fusion-bonded to body Oil Fill Hubcaps HUB OIL LUCLUC10088 Quart Hub/Rotor Service Kits “U-Shape” Rotor C5 10020682 Hub Service Kit For 10020109 Rotor WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF ALUMINUM & STEEL WHEELS ALUMINUM WHEELS Polished Both Sides ATX20022510100 22.5X8.25 Hub Pilot ATX20024510100 24.5X8.25 Hub Pilot Bolt Circle Bolt Size # of Bolts ST 343-4195 Parallel Spindle “TP” 6-3/4 5/16 6 ST 343-4370 PSI™ Hub Caps (Oil) 5-1/2 5/16 6 ST 343-4372 PSI™ Hub Caps (Oil) 6-3/4 5/16 6 Hub Cap Gasket ST 330-3118 PSI™ SKF’s oil bath hubcap contains the SKF TF centerfill plug, which has an oil shield and concealed vent design, allowing the wheel end to vent without clogging, while the exterior of the hubcap remains clean with reduced oil seepage while venting. SKF TF Hubcap Plug CR 454301-4 WE ARE THE AXLE EXPERTS DRIVE FLANGE GASKET AUT180.10613 No. of Holes: 8 Bolt Circle: 7" ID: 5-3/4" OD: 8-1/2" Hole Size: 11/16" ▪ Waterproofs, lubricates, and insulates all types of mechanical equipment ▪ Clear, lightweight coating ideal for rubber and metal ▪ Won’t melt, freeze, or gum-up; effective from -35º to 325ºF SILICON SPRAY NA 3416 (10 oz.) ▪ Ideal for: fine mechanisms and extreme heat up to 700ºF ▪ Dries in minutes to a non-stick finish ▪ Reduces friction, heat and surface wear, protects against rust and corrosion ▪ Bonds to metal, plastics, rubber and other surfaces ▪ Repels dirt and lubricates DRY GRAPHITE LUBE NA 7009 (11 oz.) Standard Hub Cap Side Fill, With Pipe Plug Black Steer Axle CR 1612 Gray TN Trailer Axle CR 1643 LUC10008 12 oz. LUC10011 1 quart Power Steering Stop Leak • Guaranteed to stop seal leaks • Stops rack and pinion problems • Your results will be immediate and long lasting Power Steering Fluid NA 3932 32 fl. oz. DOT 3 Brake Fluid NA 6032 32 fl. oz.

18 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES MERITOR® TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM BY PSI WHEEL END COMPONENTS | ABS COMPONENTS A value-added option for INTRAAX® and non-integrated trailer axles. FULL LINE OF TIRE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Fill/Pressure Check Port No need to disconnect the hose fitting! STEMCO REPLACEMENT HOSES for Meritor® Tire Inflation System by PSI ST 810-0057 Replaces PSI 31363-00 (19.5+, 180°) ST 810-0058 Replaces PSI 31373-00 (19.5+, Straight) EASY-STOP ECU/VALVE RETROFIT KITS Contains: • Enhanced Easy-Stop ECU/Valve • Power cable adapter for use with existing Easy-Stop power cable • Power cable adapter ECU WB 4461082010 Replacement ECU for S4005001010 P/N ABS System Replacement Valve - ECUs WB 4006120120 2S/1M Dollies, steerable axles, turntables SA7S4005001040 SA7R955344 2S/1M Standard trailers SA7S4005001010 SA7R955345 2S/1M Standard trailers SA7S4005001010 SA7R955320 2S/2M, 4S/2M SA7S4005001030 WB 4006120110 2S/2M, 4S/2M SA7S4005001030 HUBCAPS PRO HN Oil - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32055-1 PRO HP Oil - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32056-1 PRO HP Grease - Dual / Super Single Tires TN VS-32056-3 ECU ASSEMBLY PLC SELECT MB AL919338 2S/1M ECU FFABS Valves 4-Port, 1/2" & 3/4" Nipple, 3/8" Ports MB AL430614 - Service Brake Priority MB AL430624 - Spring Brake Priority • Patented FFABS Valve with integral Spring Brake Control function TIRE HOSE ASSEMBLY TIREMAAX® EC and CP (With Spindle-Mounted Rotary Union) Stainless Steel 15" - 180° Dual wheels; tire size greater than 19.5" TN VS-29004-2 Stainless Steel 16.6" - Straight Dual wheels; tire size greater than 17"; Super single wheels; tire size 22.5" TN VS-29003-1 STANDARD HOSES - TIREMAAX® PRO and CP (With Hubcap-Mounted Rotary Union) Wheel Style Tire Size Wheel Material Position Fittings Thermoplasic Stainless Steel *While qty lasts Dual 19.5" Aluminum Outer 180° TN VS-33769-1 - 22.5" Aluminum Inner Straight TN VS-33767-5 - Outer 180° TN VS-33769-1 - Steel or Combo Inner Straight TN VS-33767-1 TN VS-31503-1* Outer 180° TN VS-33769-1 TN VS-31504-2* 24.5" Aluminum Inner Straight TN VS-33767-1 - Outer 180° - TN VS-31504-2* Steel or Combo Inner Straight TN VS-33767-1 - Outer 180° TN VS-33769-1 TN VS-31504-2* Super Single 22.5" Steel Outboard Stem 180° TN VS-33769-1 - SmartWave® Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems by Bendix® EI 600-9999 Programmable! DataTrac™ Pro • Completely electronic, accurate and durable mileage counter • 4 year/500,000 mile warranty SAVE!

19 FAST & EASY ONLINE ORDERING 24/7: MIDWESTWHEEL.COM NEED ABS PARTS OR TRAINING? WE CAN DO BOTH! ABS COMPONENTS SENSOR CLIP WB 4006120270 I.D. 0.63" (16.0 mm) O.D. 0.71" (18.0 mm) Length 1.18" (30.0 mm) Holds sensor in place. Chrome nickel sensor clip. Contains sensor clip and grease packet. P/N Cable Length SA7S4497130180 6 ft. (1.8m) SA7S4497130300 10 ft. (3m) SA7S4497130500 16 ft. (5m) SENSOR EXTENSION CABLE WITH PLUG WS-24 STYLE WHEEL SPEED SENSORS P/N Body Style Harness Length Connector Type PEX801538 90° 75" DIN AUT577.A801552 Straight 75" DT04 AUT577.A801551 90° 40" TRACTOR AND TRAILER ABS SENSOR WIRE RETAINING CLIP MB AL920809 (BLACK) TABS-6™ TRAILER ABS MODULE REMAN M-40HF VALVE MODULATOR BA K109808 • All TABS-6™ Trailer ABS Modules communicate over PLC and have a 4 port relay • 2S/1M BA K161888ORX • M-40HF™ (high flow) pressure modulator valves (PMVs) are high-capacity, on/off air valves that incorporate a pair of electrical solenoids for control REMAN & NEW ABS VALVES IN STOCK! TRACTOR ABS COMPONENTS Haldex Reman Wabco New # Description MB 4725001230X WB 4725001230 4S/4M & 6S/4M Valve Pkg. 5.5 PSI Crack Pressure Complete Tractor Valve Kits - 3 Valve Kits Replacement Modulator Valves Haldex Reman Wabco New # Description MB 4721950050X* WB 4006110260 Multi-directional Converts Screw Style to Bayonet Style - Straight Plug WB 4721950520 Multi-directional Converts Screw Style to Bayonet Style - 90° Plug *Original Screw Style Design SAVE MONEY BUY REMAN! Two-wire cable that connects the wheel end sensors to the ECU. Use with all versions of Easy-Stop and Enhanced Easy-Stop. SA7S4721950330 ABS MODULATOR RELAY VALVE YELLOW CLEARANCE / MARKER LAMP WITH ABS LOGO TL 19205Y GR 78453 AUT577.A5335 14" WB 4410309072 15.8" 90° Sensor w/ sensor clip AUT577.A5335 14" SA7S4410328080 15.8" 90° Sensor AUT577.A5336 38" SA7S4410328090 39.4" 90° Sensor AUT577.A5341 64" WB 4410309092 66.9" 90° Sensor w/ sensor clip AUT577.A5342 76" WB 4410309102 78.7" 90° Sensor w/ sensor clip AUT577.A5338 70" WB 4410309082 66.9" 0° Sensor w/ sensor clip AUT577.A5338 70" WB 4410309172 66.9" 0° Sensor w/ sensor clip ABS SENSOR KITS THE MOST REPLACED ABS PART ABS SINGLE MODULATOR VALVE KIT WB 4006120090

20 MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES BELTS & TENSIONERS | WATER PUMPS | ANTIFREEZE Guaranteed burst-proof protection down to -50°F, when used full strength RV Antifreeze PG AF225 1 Gallon Prestone® RV Waterline Antifreeze BURST PROTECTION TO -100° F Inhibitors to prevent rust and metal corrosion! Antifreeze Test Strips We Stock a Complete Line of Dayco BELTS & TENSIONERS Heavy Duty Poly-V Serpentine Belts ▪ Engineered with high-grade EPDM compounds to resist the heat and harsh environments of heavy-duty applications Heavy Duty Idler/Tensioner Pulleys ▪ Dual permanently lubricated sealed bearings and retainers to provide long life despite the shock loads of heavy-duty applications NEW! Two Piece DD13 / DD15 Tensioner DY 89947 Also Offering Light Duty & RV Coolants! Midwest Wheel Stocks All Makes of Water Pumps! CAT ∙ MACK ∙ CUMMINS ∙ NAVISTAR ∙ FORD VOLVO ∙ DETROIT ∙ INTERNATIONAL P/N Size Color Strength PG AF9101 1 Gallon Purple (Pink) Full PG AF9155 55 Gallon Purple (Pink) Full PG AF9501 1 Gallon Purple (Pink) 50/50 PG AF9555 55 Gallon Purple (Pink) 50/50 SCA Pre-Charged Prime® Conventional “Green” Coolant Also Available Extended Life Coolant P/N Size Color Strength PG AF9701 1 Gallon Red Full PG AF9755 55 Gallon Red Full PG AF9901 1 Gallon Red 50/50 PG AF9955 55 Gallon Red 50/50 • Service Life 1,000,000 miles/20,000 hours - HD applications only • Cor-Guard™ Increases Uptime • NON-2EH (OAT) Formulation, compatible with Any Nitrite Free HD Organic Acid Technology (OAT) P/N Size Color Strength PG AFC13000/F 1 Gallon Red Full PG AFC13000-55/F 55 Gallon Red Full PG AFC13100/F 1 Gallon Red 50/50 PG AFC13100-55/F 55 Gallon Red 50/50 Nitrite Free Cor-Guard® Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant Constant Torque Clamp Breeze AUT561.25300-B 2-1/4" to 3-1/8" Range 50 ft. Rolls (sold by the foot) Blue Heater Hose with Xtreme Heat Technology Designed for heater hose applications that are exposed to higher underhood temperatures and require a higher heat resistance. Temperature Range: -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C) SAE Specifications: SAE 20R3 Class D3 HT EC Branding: Continental Blue Xtreme ID, SAE J20R3-HT-D3-EC, Made in U.S.A. P/N ID (in.) GY 65029 1/2 GY 65031 5/8 GY 65033 3/4 GY 65035 1 GY 65037 1-1/4 P/N Min. Dia. Max. Dia. IDL62040 51 7/32" 5/8" General Purpose Clamp CPICH416RV 1 Gallon CPICHPA56 55 Gallon Drum NA 30001 3-Way Test Strips, 50 Test Strips/Bottle These strips measure the concentration of antifreeze coolant inhibitors in NOAT cooling systems. Fast and accurate results of Nitrite, Freeze Point and pH are easily determined. NA 40240 4-Way Test Strips, 25 Test Strips/Bottle Evaluate the condition of Organic Acid Coolants to determine if service is required. Test your coolant frequently to protect against liner pitting, corrosion and coolant dilution. This four-way test strip measures Glycol, Inhibitor, Nitrite and pH. NEW! REINVENTED TENSIONER NOW A TWO PIECE DESIGN, MADE FOR EASY INSTALLATION LEARN MORE: